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  1. There are some gaps to exploit in rugby league betting. For example, it took the bookies a long time to realise Saints were playing the reserves against Wakefield in August and the odds reflected that.
  2. Did anything ever get announced about Ottawa not joining, or was it just forgotten about?
  3. I agree, it's one of my favourite things about the World Cup, seeing teams you rarely get the chance to see. I will be seeing Italy, Wales, Tonga in action for the first time and may head to Leigh to watch the Cook Islands match against Wales.
  4. We were told a few weeks back that 150 seats were left at Headingley. Turns out that was 150 seats on sale left and some were held back.
  5. This whole "what do xxx bring to Super League" is tiresome. Leigh were the best team in the Championship and deserve their place in Super League. Earned through on field success and not pen pushers with arbitrary and subjective checklist.
  6. That squad has a very good chance of winning the World Cup.
  7. I think an important question is, if a player had said or tweeted similar remarks and apologised a few days later, would that have been the end of the matter? Or would they have been fined or suspended under the 'Tackle It' campaign?
  8. Just a reminder for anyone interested... Leeds v Halifax in the wheelchair Grand Final is on Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Mix (for non-subscribers) and Sky Max (I don't know either!) at 3PM today.
  9. Given a bit more thought to ticket sale numbers. We have 350,000 sold across 61 matches, which an average of around 5,700 per match. But, a lot of these matches are women's and wheelchair matches which will be a lot lower. We know some details about ticket sales for individual matches - 35,000 sold for England v Samoa - 10,000 sold for England v Brazil - 20,000+ sold for England v France - 50,000 sold for the final - Almost all seats sold for Australia v Fiji (so realistically over 10,000) If you minus these figures from 350,000, that leaves 225,000 between the remaining matches. That is an average for the remaining fixtures of around 4,100 per match. The number of double headers makes this trickier to assess, as does the fact that we have never run women's and wheelchair tournaments concurrently with the men's tournament. We've heard nothing at all about England's match against Greece at Sheffield, which reading between the lines suggests sluggish sales. I wonder if we may be in a position where the big matches get some good crowds and the lesser matches may be quite a bit tougher?
  10. I think Hastings and Leeming are the two who are very unlucky to miss out. I've seen stronger squads but a lot is beyond Wane's control. McIlorum's selection is the eyebrow raising one for me. I think Marshall or Burgess could have been preferred to Hall, but get why Wane went the other way. Can see a semi final for that squad but think a final could be a step too far.
  11. How's Dom Young gone in the NRL? I saw him a couple of times in the UK and he didn't look particularly impressive (he was only very young at the time though).
  12. Leigh should win and win by a mile. But the excitement of this game is just that little "what if" thought.
  13. I think a few factors must be considered. Firstly, his seniority. He is a leading figure in the sports governing body. Secondly, the fact that these were not remarks made in private. They were made at an RFL event. Thirdly, the impact on the World Cup. It is deeply embarrassing for the sport to have these comments aired just weeks before a World Cup. Finally, and most importantly, these comments are deeply unfair. The captain of Fiji played for St Helens until the end of last season and conducted himself in a magnificent manner throughout his time here. When Fiji were last here, they positively engaged with the community, especially in Rochdale. I haven't forgotten Fiji inviting the England players to join them in prayer / reflection after our group stage match on the day that Steve Prescott died. A kind gesture that meant a lot. Rimmer should, in my view, be suspended pending full investigation.
  14. Just makes upsets almost impossible. An unfancied may beat a bigger opponent as a one off. Beating them on aggregate over 2 matches is very unlikely.
  15. In slightly more cheerful news... https://www.rlwc2021.com/article/471/rlwc2021-hits-350000-ticket-sales-milestone
  16. Outrageous remark which is based on a hideous stereotype of island populations. In my experience, the Fijian players have always conducted themselves in an exemplary manner and deserve nothing but praise. Rimmer should resign immediately or be removed.
  17. I'd argue this is the best news announced so far. People in stadiums are great but real reach comes through TV. We are a sports mad country and the chance to watch live sport on free to air, especially on weeknights isn't common and will attract a lot of casual viewers. This level of live coverage, combined with podcasts, documentaries, website coverage, radio comms and social media is larger than this sport has ever has. An enormous triumph for the organisers.
  18. I'm a little cautious of grading clubs. Once upon a time, Bradford would be Grade A. I assume these can change. Ultimately, we'll probably adopt licensing again. It won't last 10 years and we'll do something different. And maybe one day, the penny will drop and we will realise that changing our structure doesn't actually have any impact at all on the size or reach of the sport. Maybe we'll deal with more pressing issues like the international game and increasing participation. Or, more realistically, we won't.
  19. 35,000 is OK. It's more than we get for Magic and it's unlikely that the full number is ever in at one stage. And at it's fullest, it looks OK. Capacity is limited to 50,000 and we should certainly top 40,000 and I'd hope for 45,000. That will look great and is not the kind of attendance that we have ever got for a fixture outside of Australia or New Zealand. I'd love a sell out but I think that's a bit of a stretch. We have been unfortunate to have this tournament coincide with a major economic downturn where everyone has less disposable income. And the match itself will be outstanding.
  20. When English people pronounce "defence" as "Dee-fense" The way Australians say the word maroon. Whenever any social media team tweets a picture of a player and captions it with their initials and squad number.
  21. This isn't a dig, but if Wakefield or London (2019) were allowed in Super League, Batley will be too.
  22. Leeds and Saints both had absentees going into this match. But Leeds had more players out and less depth to replace them. I thought before the match that Saints would need an off day to lose and they didn't have one. Lomax was masterful and Lees has stood up in Walmsley's absence. I never felt worried during the game and thought we were comfortable. Thinking about it a bit more, it could have been closer. Saints scrambled to keep out Sutcliffe and Martin when they both would have scored against worse defences. Leeds let in a really soft score to Hurrell. Little moments that kept a gap between the sides. Leeds were dogged and never gave up. I do wonder if Hardaker at full back and Myler at scrum half was a better option though. A nice touch by the likes of Rohan Smith and Blake Austin who applauded the Saints crowd as they left the field. Didn't go unnoticed. This is unquestionably the most ruthless Saints side I've ever seen. If an opponent switches off or makes an error, it is usually punished. Sometimes that ruthlessness manifests itself in ways I don't like too. We've been spoiled over the last 4 years and I hope our fans realise and don't take periods like these for granted.
  23. Four in a row or the side 11th after 10 rounds, whatever the result it's a hell of an achievement by the winner. From a Saints perspective, I'm unusually relaxed about the match. If we lose, we know all good things come to an end and streaks can't last forever. It doesn't take away from this team's incredible achievements over the last few years. If we win, then wow! Only one other side will have ever achieved this in the UK game. Hoping for a good game where we are all talking about the players after it. Maybe that's too ambitious for rugby league fans.
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