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Brian Clemens Thriller (1973-76).

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I'm not one to moan about my misfortune or ailments, but I've recently damaged my knee in very painful circumstances. I've already been confined to my flat for two weeks and possibly many more to come. I'll go nuts ! However I've decided to try and construct a thread dedicated to ITV's 70's masterpiece Thriller. Now we already have a single show thread, Dr Who , which I started,  and that's popular, but I'm sure this'll interest a few only, if that. But this will give me something to do while I fight off the pain,  my lifeline to sanity. Hope anyone reading these enjoy them as I'll enjoy doing them. Thriller was an anthology series,  so I'll cover each episode in any order I please. These won't be reviews, but delving and unravelling each story. It was the first tv show I remember " falling " for, made me want to be a TV scriptwriter. It never happened but its always had a place in my affection.


I'll start with,


In a sleepy English village Samantha and Robert Miller marry. The attendees gather outside the church as the happy couple come outside to cheers. The crowd gather round, confetti is thrown. Someone, unnoticed throws red paint over Sammy's dress.
images (2).jpegdownload.jpeg
In their bedroom at the Inn, Sammy wonders who could have done such a thing. Robert assures her that weddings have a strange effect on some people, it was probably a village practical joker. Tom the best man enters, after giving Sammy a kiss says," you're wanted downstairs Sammy, photographer wants some shots of you and the bridesmaids."
After she leaves Tom says to Robert, " asked around, I'm sure it's not one of our lot that did it."
Tom leaves and Liza enters, a lady in her 70's. Liza has brought Sammy up from childhood and is worried about Robert's driving when they are away on their honeymoon.
" I can't help remembering Sammy's parents both killed by a horrific car accident."
"And I'm a bit of a speed merchant, eh Aunt Liza? I promise with Sammy on board I'll drive like a little old lady on her way to evensong."
Liza a bit sad at losing Sammy," I'll miss her, but I'm glad she'll be such capable hands as yours Robert. I'll get everything ready in your new house for when you get back."
Robert beams," Aunt Liza, I can't thank you enough."
" Well I'm a very capable woman, why I never married, scared men away."
" You never married because you devoted yourself to Sammy."
Some time later Sammy and Robert are at their car waving goodbye, they drive off.
Meanwhile someone has entered their bedroom in the Inn, a man, unnoticed , we can't see who, but this person looks at the wedding gifts on the bed, and places a package of his own down on the bed, then leaves.


A fortnight later, and just outside the village the realtor is in a windmill that has been converted to a house, a buyer is with him. The buyer is Howard Heston an American.
" A windmill, fantastic, I always wanted to live in a windmill, I'll take it."
Snapshot-2017-08-26 at 10_13_37 AM-10163.png
Sammy and Robert pass in their car returned from honeymoon, the road 50 or so yards away, Sammy waves at the realtor.
Howard asks, " is that a sample of the local hospitality around here?"
" Ah, too late there Mr Heston, just married, they'll be neighbours of yours about half a mile away."
" Erm... that sounds chummy."
In their new house Liza and Tom await to greet the happy couple, Liza has got everything perfect, all the new furniture is here, all the wedding presents, everything ready for them. Sammy kisses Liza," oh Liza you've been marvellous , what are we going to do without you?"
" Well you haven't got rid of me yet, I can still visit can't I?"
Everyone laughs, " of course anytime," says Robert.
That evening Sammy and Robert relaxing on the settee, smooching and opening their wedding presents. Sammy picks up a little package, addressed to her only in her maiden name, she opens it, it's a single white glove, a child's glove. Sammy dismayed, " who on earth would send that? Just one and it's stained."
Robert looks at it, and finds in it a hand written note saying" forever and ever" , " the fingers are grubby , this has been worn, and a little stain in the palm, how odd. Someone is playing a joke and I can guess who."
Robert phones up Tom, who is in a pub after playing cricket, but he denies he's responsible for the glove.
images (3).jpeg
The next day Sammy and Liza alone, Liza has brought round a cardboard box, in it all Sammy's toys and childhood items that she kept. There's a doll, a ornate decorated little ceramic box, Liza says it's a music box but Sammy can't seem to open it.
" There's a special way of opening it Sammy, I could never do it but you always could."
Sammy looks glum as she goes through the box , "it's no use Liza, I can't remember any of it."
"I remember when you were 5 Sammy, your parents had just died and you put all your toys away in this box, rarely got them out again."
Sammy goes into kitchen, Liza sees photo album in box, removes it and hides it under her coat on the couch.
That evening Robert is going through the box when he finds something in an envelope. " Sammy look at this," Sammy sees what Robert has found, a white child's glove.
" It's the other glove Robert, a matching pair, it must be."
" Yes, and both with the stain in the palm."

