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  1. A bit o/t but I find Sandbrook does go a little far out of his way to downplay cultural trends of national importance because he thinks there is a bias towards power centres and London. I'm sympathetic to this view (although he rarely mentions Rugby League) but he understates the level to which the rest of the country eventually followed many of those trends. So whilst as he may claim e.g. the so-called Swinging Sixties or Carnaby Street scene involved directly a tiny number of people, the trends and fashions which came out of that, often with a fair amount of time lag, were very important to the rest of the country eventually. Nonetheless, his series with its granular look at life through the 20th Century is a really valuable resource.
  2. Wait til you find out why Rugby League was created 126 years ago, it'll make you furious.
  3. The Ashes series were competitive right to the end so this isn't correct.
  4. So how many are going to try to get to both the St James's Park and Headingley games on the first day. Can't be impossible to do.
  5. Shame it's let down by the other two corner shop enterprises sponsoring the breast and sleeves.
  6. So which fixtures have changed and where from/ to?
  7. Has there been any comment yet from the NRL or ARL? It's all come from the UK side so far which is predictable if disappointing.
  8. You're just making stuff up now. Sky don't like the complications of setting up at Wheldon Road but they love the screen presence it has.
  9. Yeah I'm sure it was commercial but if the seats never sell out except for one game a year I'm not sure the compromise was worth it. One thing i've always remembered the architects for Headingley saying at one of the public events was that atmosphere is really important to corporate guests as well. Even if they're just rattling their jewelry, making the whole thing work helps encourage them to come back as well as simply having some good seats.
  10. Update from Wakey chairman John Minards - https://trinity.mysportsonline.uk/
  11. We've been over this time and time again - Cas and Wakey have been anything other than "not bothered" about upgrading. The amount of time and legal costs those two clubs have incurred trying to get deals over the line will be eye-watering. Sky aren't particularly driving this. Certainly they prefer showing games at Cas compared to Huddersfield for example.
  12. Seats behind the goals. Like I said the HJ has it right and is by far the best of the new grounds in that respect.
  13. If they'd put the standing down the side like at Warrington it would have massively changed things. As it is it's a nice ground just lacking in something.
  14. I'm comparing Knowsley Road in its final guise to TWS now. The acres of empty seating down the sides do the stadium no favours at all.
  15. I wouldn't go quite so far as saying they kill the atmosphere but you look at new or upgraded grounds and compare to their predecessors and there's none I can think of where it's as good. The HJ does ok but it's still not exactly The Zoo, New South Stand is quieter for sure and when we get to things like t'Wicked or the AJB the contrast between old and new in terms of atmosphere is just bad.
  16. Similar here in terms of those two questions and in comments. The game is crying out for stability and certainty and the top priority of people at the RFL by all reports is to shuffle up the leagues again. Like it's the only lever they know how to use because everything else is too complicated.
  17. The 4g pitch, a terrible sporting solution as it may be, is supposed to be important in this from what I understand.
  18. They have fixed charges over everything that moves - they aren't really exposed:
  19. They've even done the seats out in Cas colours ahead of the groundshare
  20. Yes, I replied neither agree nor disagree to both the questions I quoted. And I've responded fully to the rest of it. But I just hate the way those two questions are framed and how the results are inevitably going to be used. It is a fake form of engagement and consultation designed to give a veneer of public approval to something which has already been decided.
  21. It goes fine for the first bit and then it gets into some absolute rubbish that really annoyed me. Firstly this one - A ten-long list of statements, many infused with distinct BS-speak, all of which I have slightly different feelings around. But summed into a five-option multiple choice of which frankly the bottom two are all but worthless because I'd like to meet someone who could say they could honestly respond "strongly disagree" or even "disagree". As @Ray Cashmeresays this is very loaded - an absolute push poll that will enable someone to claim wide public support for the governing body's "guiding principles", all without actually consulting at all. It's is just really irritating, maddening stuff that masquerades as engagement. Likewise this - I can just visualise Rimmer coming out saying that they've consulted the fans and they have strongly endorsed the new, brave course set by the RFL. All because, strangely, nobody voted that they wanted timidity, selfishness and apathy from the governing body.
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