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  1. I think the Wakefield and 5 towns area is one of the next down the list after Leicester. We'll be lucky if there's not another imminent local lockdown TBF.
  2. Colin there used to be line outs in Rugby League, they were eliminated just after the turn of the 20th century. Not too bad, yourself?
  3. I know he didn't feature for Featherstone but can someone confirm that Steve Ferres is NOT Brett Ferres' dad, as used to be reported by S*y at the start of his career?
  4. Said this for years, great point. Rugby is s running game. Either less points or no conversion. 100% agree.
  5. Nathan Larvin's debut at Full back old en.
  6. Hey up Old Rover. Hope you're well. Yes that's correct when Wayne McHugh got 5 or 6 tries.
  7. Do what they did in the old days, have a lineout. That suggestion is going to go down like Gillian Taylforth.
  8. I remember when Rovers played Skirlaugh in 2006, social distancing worked ok that day. I remember shouting across to Stuart 56 who was the nearest spectator to me.
  9. I believe Ken (rip) was from Castleford and no relation to the Kellets mentioned in your post.
  10. I think William is Billy Harris' give 2nd name rather than nickname. It used to say 'William Harris' over the door of The Houghton pub when he was landlord.
  11. Dave Cording played for the reserves in the early/ mid 80s. Andy played winger for Featherstone high school Ca 1999.
  12. Good knowledge buddy. I used to drink with Lyza in Chequerfield in the early 90s in the Grove Lea, which, sadly is now a one stop.
  13. He played in the 13 all at Derwent Park Ca. Feb 83 Steve.
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