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The next day Sammy is alone in the house when the doorbell rings, it's Howard Heston, he introduces himself, he works for First Chicago Bank, here in England for a project, Sammy makes coffee and while in the kitchen hears music playing. She returns to Howard to see he has managed to open the music box that was on the sideboard.
" How on earth did you manage that Mr Heston, I just couldn't open it."
" Ah...there's a little trick to it, you twist this catch, pull the little lever on the side and press down and it opens. I had one as a child."
Robert returns from a game of golf and notices the sports car in the driveway.
After introductions Robert asks," that car of yours Mr Heston is it really as fast as it looks."
Heston says, " faster, it's an absolute monster, but flat out runs smooth as silk. I'll take you out in it sometime, or better still take it out yourself."
" I'd like to think you meant that Mr Heston."
Liza turns up and is introduced, Heston seems a bit uneasy and quickly changes his mind about staying for refreshments and leaves saying he has an important meeting at the windmill with a builder.
After he leaves Liza says, " funny he seems recognisable, can't think why."
Robert says ," just the American way to be sociable, I mean a chap who hardly knows you ,offers to lend his car."
Liza concerned, " you're not going to Robert?" Robert admits, " well I'd like to Aunt Liza."


Heston keeps his word, the next day Robert is in Heston's car, Heston at Sammy's waiting for his return with his car.
Heston and Sammy chat about childhood.
Sammy says, " I don't remember much of mine." Heston is different, " oh I remember mine , every detail, even certain dates and playmates. Everything is wonderful as a child, everything laid out , your purpose and plans seem so certain, then the grown ups come and stop you and ruin everything."
Sammy a bit perplexed by this conversation, Heston seems very agitated," but you grow up too Mr Heston, we all do."
" Yes that's inevitable, but if you're really strong, you don't let that original goal get deflected. It's simple, if anyone stands in your way, just don't let them. "

Robert driving along a country lane, a twisty bendy road, Robert presses on the brake pedal, no reaction!! No brakes, the car leaves the road, and crashes.

Detective Sgt Sullivan and Liza gives Sammy the news, Sammy in tears," dead! No I won't believe it I WON'T Liza, I can't "
A little later Sammy in shock has been tranquillised in bed, downstairs Liza and Heston, the latter upset, " I feel so responsible, he said he was used to handling fast cars."
" I think you better go Mr Heston."
" I'd like to stay a bit if I may to explain to Sammy."
" I shouldn't think she'll want anything to do you with you Mr Heston."
" It's unfair to blame me."
" Maybe but life is unfair sometimes, to be honest I wish this family had never set eyes on you."

The following day Heston has turned up again, Sammy dressed in mourning black, Heston says Liza blames him, but Sammy doesn't and Heston suggests she spends some time away from the house and the memories, he has a place, but Liza walks in. " That won't be necessary Mr Heston, Sammy and I are leaving tomorrow, abroad for a few weeks, and shouldn't you be getting back to The States, your bank, First Chicago wasn't it, funny a friend of mine has done business with them and they can't recall you."
Heston defensive, " it's a big concern lots of divisions."
" No doubt, goodbye Mr Heston, I don't expect to see you here again."

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The next morning Liza opens her garage door at her place nearby to Sammy's, pulls up the shutter and gets in the car and starts it up. Suddenly the shutter door closes, Liza gets out to reopen door, but it won't open its been locked.
" Hello, is anybody there?"
No answer, she gets back into car and turns engine off, BUT IT WON'T SWITCH OFF. She takes ignition key out, but it still won't turn off. Smoke is filling the garage rapidly , she opens bonnet to look at engine, there's nothing she can do, she tries again banging on the door for help, choking she collapses.
Sammy checking her watch realises Liza is late picking her up. She gets in her car and drives off to Liza's. Sammy arrives, smoke is pouring out of the garage, Sammy opens door, Liza unconscious on the floor.
Later Liza in bed, doctor in attendance, he turns to Sammy, " I'm very sorry, but with Carbon Monoxide there's no chance."
Sgt Sullivan asks Sammy, " do you know who would want to do this to your aunt?"
Sammy crying, " no ..no I don't know of anyone who would want to do this."
Liza stirs in bed awake but dying, she points to dressing table. Sammy says , "what is it darling what can I get you?"
Liza whispers ," top drawer album."
Sammy takes out the photo album that previously Liza had taken without Sammy knowing. Liza opens album....but then dies.
Detective Sgt Sullivan opens album, sees pictures of mainly Sammy, plus a few with a little boy, " mean anything to you?"
Sammy looks at pictures," just me as a girl I suppose."


