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  1. I think the game at Newcastle showed that at the moment Pickergill is way behind even an injured Kheirallah. That may be due to not having much game time recently so a game for Bradford makes perfect sense to me. I'm hoping that the we've been building to next weeks game and that we can give it a real go with the team and combinations we've been playing with recently. Then we've got a week off and we start again to build towards the bash with players like Ford and Pickersgill getting game time then as part of the rotation and looking at other combinations.
  2. Seen No. 8 pub mentioned, pretty much next door to the ground and open from 9.30. Tickets arrived, block 510. In the gods but looks like decent view.
  3. Don't know if you are sorted yet but rang the shop yesterday and they'd missed that I needed them posting so were sat waiting for collection. Told I'd have them by Monday at the latest.
  4. Nope. Plenty of time yet but I'll be ringing Friday to check if they haven't arrived by then.
  5. I thought it was Stebbings as well, presumed he was helping out on matchday whilst we get a replacement organised.
  6. Not helpful I know if you’re having problems but stream great for me. Decent first half, respect possession early second half and points will come in last twenty, Parata to fire once again.
  7. Halifax have been given tickets for the West Stand (and North). Have fun and make sure us in the South Stand can hear you over the Fax fans.
  8. Pretty sure they've got to give us more notice than that, I thought 4 weeks but we're already inside that. I reckon it will be confirmed this week, and hopefully we'll stay on Sunday as I'm on (a carefully positioned)holiday that week and not back till Saturday.
  9. Anybody think this might be moved for Sky given that it's likely to be our chance to win the League Leader's Trophy?
  10. But if we lose Parker and Coady (who I know as mainly played wing but is supposed to be a centre) then we've no cover at centre. Makes sense to have a look at someone who might be available next year, could turn out to be another Welham.
  11. At least 3 of there DCs tonight (can't remember who the 4th is), reckon Millward as called in a few favours to get Emmitt and the Wolves boys playing tonight. Good to see Tiger enjoying himself, always gives his all.
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