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Referees, technology and modern RL

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Speaking of refs, Robber Ticks will be doing the PNG v Fiji game this week but Gerard Sutton will be doing the OZ/NZ game.


Cue: general outrage, "cheating Aussies," "neutral refs," "Ryan Hall try," etc.

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I disagree with the whole premise of this thread - referees "seem to be making more basic mistakes"? Really? My recollection of the '80s and '90s is of repeated controversy about the ineptitude of referees - and that was before we could see their cockups immediately on the screen. 


They're not perfect and a couple of them infuriate me because of the way they interpret the game and try, and fail, to manage the players (and like any fan I have deep suspicions that one or two of them harbour deep seated grudges against my club. Silverwood.)


But the reality in my view is that their levels of basic fitness, competence, knowledge of the rules and play-to-play decision-making is better than ever. The problem is the scrutiny is higher than ever as well. With RL requiring referees to make, or not make, thousands of decisions covering every single play in each game there is a limitless well of decisions or none-decisions to pore over. But, broadly, they do a decent job.


As for the video ref - occasionally they get things wrong and the present setup of refereeing sending it up with a decision attached is an abomination. But I'd never dream of getting rid of it. Just imagine the first grand final decided on an incorrect decision.

Ok, you obviously have some valid points but see recently posted link - not just me that thinks referees need to be allowed to make more decisions!

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