That evening, it's rainy and windy, Sammy gets a phone call from Heston.
" Sammy, I found out something about Robert's death, it might not have been an accident. I've phoned Sgt Sullivan, can you meet us at the windmill right away?"
Sammy agrees, phones Tom, and drives out to Heston's windmill, she runs into the windmill getting a bit drenched in the process.
Heston's voice calls down, " Sammy come on up, we're at the top floor." Sammy climbs stairs and enters bedroom at very top of windmill. No sign of Sullivan or Heston. Suddenly Heston's voice is heard, it sounds really strange, childlike in tone.
" I'm here Sammy, can you find me....hiders seekers....finders.. keepers."
Sammy is perplexed, " Mr Heston what an earth!!" She walks further into room, Heston giggles, "you're getting warm Sammy....warmer..and ...found me."
Heston leaps out from behind wardrobe.
Sammy is not amused, " Mr Heston where is Sgt Sullivan, what is this news about Robert's death Mr Heston."

Heston giggles childishly,  " he couldn't come after all, he'd only have spoilt it."

Heston wraps string around his fingers singing like a little child.

" Cat's in his cradle 

Cat's in his cradle

who'll wake him up

who'll wake him up ?"

Sammy is totally perplexed, " Mr Heston...please."

Heston seems to gush,  

" oh Sammy dont be cruel to me, you could be so cruel sometimes."

Heston shuts door and locks it, he puts key on bed.
" Come now Sammy, you know my name isn't Heston....try D'Arcy, Giles D'Arcy."
Sammy recognises the name, "Giles D'Arcy was my friend when I was a little girl, you can't be him, Giles was English."
" People change Sammy, and one's accent depends on where one's lived these past decades."
Sammy desperately trying to remember, "yes I remember Giles went away to America, I was 5 years old."
Heston childlike giggling, " you remember Sammy, I remember it all, our love for each other, how we took a blood oath, we cut our palms and mixed our blood, nothing is more sacred than that. The gloves I wore, we both kept one each."

Sammy remembers the incident and realises, " so it was you who sent that glove."
" Yes Sammy, and can you imagine how I felt when I came back and saw you about to betray me."
" But Giles, I was FIVE years old."
" So I realised it wasn't your fault, it was theirs, your husband and your aunt's, so they had to go, just like I killed  your parents."
Sammy shocked," no Giles, they died in a car accident."
" They wanted to move away, take you away from me, so remember that morning in the garage. I knew a lot about cars, I fixed it , and when the authorities find out what I'd done they sent me away to a special school to cure me! Cure me? I didn't need curing, I was just in love."
Sammy struggling to remember, " I remember my parents...in my child way I understood it was because of my special friend that my parents were no longer here."
" And remember Sammy I always said I wanted to keep you safe in an ivory tower."
Heston picks up the hairbrush and other ornaments on dresser, " all ivory Sammy, and no one will keep us apart, if they do we'll go someplace they can never get to us."


Heston takes out of his jacket pocket a small vial of liquid and a syringe. Sammy backs away and as Heston puts ivory stuff back on dresser, she grabs door key from bed.
Heston proudly points to dresser, " do you like it Sammy, I've got all your favourite things, say you like it Sammy."
Sammy has an idea, " no Giles that ivory I hate it get rid of it."
" Okay Sammy," Heston removes ivory ornaments and then Sammy picks up doll from dresser, " this doll I hate it."
She hurls doll across room, Giles/Heston is shocked and bends down to pick it up screaming, " SAMMY THAT WAS YOUR FAVOURITE DOLL."
He turns, Sammy has opened door and is running down windmill stairs, Giles runs in pursuit, " Sammy! Sammy come back."
On the ground floor Sammy runs to open front door , Heston grabs her, takes syringe out of pocket, opens vial, the front door pushes open, Tom runs in, Sammy pushes Giles/Heston away, he collapses on floor, the syringe sticking out of his chest, he gasps, " forever and ever...Sammy. "
Heston dies, Sammy comforted by Tom.

