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Junior Shabadoo

How the club works

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Hello. I’m someone who has been a long time fan of the sport but someone who has only really attended Crusaders games regularly since the move to Queensway. One thing I don’t really know much about is the structure of the club; is it fan owned or with a fan presence in its setup? How is the club financed? Who ultimately makes decisions day to day? Any primer towards stuff like this would be appreciated. I’m not trying to be a busybody I promise, I just don’t know!

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Hi JS,

The club has a Board of Directors and a CEO.

Our CEO is Andy Moulsdale, who was a player and club captain in 2013,

Chairman if the club is Ian Edwards a local solicitor behind as been with the Board since North Wales Crusaders formed in 2012.

Two members of the Board are elected by the Supporters Trust - an independent funding stream. The Trust has about 70 members. You are always welcome to join! Contact me at trustincru@gmail.com if you want more info

When the Super League Crusaders RL folded in 2011 the fans wanted rugby league to continue in some form. A consortium of local business men ( fans if the club) stood as the Board. There have been changes - particularly as our ex-CEO was found guilty of fraud two years ago, and the club struggled financially because of his activities, but now we are settled as a club.

Basically the club is run by fans, but we'd love to meet an enthusiastic, honest and Rich backer if you know of one.

We run an U-13s team, and A team in North West Counties league and two wheelchair rugby league teams.

We have a merchandise shop in the town centre.

Pretty much everything on matchday is done by volunteers- the turnstile, bar, programmes, merchandise sales, draw tickets, scoreboard, timekeeper, ball boys and girls, mascot are all volunteers. The only paid staff are our media and safety stewards.

Let me know if you need any more information.

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