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watching today's game online?


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I'm living in Hong Kong and desperately want to watch today's game. Unfortunately I can access BBC Iplayer overseas. Does anyone have any idea if I can watch this online anywhere?

Would massively appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right direction...


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A quick check through this search may turn something up.


I've spent the last two or three hours trying links through google. They nearly all lead to unreliable or out of date links or premium sites that don't seem very trustworthy. running out of options hence my post here....

Tried every bar in HK and they are all showing the tri nations rugby union. Might have to settle for the radio...

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He balanced the hot areas with the cold areas. the dry areas with the wet areas.

And, in creating Yorkshire, he created the most glorious place on earth - full of majestic beauty and sporting giants.........and for balance he created....... Lancashire.

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Please remember that TRL does not condone posting of links on the forum to streaming sites that breach the copyright holder's rights. What you do off the forum isn't our concern but TRL does have a reputation that they have made very clear they want to retain.

"When in deadly danger, when beset by doubt; run in little circles, wave your arms and shout"

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