Sammy.....Hayley Mills
Heston.....Gary Collins
Liza....Joyce Carey
Robert...David Warbeck
Tom......Jeremy Bulloch
Sullivan...Barrie Fletcher

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In a rather posh office on the ground floor of a country mansion, Carter is listening to pop music on headphones, he removes the cans and states that he finds Western pop music mindless, but it isn't aimed at the mind, rather the heart and soul so he's okay with it, he certainly doesn't think it's decadent as he has been taught to believe. At the window of the office a girl is looking out of the window and wonders what Mr Gifford is doing. Carter joins her and says, " oh, he's digging your grave my dear."

American girl Helen shares a flat with two English girls, Babs Bryant and Wendy Philips.
The doorbell rings, Babs answers it, it's Charlie Masters, Helen's boyfriend.
Babs, " hiya Charlie, Helen is just getting ready."
Charlie waves a newspaper,
" actually it was you Babs I wanted to see, look you're still looking for a job aren't you? Found one that might suit you."
Babs looks at paper, " no ties, able to travel, seems ideal."
The front door opens, Wendy Philips enters, " too late Babs."
Babs, " you've got it?"
Wendy, " yep, starting tomorrow."
The advert,
Intelligent young woman required for fascinating work.
Important – No Ties – Able To Travel
and work away from home.

The next day Wendy says her goodbyes to Helen and Babs,
Wendy, " I promise I'll keep in touch."
She is met outside house by Gifford in his car and they drive off.

Wendy is driven to a secluded mansion, she is to be personal assistant to a Mr Townsend. Wendy is greeted by Carter who welcomes her as an employee of Mr Townsend. In the waiting area Wendy meets a young lady and chats about her new job. The girl is not too dissimilar to Wendy in appearance.
Wendy, " I've not met Mr Townsend, hope he's okay."
Girl, " oh he's been very pleasant to work for."
Wendy, " oh I hope I'm not taking your job?"
Girl, " no, I'm taking yours, well not your job exactly, more your place."
The girl produces a gun and coldly shoots Wendy dead.

In the grounds of the mansion her body and luggage are tossed in a recently dug grave, dug by Gifford earlier, a large man with a liking for downing vodka and belching!
A few weeks later Babs wonders why Wendy never kept in touch.
" Thought she would, only to gloat, she was that sort of girl."
Babs looks in newspaper,
" Or she didn't last the pace, look that advert is back, same one."
So a happy Babs applies for the job.

Babs has to go to Arundel Contacts in St Marks Street London for an interview and Carter conducts the interview while secretly tape recording Babs as she tells him all about herself including the fact that she has lost contact with her parents and has a brother Tim she rarely sees because he's a reporter abroad mainly in Africa or South America.
After Babs has left, Gifford enters office.
Gifford, " any luck?"
Carter, " yes, Babs Bryant, best of the bunch."
Gifford notices a blue scarf on floor,
" she left her scarf, never mind, she'll not be needing it."
Carter gives him a withering look.

Babs gets the job and says her goodbyes to Helen and her boyfriend Charlie Masters.
Babs apologises to Helen, the scarf she wore for the interview was Helen's and she must of left it behind, but promises if Helen can't get it back she'll buy her a new one out of her first weeks wages.
She promises to write, unlike Wendy, and is picked up outside the apartment block, this time by Carter.
At the mansion Gifford is with a girl waiting for Babs to arrive, he gives her a gun.
Gifford, " make it clean, unless you want me to do it, you seem nervous to me."
Girl, " no I'm okay, anyway I have to do it."
Gifford, " yes....sooner you do sooner you'll part of the family."
Babs is taken to the mansion and meets the girl in the waiting area, like before this girl looks similar to Babs in appearance.
Babs, " this is a lovely office, hope I get to work in an office like this. Sorry....talking too much, just a bit nervous."
The girl smiles back at Babs, who carries on, " I'm Babs."
Girl, " me too, Babs Bryant."
Babs, " Bryant is my name too."
Girl, " from York."
Babs, " York? That's amazing, I'm from York too."
Girl, " yes, I have a brother Tim, he's a journalist, mainly in Africa, I share a flat , I'm a bit of a drifter really."

images (1).jpeg
Babs is alarmed, but too late, the girl produces her gun and fires, Babs dead.
Gifford comes back in, " well done, want a drink?"
Girl, " no thanks I'm okay."
Gifford, " even better, sometimes even I need a drink afterwards."
Carter comes in, looks at Babs dead body slumped on the chair and says, "get a move on Gifford," then leaves.
Gifford condescendingly mocks him, " get a move on...he always needs a drink afterwards."

