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  1. Hes done 2x2 year bans already and you think getting caught a 3rd time is harsh? Strike 3, your out
  2. I'd have Robinson over Burrow, been in superb form this season, interchange at 7 or 9, defence has come on leaps and bounds too
  3. Bloody hell you couldnt make it to Judes the other week, manchester not too far away?
  4. Its always been popular Its the national sport, do you advertise in Sydney? Cheers, im a Leeds fan Hudds have a lot of fans in Batley/Dewsbury, id hazard a guess it would be split between Hudds and Leeds Football sides wouldnt need to market the area, Leeds certainly dont need to, Hudds possibly might have done in the past but they get good crowds anyway for the division there in
  5. Walt they dont need resources to pull in fans, they pretty much sell out every week anyway, till you get your head round how big football is here, you'll never get it. A little help for you, football is 10x bigger here and probably more than rugby league is to you in Aus, its that big 2 games on today, Newcastle play stoke, wolves play villa, neither will have needed advertising locally cos they'll both pretty much sell out anyway, villa is a top 6 club the other 3 are pretty much average premier league sides
  6. Not guilty Send me the user selling em, i probably know em anyway
  7. I aint called saints shabby, they win 8 on the bounce without any halfs, noticed the last 2 they have but dont follow closer than that. Is 26-10 so one sided?
  8. Clean sweep on the cards for us today Unberbank, York and Fev for me You can have the super league one, we weren't interested in that one this year
  9. Get this one in early since we have the same doom mongering thread every year Seriously though, unless saints find a couple of half backs then i cant see em troubling Wigan on the scoreboard too much, all the makings off a top match, Saints with their flair, Wigan with their superb defence. Gonna take something special to break that defence and hold Wigans left side attack. Sadly no Yorkshire side in there this year so you can have your moment in the sun Wigan by 16 for me in front of a packed out Old Trafford 26-10
  10. How many Asda vans you see in a Sainsbury's car park
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed it, caught up with BD92 and Hogweed, pleasant company as always, never gets any warmer over there. Thought we lost it 2nd half on the back of 4 penalties we gave away and they scored of 3 i think, didnt think they were a 20 pt better side than us today, but they took their chances Happy with that season, keep progressing will do me
  12. Is there a daily schedule for where the bus goes?
  13. You mean like Jermain McGilivary, Alex Brown, Josh Griffin and numerous others that Huddersfield have loaned out to Batley. The bulls have any other "new" ideas
  14. Favourite - Huddersfield 2nd - Leeds Other Notables - Back in the day, Wolverhampton Wizards/Warlords, up here Emley and Newsome Australian - Eels, me mum lived in Parramatta for a while
  15. WCE jogs onto a Rimmer thread, now who would've thought that
  16. Minute it left Huddersfield, they'll be camping up in Fixby next Has the bus been upto to silsden/keighley yet?
  17. And in English for the rest of us Australia.......................1/4 New Zealand.. ..............9/2 England........................9/1 Papua New Guinea.........50/1
  18. 11 for me outta that lovely little lot Dont recall going to Parkside, Barley Mow, Elland Road Greyhound Stadium or Clarence St Though off top of my head there was in Nottingham ive been to by a leisure centre
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