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10 years ago today

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My good friend Taylo informed me this morning that it is the tenth anniversary of the victory over Castleford. My how time flies.

What a day that was, our last great victory. 

Only James Lockwood remains now of the Featherstone team that day, playing at prop in place of the injured Anthony England.  Brett Ferres was in the Castleford team that day. 

Wembley 83 was and will be the best day I'll ever experience in my lifetime, as a lifelong Rovers fan the Castleford game in 2012 was one of the other major highlights of watching Rovers. 

After 1995 it was something that I never thought I'd see again. My one wish left now is too see Rovers play in the top flight once again. 

They beat Hull against all the odds in 1983 but the RFL are perhaps their greatest ever opponent. Like Robin, and he wouldn't mind me saying this, I am an eternal pessimist, I remember my neutral mate laughing at me in Warrington in 2011 when we were 30 odd 4 up with 4 minutes left and I was still fretting.

But it's always got me like that. The 2010 final and the 1998 being relatively recent examples of how we've had defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. 

I'll not believe that we'll ever get promoted until I see that famous butcher stripe on the field playing in the Super League, hopefully it will happen and if it does this club will have defied all odds once again and will have risen from those Ashes of both 1995 and subsequently 2005. 


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Only thinking recently of Freddie Miller and Eric Batten 1952. Eric used to make and score tries and I wonder with his great kicking how many 40/20's Miller would get these days. old and great  memories. Considering how many  short falls we have had we are a great team

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remember it well, it was my twins 4th birthday and spent the week before not having a pass out for the game, at the 11th hour my freedom was secured, due to much begging and sulking. I got to see the game and back in time for a pirate theme birthday party with a house full.  Every birthday is a reminder of a great day and accomplishment by my team!

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