Babs body is flung in a grave dug by Gifford who afterwards comes into the house for his swig of vodka and belches as Carter walks in.
Carter, " you're a pig Gifford, just a pig."
Gifford, " useful pig, you couldn't do it."
Carter, " if it was necessary."
Gifford, " but it isn't necessary, not while the pig is here. Funny Babs Bryant came from the same address as Wendy Philips about a month ago."
Carter is alarmed, " you never said."
Gifford, " I only just found out, you picked up this one, I picked up Wendy Philips. Does it matter?"
Carter, " probably not."
Gifford, " it's a mistake though, he won't be pleased."
Carter, " who'll miss them."
Gifford, " we may soon have to find a house with bigger grounds."
Gifford, " on the wrong side, you haven't forgotten have you? The end justifies the means."

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Helen now alone in the flat, and tells boyfriend Charlie she'll probably have to advertise for more flatmates, Charlie says he has something more important to discuss, their future. He proposes to her, Helen accepts, and as they had planned a vacation already, that will now be a honeymoon. He has a license ready for a civil marriage, witnesses on standby in case Helen accepted and they could be married the very next day.
Helen is swept by the moment and agrees, but she needs a trousseau, something borrowed and something blue. Charlie gives her his watch and suggests the blue scarf he bought for her.
Helen suddenly remembers the scarf Babs lost and decides to head off to St Marks Street to the offices of Arundel Contacts.
Caretaker, " Arundel Contacts Miss? They've gone, nobody in the office for months."
Helen, " but my friend was here recently to get a job."
Caretaker, " well, see for yourself Miss."
Helen is let in the office, and sees it deserted.
Caretaker, " you must have the wrong address Miss."

Helen and Charlie marry and weeks later return to the flat to find the usual stack of unopened mail waiting for them.
Helen eagerly hopes Babs has written but of course she hasn't as she's dead.
Helen enters the American embassy in London, now married she needs to update her passport. A Mr Hanley looks at her passport,
" You're right, needs updating."
Helen, " I recently married an Englishman."
Hanley jokes, " oh dear, we have to put you up before the Unamerican Activities Commission , still if I was younger I'll have snapped you up myself. We"ll get it updated, not my department though, that's Miss Bryant's (calls out) Babs."
Helen taken aback as Babs Bryant appears from inner office.

This unnerves Helen who has to dismiss it as coincidence, but when she starts a conversation with the girl and this Babs Bryant is also from York as was the Babs she knows, she is alarmed. The girl in the embassy is of course the one who shot Babs at the country mansion.


Helen tells Charlie of this, and he is totally dismissive of the situation calling it a stupid coincidence and nothing more.
Helen the next day waits outside the embassy in her car and when the embassy Babs comes out Helen follows her home by car. Embassy Babs arrives home and just as she is about to enter house Carter pulls up in car, Babs produces an envelope and hands it to Carter who then drives off.
Helen relates this all to Charlie at home, and he not only is dismissive but orders her to drop this whole thing.
Helen, " something's wrong, she not the real Babs."
Charlie," this is the second argument we've had , all about this stupid Babs business now forget it."

Helen, " it's not stupid."

Charlie " you're right, it's insane, I'm going to bed."

Helen, " but Charlie...."


Helen is sitting at a desk inside the filing room of the local newspaper, she is looking at a ledger containing previous editions of the paper for the current year. The clerk attentive, " can I help you Miss, if you tell me what it is you're looking for."
Helen, " the situations vacant ads."
Clerk, " I don't want to point out the obvious, but most of those jobs would have been taken now."
Helen, " yes, ( points at ad on page) and this one with remarkable regularity."

Back home Helen and Charlie are at the dining table eating.
Helen, " I went back over a year, I thought that'll be enough to convince you."
Charlie, " convince me of what?"
Helen, " something's wrong, the same ad over and over again."
Charlie, " yes, but with a different number each time."
Helen is exasperated, " Charlie ! Also the wording, have you a sense of adventure, no ties, what sort of girl would answer an ad like that?"
Charlie, " an ambitious one."
Helen, " no Charlie, a lonely one, what d'you think ?"
Charlie ponders his reply, " erm....I think...a touch too much garlic in this meal."
Helen is about to explode in anger when the doorbell rings.
At the door is Timothy Bryant, brother of Babs. Helen tells him everything and Timothy being a seasoned reporter believes there maybe something in this
worth investigating, after hearing Helen followed her home and saw Carter.
Helen restates that it was the same man who picked up Babs.
Charlie gives his views that it's all nonsense to which Tim says, " some of the stuff I've been involved in would make this look like common sense."

