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  1. On the subject of competitiveness, in tonight's rugby union, New Zealand defeated the USA 104-14. That sport is dying.
  2. Plenty to work on for both sides, but must be acknowledged that neither were close to full strength. Hopefully Super League experience will improve the Toulouse contingent ahead of the World Cup. Would be all for annual internationals against France. The eventual aim being to have competitive games against them, rather than our own fans hoping it doesn't become a massacre.
  3. Follow live text commentary on the BBC website whilst watching the match live to boost number of viewers! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/rugby-league/58748834
  4. We are hardly in a position to criticise a potentially poor attendance for this fixture. We have played the fixture at Leigh with crowds of 5,000 recently too.
  5. Enjoyed that discussion at half time about the women's game. It didn't always fall into the trap of saying everything is perfect about the women's game, as many tend to do, possibly out of fear of talking the game. The points about the excellent growth recently and the need for the women's game to stand more independently in the longer term were both well made.
  6. Completely forgot about Paasi who would certainly take that last bench spot! Agreed LMS is the most under threat. He's done well the last few years but you never know when time will catch up.
  7. Thinking about it, I reckon our strongest starting 17 would be: Welsby, Makinson, Hopoate, Percival, Grace, Lomax, Dodd, Walmsley, Roby, Lees, Sironen, Mata'utai, Knowles. LMS, Lussick, Batchelor, ??? Last spot is between Amor, Bell, Hurrell and Wingfield. Woolf's number 1 priority is defence (allegedly why Norman has had few opportunities). That makes me think Bell is the most likely for the #17 spot, edging out Hurrell.
  8. Rumour amongst our fans is that Hurrell has signed quite a cheap deal with us and will be joining the Dolphins in 2023, with him acting as squad filler for us next year. Slightly concerned the signing may block opportunities for Josh Simm at centre or Jake Wingfield. I would imagine Hurrell would at best be used as impact off the bench, but he'll be battling with the likes of Bell, Amor, Batchelor and Wingfield for that last bench spot.
  9. Not clicked on this thread for a while - is this debate still going?! You've still got a good few years before Joynt's voluntary tackle debate is rivalled!
  10. Dave Woods has said in his latest BBC column that a sell out is expected?
  11. Whilst I appreciate the debate has been done to death, I think its important to look at the present too. I don't think Scotland playing home internationals in Featherstone benefits anyone. I think it's a hard sell to say "Come and watch great players like Morgan Knowles play for Wales, but he'll drop us in a flash once he's good enough to play for England". From England's perspective, I agree there is little difference in the branding.
  12. When it comes to GB, I'd be tempted to bring it back just so we can play matches in places like Wales and give them a strong national team to support. I don't think Wales, Ireland and Scotland being used as stepping stones (which they are now) to England (or for English players who aren't good enough) is going to sell the sport.
  13. Would be a shame if the BBC have turned down the rights. Channel 4 would still be a step in the right direction, as a national highlights show at a reasonable hour and FTA live matches would be a boost. Although, in some ways, maybe it's a positive, we would then have live RL on Sky, Premier Sports, BBC and Channel 4. That's a broadening portfolio.
  14. Almost a hybrid full and Knights team there. Plenty of big names missing for England but a good chance for fringe players and may make for a more competitive match.
  15. Saw the point made on Twitter before but it is worth repeating. Salford moved stadiums in order to comply with the RFL's minimum standards. Other clubs made no such efforts. And here we are, with Salford potentially about to become homeless. Victims of complying with the regulations at the time.
  16. As much as I like Jordan Turner, an international should never double up as a testimonial either. I wonder if a weekend kick off in the half term holidays would have been far better. And obviously, internationals should never be played at Castleford.
  17. This sport never fails to surprise!
  18. Stuart Pyke said on Sky last night that several signings were made, contingent on promotion so we may see announcements soon.
  19. Toulouse the best team over the year and on the night. A well deserved promotion and looking forward to seeing their exciting style of play in Super League.
  20. Toulouse's decision to kick penalties when some may have questioned it looking smart in what is a 2 try to 1 game so far.
  21. In the territory now that one more Toulouse try may do it. An outstanding start!
  22. I'd just get rid completely. Awful rule. I recall in Warrington's loss to Leeds in July, Leeds gave away six again a to stop Warrington who were looking for a match winner as time was the key point. I didn't blame Leeds for this, it was smart play and the right thing to do. But the law can be so easily exploited.
  23. I don't think that we will. Coote is a huge loss and as good as Welsby is, to slot in at full back will still take time. I am not sure if Hopoate will be an upgrade on Naiqama, Dodd is good but is still a teenager and may struggle at times, which is to be expected. LMS and Amor are a year older and time may catch up with them. We have also had a very good run with injuries for several years which is unlikely to sustain for a further season. It is very difficult to do 3 in a row, there's a reason why few teams in any sport do it (and a reason why even less do 4 in a row).
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