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Do Elite 1 players get paid?

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Someone asked me earlier if the French comp is professional. I know it isn’t, but I didn’t know if it’s semi pro or amateur, or a mix of both (same with Elite 2). Does anyone know? Thanks

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Essentially semi pro with only a few full time players (player/coach, development, office). Often players work for the local authorities (Mairie/fire brigade etc) as hidden form of sponsorship. Sometimes overseas players 'help' behind the bar.

How much they are paid is a matter between player and club/sponsor/benefactor.

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Several systems coexist:
The majority of the players are amateurs and reimbursed for their expenses, some clubs make multi-active contracts with their player and other players are entirely professional.
Foreign players are sometimes accommodated several per accommodation and have a car or must share it depending on the clubs. They have mutual paid insurance and return tickets to their country.
Some clubs give match bonuses but not all.
In the end, the remuneration of a player goes from 200 € for a junior player to around 3000 € for a renowned foreign player (+ apartment, car and plane)

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www.fcl13.fr FCL XIII - Lezignan Corbieres Rugby League

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