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Tim Bryant the next day is in his car outside the house of "Embassy Babs" and sees Carter arrive, enters house then moments later leave carrying envelope. Tim follows Carter back to mansion.
In mansion Carter enters and tells Gifford that Babs managed to be alone with the security files at the embassy and she's photographed some really important stuff.
Gifford suddenly freezes saying he heard something, he tells Carter to carry on opening envelope while he hides behind curtains. Tim walks in through French windows from garden and confronts Carter.
Tim says he recognises Carter from his many assignments in Eastern Europe and Carter who is really Eastern European and the last time he saw him was at the big military parade in Beijing. Gifford comes up behind Tim and wraps his hands around his neck.
Carter( alarmed) " GIFFORD!"
Gifford, " he knows!"
Gifford drags Tim over to an aquarium in the corner of the room and pushes his head in. Holding Tim's head down then pulls him out , dead.
Carter, " you're a lunatic Gifford."
Gifford searches the body for ID and opens a driving licence.
Gifford, " Timothy Bryant, we know why he came here. We've got to move fast."
Carter, " how can we explain his death?"
Gifford, " what's to explain, he died in a fish pond."

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In the newspaper the next day Timothy Bryant's death is reported, body found in lake. Helen and Charlie both read it, and Charlie is convinced at last that something is wrong. Inspector Bruff from Scotland Yard calls round and Helen explains it all. Bruff says after her initial phone call they did check on Timothy Bryant's death and the coroner is satisfied it was caused by accidental drowning.
Also Bruff says there being more than one Babs Bryant from York isn't necessarily suspicious as York is a big place.
Helen, " But put with the other things.."
Bruff, " I see you believe it, but I have to have a more dispassionate approach. However we'll carry out our investigations, we'll let you know if anything comes of them."
After Bruff leaves Charlie hopes Helen will now forget all about it.
But Helen certainly doesn't forget about it. The next day while Charlie is out Helen sees the ad again in the newspaper, this time she's going to apply !
Later that day, Carter is at the desk at Arundel Contacts, Gifford screwdriver in hand is bending down at the junction box where the phone cable enters the wall.
Gifford ( standing)" there done , got us another number. Clever pig aren't I? That's my job done, until the phone rings."
Carter, " I just wish they didn't have to be so young."
Gifford, " ah....getting sentimental are we?"
A little later the phone rings, it's Helen.
Carter, " Arundel Contacts....yes we did advertise.....fourth floor St Marks Street...eleven o'clock will be fine....will look forward to seeing you goodbye."

Helen enters office at 11 am and sits opposite Carter who conducts the interview while recording it all and Helen is offered the job.
Carter in front of Helen phones Gifford to tell him he has found another assistant for Mr Townsend, who of course doesn't exist. He describes Helen's features, auburn hair, height, Gifford writing it all down.
Carter assures Helen she needn't worry, her details will be passed on to Mr Townsend who is totally discreet, but does require his assistants to be personable and decorative and she fits the bill perfectly.
Helen smiles but is taken aback when Carter says she can go on the payroll immediately and he will drive her home now, wait for her to pack and then drive off to see Mr Townsend straight away.
Helen queries this and Carter asks if she has been totally honest in her interview, that she has no ties, and can travel freely wherever required. Helen says yes she has no ties, so yes okay, she'll start today.
Inspector Bruff meanwhile is diligently carrying out enquiries at the U.S. embassy.
download (1).jpeg

