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  1. On the 8th of September 2022 it will be 10000 days since we played our last top flight game of Rugby League. For a town with such a rich tapestry of this game it is a travesty. Let's hope it only lasts for 30 or so more days after this date.
  2. My good friend Taylo informed me this morning that it is the tenth anniversary of the victory over Castleford. My how time flies. What a day that was, our last great victory. Only James Lockwood remains now of the Featherstone team that day, playing at prop in place of the injured Anthony England. Brett Ferres was in the Castleford team that day. Wembley 83 was and will be the best day I'll ever experience in my lifetime, as a lifelong Rovers fan the Castleford game in 2012 was one of the other major highlights of watching Rovers. After 1995 it was something that I never thought I'd see again. My one wish left now is too see Rovers play in the top flight once again. They beat Hull against all the odds in 1983 but the RFL are perhaps their greatest ever opponent. Like Robin, and he wouldn't mind me saying this, I am an eternal pessimist, I remember my neutral mate laughing at me in Warrington in 2011 when we were 30 odd 4 up with 4 minutes left and I was still fretting. But it's always got me like that. The 2010 final and the 1998 being relatively recent examples of how we've had defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. I'll not believe that we'll ever get promoted until I see that famous butcher stripe on the field playing in the Super League, hopefully it will happen and if it does this club will have defied all odds once again and will have risen from those Ashes of both 1995 and subsequently 2005.
  3. I take on board your very valid points and agree wholeheartedly however next month marks the 10th anniversary of THE Cas game. It's was a stark contrast the team's ages then. IH 26 TR 27 SS 23 GW 21 TSax 28 JH 29 LF 28 JL 26 BK 23 SD 31 MD 25 TS 27 KB 24 JG 28 MH 24 AK 26 DM 25
  4. I'm going to put this out now. The age of the team is alarming. It will be breaking up soon whether promoted or not. If it's the latter it will be worrying how the team looks in 2 years. Sunday's team and ages. 1. BP 24 2. LB 28 3. JH 29 4. CH 34 5 GG 26 6. DC 31 7 RJ 29 8. AC 37 9 CJ 26 10 JL 36 11 JB 29 12 JM 35 13 BF 35 Others JSL 32 JD 31 CK 33 MS 23 CF 24 JL 30 MW 31 LC 29 Average age = 31.
  5. The worst the team has played post covid save for the final. Today illustrated what John Davies and Matty Wildie bring to the team. I'm a pessimistic old git but I said to Robin before kick off, that I had a bad feeling. They were no great shakes either they just tried harder and had a better kicking game, as ours was woeful. To kickable goal kicks by Craig's standards were missed this ultimately would have made the difference, but we were lucky to get anything from the game. The 'Dogs' in the stand were complaining about the amount of potential forward passes that we got away with, tbf it happened to both teams. Big kick up the jug and vase this.
  6. Thought in the first half the boys looked really solid. Apart from BP's knock on after their first set of 6 then having another 18 tackles to withstand the lads defended well. We didn't do too much line breaking ourselves and the tries were as a result of throwing the ball out to the wings, and Connor's was in broken play. A steady attritional first half. The 2nd half was a different story. We forgot to come out for the first set when they scored. Then only a last ditch tackle from Gale saved the breakaway from their 20m tap. Then Brandon's superb hit under the posts to save a certain try. We were fumbling, slow at the play the ball but managed to get a try and goal at the vital time (Brissy's 2nd). Then their interception try from our attack reminded me of the good Worrincy days, and you're thinking here goes. Fortunately the drop goal and last minute try gave the scoreline a more comfortable feel. A win is a win and we're in the hat but not vintage Rovers today especially the 2nd 40.
  7. You need a roving reporter/commentator that is that committed he still reports from the S**thouse at half time.
  8. Hi all, help required. Is it too late to book coach travel for tomorrow? Can you still get a coach from Ponte? Will you be able to get tickets at The Shay for admission? What's the price for under 10s? Cheers Andy.
  9. And even more difficult for pedestrians crossing in front of said drivers.
  10. Brett told me that Steve is his uncle.
  11. There's probably a really obvious answer to this but other than Morgan and Pete Smith which other Grandad / Grandson combinations have both scored a try for Featherstone at the Railway end of Post Office Road?
  12. A good good performance tonight. Great tackling from all 17 players. Some decent rugby played in difficult conditions. Rovers down the left made great metres tonight. If that is the type of Rugby that they can play on a pudding of a pitch against the league favourites then it augurs well for the season. It's two games in a game that means nothing until October, but it's a very good start against teams that could have beaten us on paper. Junior Mooors, Jack Bussey, Brandon Pickersgill, and most of all Mattie Wildie stood out for me tonight but 1 to 17 were very solid. Josh got changed early and looked sore, Leulia looked okay and stayed in his kit, he made a huge impact in the cameo that he played we are going to have a treat with him this year. Great attendance tonight put another 500 on that had it been warm, Sunday and no tv. #utr
  13. It's got a twitter feel to this with your sardonic reply to my typo, I'll not bite yet.
  14. My words FWTAW. If York are going to be one of the top teams in our division, well I can only say that it's a sad indication of how our division is. They were truly awful. You have to take your hats off to York fans if they can get that enthused over that 'Isle of Wight' week in week out, then they have stronger constitutions than I. We were average last night in the first half and maybe 70% after the break. Had Morgan not made that terrific tackle the game could have possibly been oh so different, we got a pen and scored after that tackle, although the opposition as mentioned were 'Jimmy White' IMHO. We need another prop, because Kopsczak is a huge miss, Choo Choo is a brilliant lad and Locky has stepped up like he did v Cas all those years ago but they need more bif as back up. Does anyone know why Ferres wasn't playing, someone said Covid but he was commentating on radio. Gaz G was great last year but struggled last night, hopefully only a blip. Briscoe got one touch in an attacking position and scored. The right hand side flank was starved of the ball, 2 of the 3 times it received it we scored, the other time Smith threw into touch. Bussey was immense, what a servant this lad has been, he's still only 28 ish , so looking at the current squad he's still between 8 to 18 years left. Hally brilliant, after getting his mandatory pass to the linesman out of the way. Smith good, Holmesy struggling a bit. Pickersgill okay but the facsimile of Walker and previously Mendieta if people remember him. Jones made some good incisions from dummy half as did Davies and I personally thought that they were the major part of the momentum shift our way. Moors quiet game but potential and suspect dislocation injury to JSL which if true could be at least 2 weeks. Josh H steady at centre. Decent performance overall and a win is a win, but our boys will have to raise the game v Leigh as they will be an echelon higher than York.
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