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  1. No charge. Also when Lunt was penalised by the referee for contact: "Player makes contact with the referee as swinging round with the momentum of the tackle. Contact accidental. "
  2. The French version of our breadcake vs baps debate - https://www.thelocal.fr/20170119/pastry-wars-is-it-a-pain-au-chocolat-or-a-chocolatine
  3. Sorry but this is a disingenuous starting point - we didn't have P&R during that era but we also didn't split the game between those inside and those outside. Everyone was in one big league. Which as far as I know is not anybody's current proposal. The options are to either use licencing and cut off the dreams of many of the game's existing clubs (or bring their dreams into a harsh meeting with reality if you prefer). Or retain the dreams but have uncertainty that top flight clubs will struggle with. Given the pain that the licencing years brought to many clubs who found themselves on the wrong side of the divide by little more than poor timing of when they were good enough I'm happy to stick with P&R. If we can get the championship strong enough so that it's not such a nightmare-ish meltdown scenario to be relegated then that would be perfect. We also have to remember our core principles here - Rugby League is a sport and one of our USPs is authenticity. Sometimes we veer too close to manufacturing systems and clubs and results to suit clear, and worthy, strategic aims. Balancing credibility with those aims is difficult but it's all too easy to ignore it, which was what drove much of the post-1995 bloodbath in the lower leagues where we a haemoraged fans that we've never really recovered.
  4. 13,351. The increased number of seats are being pretty well populated but despite there being lower standing capacity in the South Stand it is not selling out. So much for the "hard core" (yes I know some will hgave moved up to the seats). The Carnegie Terrace has been looking a bit spartan this year so the pattern of where people have ended up after it all is quite interesting.
  5. I'm slightly annoyed that Saints sent the weakened team yesterday. But I imagine HKR fans will be absolutely fuming if they do the same the week before the CC final (should they get there...) when they play Leeds at Headingley as they'll have been double 'victims' of it.
  6. Hesitant in some decision making, began reacting to the crowd (eventually). Got some decisions clearly wrong for both sides. I felt a bit sorry for him to be honest. Leeds vs Hull in the current circumstances is a very big game to chuck a kid with not much top flight experience into.
  7. Leeds for all the changes still lack quality and the defensive edge seen a couple of weeks ago has dropped off. Hull much more fluent in attack and the better team for most of the game so deserved winners.
  8. Leeds lose by 2 points for the fourth time this season. Referee Griffiths it's fair to say not quite ready for a game as big as this.
  9. Briscoe in again! Martin break. Dwyer long pass to Newman to Briscoe. Conversion from out wide is outstanding by Martin. 24-20.
  10. Turns out this stadium can generate noise after all.
  11. HANDLEY goes 95m, intercepting after being left with a 2 on 1 on the Leeds line by his defensively suspect centre partner. Under the posts, converted. 18-20 with 17 left
  12. A bit of class at last. Walker bedazzles the Hull defence and picks out Briscoe. Martin kicks into the wind from the northwest corner. 12-20.
  13. Sneyd goals from a high tackle penalty. Merrin engages in some whataboutism with referee Griffiths over the unpenalised decapitation of the Jack Walker in the first half to no avail. 6-20 with 26 to go.
  14. Went for a half time walk. Here's the view from the sunny end.
  15. Shaul in as Hull become the latest team to ghost through the Newman gap. 6-18, conversion in/off.
  16. Hurrell in at the north east corner. Trailing leg looked like it had a chance of being in touch but was given as ok. Martin kicks from the sideline. 6-12.
  17. It always amazes me that Leeds produce merchandise which looks nothing like it should. Is this thing frothing at the mouth because it's just tried our sponsors' product?
  18. The document you can download on the following link shows over the past ten years Sport England funding of: £58.8m where RL is the 'Main Sport' in an award £212.1m where RL is a named sport supporting an award. https://www.sportengland.org/funding/what-have-we-funded/
  19. I'd hate for you to take a close look at how GB won the RLWC in 1972
  20. This article looks even more preposterous in retrospect than it did when first posted. It would have been commercial suicide to try and schedule top flight games this afternoon.
  21. For some reason the western terrace bars weren't open on Friday - not sure if that's going to be the plan going forward but I can't see any reason why they would make that change.
  22. As OF has demonstrated, nobody is forcing you to stand there. If you prefer not to be out in the sun, tickets are available in all other parts of the ground.
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