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  1. If Hull KR were to finish 5th or 6th, that would be an excellent season. To win the comp, they would likely face a run (at present) of Wigan away, Catalans away, Warrington / Saints in the Grand Final. I cannot see them winning all of those fixtures and 66/1 seems about right to me. Saying that, Hull KR have been playing some wonderful rugby of late and Tony Smith is doing an excellent job. They won't win the competition, but if they make the play offs that will be a huge success.
  2. He has been by all accounts, although seems that this failed!
  3. It's an interesting question but rugby league fans have always moaned. The game always used to be better. When I got into the sport, I was thrilled by it. It was probably the same era that many on here laud over. My grandad used to tell me how that era was rubbish compared to how it used to be. He bemoaned the obsession with quick play the balls and said we had eliminated skill from players. "I'd like to see how these players would have coped with the 5 metre rule" was a common one or "it's like watching kids in a playground running around, they're not proper men anymore". Defences are fa
  4. And apparently, the attacker falling to the floor when running around the back of another attacker negates the penalty. Sometimes you even here the referee say 'go down'. That is not in the laws of the game. Once upon a time, it may even have been called a voluntary tackle and the attacker penalised for that. The laws of the sport are inconsistently applied, sometimes we make them up and sometimes ignore others. A total mess.
  5. Top signing for Leeds, we will miss him. He's an 80 minute player which is rare for a second rower. Plenty of development still in his game, especially in his attacking game. If Leeds can harness that, he will get even better. Can't hold it against him at all, the pull of signing for your team is very difficult to resist. Hope he goes well.
  6. In an attempt to turn the conversation away from straw clutching, was that a really good game or really bad game? I'm honestly not sure what I think. Thought it was quite tense towards the end but wonder what the neutral view was?
  7. Last Feb, we lost 19-0 away at Warrington. Too many errors from us tonight. Warrington perfect defensively and totally snuffed us out. This is exactly why I did not want Warrington at Wembley. They have a blueprint of how to beat us and we have not figured a way around it yet. Thought the result was a fair reflection. Our defence will keep us in any game but there are severe limitations to our attacking game that an organised defence and team that can play for 80 minutes can exploit.
  8. Ideally, internationals should be on a stand alone weekend. If not possible (and I get why not this year), then there is no excuse for Super League matches being on at the exact same day, Why the other matches couldn't be Saturday I do not know.
  9. Enjoyed the way that Castleford played yesterday. Great to see a side play with ambition and enterprise in a big game and be rewarded for it. I anticipate that they will do the same in the final as this would give them the best chance. A thoroughly deserved win. Showed Powell to be a shrewd coach too in how he targeted Warrington's poor edge defence.
  10. For what it's worth, I am entirely biased in this debate given how much I wanted Saints to win. Whilst I am leaning towards being ok with Fages' actions, I don't know if that is because we benefited. I am genuinely unsure what I would have thought if I had no interest in the outcome. That's why I have probably paid greater attention to the neutral observer in the debate.
  11. I can understand the arguments both ways on Fages' conduct. There are merits to both sides. Fages is employed to win rugby league matches, that's it. He acted in a way that furthered that and there's no room for sympathy. Fages would not have stopped if Griffin was injured as a result of a big hit, or if he was limping (some may even encourage players to run at the injured player). On the other, a player was seriously injured (and I think that was clear, even in the moment) and he chose to take advantage of that rather than show concern for an opponent who was in considerable distress.
  12. Really nervy match as you would expect for a semi final. The Fages moment was big and kept us away from Hull for a while. Incredible bad luck that you can't account for. The suggestion that Griffin should have held on to the ball is ridiculous too, the pain must have been excruciating. A second big point was kicking. Coote nailed two sideline conversions. If Hull had the post 40-20 set with the scores as 21-20, that game ends very differently. Pleased to see Saints becoming more clinical in attack. The ability to hold off Hull in a strong first 15 was key too. A few years ago,
  13. Very torn on the Fages try. The sport is about winning and Fages would have been panned by our fans if he didn't score and we went on to lose. Equally, it didn't look good. Very awkward, almost no win position. More important than all of that, horrible injury and let's wish a speedy recovery to Griffin.
  14. Paasi out for Saints and Norman to make his debut. Makinson and Grace both fit but Percival out too. We are a little light on the bench today and I've no doubt Hull will take us on up the middle primarily. Huge opportunity for Norman, will be interesting to see how he goes.
  15. There's something about women playing sport that seems to rile people and I cannot figure out why. It's not the same level of quality of the men's game. But that's probably because the players are amateurs who give up their time to play the sport. And they have only been playing even at this level for a couple of years with a year out due to the pandemic. I saw a comment on Twitter before that you can tell which players are the most experienced and I agreed. With time, more high quality players will develop and the product will improve. Saying that, St Helens scored some classy
  16. That is unbelievable bad luck to twist your ankle celebrating a try. Got to feel for her.
  17. I was a bit disappointed by the viewing figures for the last match on You Tube, it wasn't much different to York v Wigan in the cup shown on The Sportsman. I would hope that the clubs, league and Sky push this more heavily this time.
  18. No Percival for Saints but the backline looks far more balanced with Makinson and Grace returning. If we face the Hull FC who played last week, I'd be very happy! If, more realistically, we face the FC who played Wigan in the cup, then it's too close to call!
  19. Rumours abound on Twitter that a Super League coach may be sacked tomorrow. I'm struggling to think who it may be. Duffy at Leigh would be harsh. Maybe Powell leaving Castleford early?
  20. Thought I'd give them a chance, go with one man less!
  21. England (assuming Super League players only), my team on form would be: 1. Tomkins 2. Makinson 3. Hardaker 4. King 5. Davies 6. Lomax 7. Widdop 8. Walmsley 9. Clark 10. Watts 11. Bateman 12. McMeeken 13. Knowles 14. McShane 15. Oleszki 16. Cooper 17. Farrell And for the combined nations, a bit more a struggle and I've probably missed out some obvious candidates: 1. Coote 2. Grace 3. Linnett 4. Mata'utai 5. Mamo 6. Reynolds 7. Sezer 8. Fifita 9. Parcell 10. Satae 11. Martin 12. Mau 13. Tetevano 14. Paasi 15. Fages
  22. Find it hard to have to have sympathy with Tomkins. Regardless if its retaliation or not, if you repeatedly punch someone in the head, a big ban should follow. Maybe the exception being if you are genuinely acting in self defence. He was banned for 8 matches, played 5 and is now banned for a further 4. Wonder if McNamara may decide to trust a younger French player rather than Tomkins, who is becoming more a disciplinary liability.
  23. Is it just me that doesn't get the hype about McIntosh? He's a decent player but is he an upgrade on what Hull already have?
  24. We have a strong season ticket culture in the UK so I don't expect a full recovery in crowd figures this year if restrictions are lifted. Next year will be the big test (if there are no capacity limits) to see if fans return in normal numbers or some have got out of the routine. Not sure what is happening last year. Although for last Friday's match, Saints made quite the balls up in that they didn't pay for postage on a batch of tickets so many didn't arrive and were stuck in the sorting office!
  25. Much more attacking intent from the off and a greater level of intensity from us compared to previous performances. It could have been far more on another night. Hopefully will boost our confidence, especially in our attacking structures. Hope Paasi is ok, he caused some problems. Also hope that Percival was taken off as a precaution as Woolf said and it isn't a recurrence of the same hamstring injury. Hull were off tonight. Next week will be a far sterner test when a big prize is up for grabs.
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