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  1. I don't really care what any fancy title is. The first fact is we were the best team throughout the season and the second fact is we lost the GF by one farcical point having already beaten the GF Winner in the semi final! Featherstone Rovers will always be champions to me. Up the Rovers.
  2. Defo Widnes, not quite sure how, but that's my opinion!
  3. Just to confirm the full list of winners :- Championship 1 Coach of the Year - Anthony Seibold - South Wales Scorpians Championship Coach of the Year - Daryl Powell - The Mighty Featherstone Rovers Championship 1 Young Player of the Year - Jarrad Stag - Workington Championship Young Player of the Year - Zak Hardaker (Rovers) and Gareth Moore (Batley) Northern Star Award - Jonny Presley Match Official Achiever - Tony Martin Referee of the Year - Robert Hicks Conference Young Player of the Year - Adam Ryder - Huddersfield Underbank Rangers Conference Coach of the Year - Dean Buckler - Kippax Knights Conference Player of the Year - Jono Smith - Warrington Wizzards Community Club of the Year - Leigh Centurians Club of the Year - Widnes Vikings Fair Play Award - Sheffield Eagles Championship 1 Player of the Year - Paul March - Hunslet Hawks Championship Player of the Year - Liam Finn - The Mighty Featherstone Rovers No mention of the fan of the year, other than the winner is from the East of Manchester!!
  4. "oh yes Rob's trou are down again" and caught on camera.
  5. Credit to Daryl and Shez for this idea and also to Laurabeth and the others who helped to organise a fantastic event. What a cracking day. Featherstone Rovers means the world to Martin and I, and today was just another reason why we love the club. The friendly family atmosphere is teriffic and if we were at the top of Superleague, I feel it would be the same. Today was great to see all the players from scholarship through to first team being involved with the kids and adults alike, enjoyng it and showing great spirit amongst themselves. As someone else mentioned, Liam on the car park, what a great initiative, and how many other coaches would get dunked? How professional do we look? 100%. I am so proud to be a Fev Fan.
  6. I am pleased that the awards night went well and looked as professional as we had hoped, and a massive thanks to the others involved for making this event work so well. Sorry that some of you could not hear or see quite as well as hoped, however, it is hard to please 200+ people. Next year we will look into having the screens around the club linked into the projector and rear speakers, and hopefully the event will run even more smoothly than ever. The majority of people have praised the event, for which we are grateful. Thanks to everyone who attended, and congratulations to the Club on a very successful season and of course to all the award winners. Good luck on Thursday.
  7. This looks like its going to be a fantastic event, really looking forward to it.
  8. No problem Bob, already planned for when I get home tonight.
  9. We expect a full house as usual, so make sure you get there early Daz. Be there for 7.30pm latest, but earlier if possible. Preferably not an hour early though, give us chance to get set up . See you there.
  10. Just a message to all you fans that haven't yet bought a ticket, please don't miss out on this event. We had a reherasal last last and it's going to be a cracking event.
  11. It's all in hand Colin, don't worry your llittle cotton socks :-)
  12. Tickets are selling fast and we urge anyone who wishes to attend the awards night to buy your tickets as soon as possible as numbers are limited. They are on sale in the office, in the clubhouse or from myself. Don't miss out.
  13. Just to remind everybody that tickets are still on sale for what is going to be a great night in the clubhouse. Please make sure you buy yours early, as we expect this event to be very popular. Tickets are available from either the office, Mary in the bar, or myself. Thanks
  14. I am struggling here and have been in two minds whether to comment as I try to stay positive on the forum. I think this is crackers to be polite!!! I fully understand the thinking behind the reason for presenting at the F Factor, but quite frankly our match day audience is not the same as the audience who will be there on Saturday. It really is not fair to the fans who go week in and week out, support the team through thick and thin. What a way to p**s off the supporters who aint interested in teeny bop music. (no disrespect to any of the performers, I will be there and I will enjoy it, but its not everyone's cup of tea) On an earlier thread it says that the award will be presented at the Barrow game as well but surely that's not going to feel the same the second time around. Anyway, IMO, it should have been kept until 22nd Aug as previously announced and the loving atmosphere soaked up between all players, coaches, fans, directors together in a rugby atmosphere with dirty kits and sweaty bodies!
  15. Two in an envelope ready for you Maureen. It will be
  16. I will take some tickets to Whitehaven, if anybody wants to but any from me
  17. Just to let everyone know that tickets are now for sale in the office. Annual Awards Night Friday 3rd September 2010 @ 7.30pm Hot buffet and entertainment will be provided. Adults
  18. Kain Tonks Briggs actually those are ovo's!
  19. Without trawling through all the previous comments on here, I may have missed something, but it says on the Pont and Cas website that JJP IS playing for Wakefield next season. I imagine that will now depend on how things pan out with his family. It will be nice to see him playing over here again.
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