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Tackle It Academy

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TACKLE IT Academy offers Rugby League pathway to players from minority ethnic backgrounds (rugby-league.com)

It's great to see the RFL showing some initiative and focusing on increasing representation and player pathways for minority groups. Given the sport's history we should be doing a lot better than we currently are in this regard.

Hopefully the details announced above are just the first iteration of the scheme but I would like to see it both expanded geographically and partnered with a college/university as quickly as possible.  It really should be targeting youngsters in inner city Manchester, Leeds, London (as well as elsewhere) who are outside of our traditional catchment area. There's also the opportunity to give young athletes released from other elite sports pathways the opportunity to see if they have what it takes to transfer their skills to rugby league. 

The more pathways we have the better for Super League and our national team (if they ever get a consistent international calendar).


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Sounds good. I hope that next time an instance of alleged discrimination arises, it is not dealt with by a tiny fine and a well done for cooperating with our investigation (see Bradford v Newcastle this year), or as far as I am aware, not at all (Oledski's allegation of racist abuse earlier in the year).

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