Carter drives her home, and enters flat and therefore Helen has no option but to play along, no chance to make a phone call alerting Bruff at Scotland Yard that she is in deep.
Carter and Helen drive off to the country mansion. Charlie comes home, surprised Helen isn't home, then sees the newspaper by the phone and sees the Sense of Adventure advert, he realises Helen has answered ad, he phones up police then dashes out of flat.
Later Charlie is walking along pavement in street that Helen told him "embassy" Babs lives. A car is parked, as Charlie passes car the back side door opens, Inspector Bruff beckons Charlie to get in. In the car at the wheel is Hanley from the embassy who is revealed to be the security chief at the embassy and a uniformed police officer.
Bruff explains that their only lead is the girl and they have to wait and hope she'll lead them to bigger fish.
Meanwhile at the mansion Gifford is with a girl who has a resemblance to Helen, petite and auburn haired. Gifford gives her a gun ready to kill Helen with. Gifford tells her of his pride at the operation that he and Carter run, such a simple idea, find a girl that no one will miss disappear her and replace with their own agents.
Gifford, "how are things back home?"
Girl, " the same, nothing changes."
Gifford, " oh but they do, not immediately noticeable, but every day we get stronger, I like to think our organisation here contributes to that. Any comment like that from our masters?"
Girl, " just that they're satisfied."
Gifford splutters angrily, " SATISFIED IS THAT ALL ? Oh....hmm....satisfied...okay..I'll settle for that, I like to give satisfaction."


Carter arrives with Helen, Gifford all smiling courtesy welcomes Helen to Mr Townsend's team. Carter interrupts, " forget that Gifford, something is wrong, two girls from the same address I can accept but not three."
Gifford, " you mean she's from the same address as Wendy Philips and Babs Bryant?"
Carter, " yes, it bothered us then it should be more concerning now."
Carter assures Gifford he wasn't followed here, Helen is confused, and plays the innocent. Carter is sure Helen is hiding something, Gifford suggests their Babs might be able to shed light on this, Carter agrees, and tells Gifford to get her to come over.

Embassy Babs leaves her house in a hurry, jumps in her car and drives off, unbeknown to her, the police follow, Hanley, Bruff the uniformed officer and Charlie as well.

Embassy Babs arrives at the mansion and identifies Helen as someone who came to the embassy to update her passport as she'd just got married.
Carter shocked, Helen isn't as she said, single and unattached. Carter explains coldly to Helen that Gifford is a pig, but is very useful at extracting information, not necessarily very pleasantly and it would save time if she told them what she knows voluntarily.
Helen, " Babs is dead! And Wendy Philips."
Carter, "that's remarkably accurate, but we have to find out if it's only guesswork and who you've told."
Gifford ramping up the pressure says while cracking his knuckles, " if you don't talk, that's okay, I could do with a workout. Cellar is third door on the right, shall we go."
Helen screams and tries to run out, but Gifford grabs her.
Gifford, " okay get rid of the hysteria and we can have a nice chat."
Suddenly the police run in, Inspector Bruff and Hanley, Hanley with a gun, that he points directly at Bruff!
Hanley, " don't move Inspector."
Bruff, " give me the gun Mr Hanley."
Hanley, " don't treat me like a mug Inspector "
Carter steps forward, " sorry Sir."
Hanley, " this isn't going to look good Carter."
Suddenly a shot rings out, Hanley falls dead. A uniformed officer steps in from the French windows, gun in hand.
Bruff, " this is Colonel Westcott, embassy security."
Westcott, " a big mistake getting her (fake Babs) into the embassy, we figured you had to have an insider, we settled on Hanley."
Bruff turns to Helen being comforted by Charlie, " I told you we investigate every claim, however wild. ( To Carter) One last thing, whatever happened to the real Hanley?"

Carter......James Maxwell
Helen....Kim Darby
Charlie......Keith Baron
Gifford.....Julian Glover
Babs Bryant.....Susan Dury
Babs Two.....Gillian Hawser
Bruff....John Abineri
Hanley....Bruce Boa
Wendy.....Janine Faye
Timothy Bryant.....Martin Read
Wendy Two....Annette Woolet
Helen Two....Christina Palmer
Westcott.....Norman Chancer
Newspaper Clerk..Peter Hill

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At the charming English Manor, Chevening, the lady of the house is in bed and doesn't look well. She's not that old, but her hair is shock white, her face guant, and she's signing a legal document. Her butler Roger Masters immaculate in his uniform smiles gleefully as he takes the document. He says, " thank you Madam, my time here is done, it is time for me to move on I feel one should always strive for improvement and we both agree my work here is finished. Thank you for your reference, I shall endeavour to live up to them. One more task to do before I go."
He moves menacingly towards her, she looks up and screams.

Laura Vallance, an English lady who has spent the recent decades in the U.S. with her husband who worked in the diplomatic service, has after his sad death returned to accommodation in London, a large central London house, alone with her grief.
An American friend, Hugo Fane from the US embassy is seeing she's settling in alright. Hugo definitely has an emotional attachment to her, and playfully teases her about the misfortune of her husband meeting her 2 months before he did. Laura thinks Hugo is positively charming and is glad he's staying in London.
The maid Betty enters to inform her that a gentleman is here about the vacant post of butler. In walks Roger Masters, and after impressing Laura with the references he has from Lady Chevening he is given the post. He leaves and gets into a sports car, a girl is there waiting, Lisa, he says, " no problem, we're in, there's a maid though that needs taking care of."

