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  1. Tours and test series still have their place. The key is variety rather than the same opponents every year, and of course we need our teams to be competitive. A kangaroo test series in the UK will be a blockbuster. People trying to tag their like or dislike of GB to this debate is tedious, it's largely irrelevant. The players certainly value it even if for obscure reasons some fans (and only some) don't.
  2. While we're taking a purely benign interest in bankrupt clubs not paying their debts, can I ask when Halifax are going to pay Leeds the money they still owe for Graham Holroyd?
  3. What questions would it raise? Tetleys did a similar thing with Leeds in the 1990s.
  4. What are you expecting to find in a set of abridged small company accounts?
  5. What did he say? I literally muted the sound when he was talking his voice makes my ears bleed and his opinions are worthless.
  6. Presumably like almost all other Rugby League club owners he put his own cash in to support the operating deficit. But, no, I imagine some conspiracy is much more likely. Painting something commonplace as dramatic, or worse, isn't helpful - for we could also state that a Mr Lenagan has run up a personal seven figure debt whilst in charge of Wigan and a Mr Hughes has run up a personal eight figure debt whilst in charge of London.
  7. You didn't see much of Leeds last season then.
  8. If I had the funds and my club needed support to survive I'd think about throwing my support their way too.
  9. Wood is a hard-core Rugby League fan and whatever you think of his tenure at the RFL he isn't going to be in Bradford for the money. If anyone can look beyond wacko conspiracy theories and fat jokes you might just be able to see a positive in it.
  10. If you don't like it in principle, fine but the fact is it's in place and therefore forms part of the rules. The Leeds breach is not even really a "small fraction", it's probably similar or more than what Luke Briscoe was paid for playing for Leeds that year. A player who Leeds found it tremendously useful to have back when Ryan Hall got injured. A player who scored five tries as we scraped away from relegation.
  11. The clubs may have decided otherwise but IMO the minimum for breaching the salary cap should be a 2 point deduction. Yes it's a bit complicated but it isn't rocket science either. Leeds' mitigating circumstances are less plausible than Wigan's - they gave contract improvements to players but didn't work that through their cap calcs? BS. The submission of contracts excuse is the reason it wasn't picked up live by the salary cap administrator (a system flaw) but it doesn't answer why our own internal controls didn't pick this up, this isn't some obscure part of the regulations, they were paying the players more money. I know how much minds were elsewhere during the 2018 season with the stadium, sorting out the RU club, losing McDermott and the team trying to be relegated but these are the basics and this breach is unforgiveable.
  12. Which Super League club will he sign for...?
  13. Refs giving the Aussies everything ? Shocking.
  14. How the hell was it play on. McGilvery tackled short, ball was dead. Knock on after that isn't just play on in nines surely.
  15. He was born in Paris and played junior RL in Toulouse until his dad went home to Australia. He's 100% legitimately French.
  16. You need to deal with the world as it is not the world as you would dream it to be. Here are a couple of things everyone who knows anything about Rugby League in the UK knows: 1. the sport's heartlands, and 100%, so far, of the Grand Final teams, are from the north of England. 2. The finalists are known about 8 days before the final 3. Arranging transport from the north to Wembley at that 8 days notice would be a logistical nightmare which would put people off. There is no way, at the sort of timeframe we're dealing with, that the final at Wembley would attract more than the final at OT. If any of the underying factors above change we can revisit it. But they've not changed in the last 100 years.
  17. That tackle at the end... but the lack of precision in the attacking options cost them eventually.
  18. Until now I honestly had no idea there was a different Going for Gold song to this - now if they got whoever did this on stage the place would be rocking.
  19. The problem is it was St Helens who wanted to make the cup final about the referee - no-one else did because he had no impact on the result. It's the height of hypocrisy to decline to say anything about it now.
  20. Yup, they just didn't grab the crowd's attention. The only one which has really worked in recent years has been James in, I think, the Ben Flower final?
  21. There is very little chance of Rugby League being his sort of sport un/fortunately.
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