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11 hours ago, ckn said:

On the contrary, John has spent the last five days doing it himself.  Rebuilding thousands of users and each forum manually, then testing it, then testing it again, then doing more backups, then doing more rebuilding, then recreating the look and feel of the forum that was the product of years of tinkering, then testing it again, then adding yet more forums, then recovering your personal messages.  All to midnight+ most of the last five days.

Did he try knocking it off then knocking it on again?

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"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." G.Orwell.

Jam Eater  1.(noun. jam eeter) A Resident of Whitehaven or Workington. Offensive.  It is now a term of abuse that both towns of West Cumbria use for each other especially at Workington/Whitehaven rugby league derby matches.

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16 hours ago, Saintslass said:

Great to have the forum back.  Must have been quite a problem to bring things down for so long.

Thank you to everyone involved in getting things back up and running.  It's been strange not being able to come on here for my ritual mangling! 

Don't they still have stocks in St ellens😏

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