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The new programme

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Some of you might know, I'm interested in the Oldham programme and how it developed since my first game in 1980. Then the programme was just full of adverts with the teams it developed over the decade into an excellent publication from 86 onwards. 

Since 1997 Chris likes a good programme, it has had various editors recently and that brings me back to the subject. 

I felt last season the programme was edited in a way that it was by the fans for the fans, having questions and answers by the chosen few, but the strong element thar flowed through the interviews was the love of Oldham Rugby, no old and new club just Oldham. 

Sadly that's gone, but there is a weekly feature on the website, a plus for me is that it isn't full of adverts and carries useful information, I do like the Michael Turner feature, a sad loss is the past photos of previous encounters. 

Hopefully the programme editor will find a way of linking the photos with Michael's feature. 

On the whole it is a good publication, it calls upon people who deeply care about the club like Roger. 

So Dave the format is the same as yours however its lost a little but hopefully the features will change, such as the new rules etc, a better guide of the progress will be in a couple of weeks. 

Remember a programme is for the collector and historians and not the recycling bin. 

Finally, a slight plug I now need less than 50 programmes to complete my collection from 1980.

If you think that you can help DM me, I ll send you the list. 

I can't give you a badge they've gone but I can exchange it for cash or a beer 

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Last year's programme wasn't my creation.  Roger and I collate the content using our own copy as well as that from contributors, but the overall design wasn't in-house.

There was a suggestion to change to a downloadable production only and I got all excited about an increased number of pages and a load of funky stuff, but we've ended up sticking to a print version with the same layout we had previously with a few tweaks here and there.  There are a number of new contributors however and the written content is really good. :)

The designer has changed this year.  It's still not me.  

Edited by Dave Naylor

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