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  1. Can anyone tell me if there are any tickets remaining? if so how to purchase, what's the cost and are there any concessions? Thank you in advance.
  2. My most crystal clear memory of Widnes was the day that I started going with my mates. Fev had been promoted in 1979/80 and Vinchente had coached the team to a decent first half back in Div 1. The rot though had just set in after the novelty of promotion and the initial momentum. Peter was on the transfer list (the most loyal player ever) and Michael the captain was ruffling feathers. Narrow ###### nipping victories over underdogs Keighley and Swinton respectively ensured the Rovers progressed to the Quarter Finals. Home tie v Cup Favourites Widnes. Got into
  3. I'm writing this in the vain hope someone will read it. Yes it was 9-0. Steve Quinn kicked a pen just before half time from miles out. Both teams tapped penalties when playing from right to left from the main stand because, no exaggeration a force 8 gale. Butler got injured (shoulder I think) half way through the game. He was bossing Reg Bowden until that point. I think the final score was 15-9. Mick Adams the 2nd row of Widnes controlled the 2nd half and I think that Mick George scored their try near the end to seal things. One of our star forwards had worked nig
  4. I don't post on here much now, however tonight is an exception. People slag off soccer all the time, rightly or wrongly. But wouldn't it have been great for the likes of us, Batley, Dewsbury, York, Rochdale, many more in 95, had RL fans had the Balls and Solidarity that has been demonstrated by football fans today Sky employees saying how they are against franchises and the thought of no promotion and competition a way of killing the game. I can't get my breath more than ever now, how the likes of ourselves were sold down the Calder. At least the objective of successful
  5. Jeff Grayson father played against Paul Grayson son in 1989 ish. Funnily enough in 1978 Featherstone had a father and son in the same team when Terry Clawson lined up with son Neil.
  6. The Leeds twins were David and Anthony Gibbons.
  7. Just a small selection- Cas-Kevin and Bob Beardmore. Roy and Graham Southernwood. Fev- Kevin and David Hobbs. Neil and Robin Tuffs Paul and Shaun Newlove. Paul and Carl Hughes Wakey- Keith and Kevin Rayne. Scott and Wally Lewis. Bradford - Ian and Gary Van Bellen. Alan and Derek Parker. Henry and Robbie Paul. Hull FC- Graeme and Richard Horne. Colin and Tracey Lazenby Hull KR- Jamie and Mick Walsh. Widnes- David and Paul Hulme. John and Tony Myler Steve and Mike O'Neill. Andy and David Ruane. Richie
  8. That last set a Mickey take, yeah? Daryl Clarke and Jason Clark are from 11000 miles apart.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I never read Wiki as I find 'The Sun' is more accurate. I just remember Tom Haughey being picked by Andy Kelly and Daryll Powell just after his first spell at Rovers Ca. 05.
  10. Another one to add to the brothers list for Rovers. Their Liam gave cracking service to the almost invincibles of 2010.
  11. Also Fevnut, Did Tommy Haughey not play for Ireland? He definitely toured with them under Andy Kelly. I don't know if he played an international. Certain spurious websites cite him as being an Ireland international, however I wouldn't trust the sites to tell me that my a@#e was on fire.
  12. Ah right that would be the same for David Hobbs then who left for Oldham in March 85.
  13. Steve Evans left Featherstone Rovers in 1982 not 1981. He became the first player to play with 2 different teams in the same Challenge Cup campaign. 1982, playing for Hull FC in the final (s) v Widnes having appeared for Rovers v HKR in the preliminary round of the same competition in Feb 82.
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