A day into service Betty catches him coming out of the study at around midnight, she wonders what he's doing, he replies that he's just checking the windows and objects to being questioned, " the security of the house is the butler's concern, kindly mind your station."
" your station? What do you think this is , Bleak House, this isn't the Victorian age."

Later that night Laura is asleep while Masters has crept into her bedroom and quietly opens the dresser and takes out the jewellery box. He opens it and removes a diamond ring. Next morning Betty is summoned to the drawing room, Laura has a difficult conversation to make. Masters steps in, " allow me Madam I know how awkward these situations are. Betty one of Madam's rings has gone missing and since we are the only staff here."
The doorbell rings, the police arrive as does coincidentally Hugo Fane. Laura didn't call them, Masters admits he did, " in the interest of protecting myself Madam."
Det.Sgt. Rainer looks through the house, and finds the ring, rolled up in a pair of tights in the maid's bedroom.
Betty pleads her innocence but is sacked. Laura upset the police were called in, Hugo backs Masters saying he did the right thing, is taking good care of things.
Laura admits, Masters is turning out to be quite a find. Masters suggests he can hire a new maid/ cook, and the next day his girl Lisa is installed. Laura's troubles are about to begin.
Hugo and Laura at the dining table the next evening, in the kitchen Lisa has prepared the meal, Masters found out that Hugo hates spinach but Laura loves it, which is perfect. Spinach is prepared and Lisa puts in a spoonful of a white powder taken from a jar, a poison that Masters has got hold off, the poisoning of Laura Vallance begins.

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The next morning Laura is ill, she rings for Masters, he says it's probably just a virus and she should stay in bed a bit longer. She asks Masters to phone Hugo and put back their lunch date an hour. Later when getting out of bed Laura almost collapses, Masters puts her in bed and says he's taken the liberty of cancelling her lunch with Hugo.
The following night Laura wakes up at 2am and rings for Masters. He is playing cards in the kitchen with Lisa , expecting the call to service. Checking his watch he says everything is going to plan. He lets Laura ring a few times before answering, he's supposed to be asleep. Masters enters the bedroom and Laura instructs him to call a doctor, Hugo has recommended one, the number is by the phone. Masters goes over to the bedroom phone pretending to make the call, he has secretly pulled the phone wire out of the wall. After telling Laura her doctor is unavailable, away in Bermuda for a couple of weeks, he gets a doctor he says his previous employer used.
Dr. Ledworth arrives and after an examination tells Laura it's a virus, and so long as she takes her medicine, stick to his rules, no visitors, phone calls and stays in bed all will be fine. Ledworth says " when I'm not here your butler is in loco parentis as it were and I'm telling him to make sure you play the game, follow the rules, so remember your butler is the boss."
In the kitchen Ledworth swigs from a bottle of whisky as Masters pays him off.
" remember Ledworth, same as previous, gradual and undetectable."
Ledworth complains about his money, he used to get more from Masters.
" yeah that was before you got struck off, now get back to Chevening and stay at least a quarter sober."
Ledworth angered at that remark threatens to shop Masters.
" shop me Ledworth? Remember I got you out of the gutter, washed you down and made you useful again. Unless you want to go back to the alcoholic ward at the hospital."
Lisa comes in as Ledworth storms off, " what's the matter with him?"
" it's the time of night that bent doctors remember their hippocratic oath."


Over the next days every meal Laura gets has the poisonous power mixed in, that's on top of the fact she doesn't get given much to eat. She questions this naturally, but Masters insists he's just following doctors orders. Laura leans out the bed to make a phone call, just as Masters comes in.
" madam this is exactly what you shouldn't be doing, I can see you're not to be trusted, I shall have to be tough."
He removes the telephone and locks the door of the bedroom behind him. Laura calls out, " what time is it? What day is this?"
Lisa is concerned, Masters says, " she's a tough old girl, she's had enough of the stuff to knock her sideways, but she's beginning to lose touch."
Hugo Fane is worried , he confides to his son Piers who is staying in the house provided by the embassy. Hugo has telephoned a few times, Masters or Lisa has answered, Hugo is troubled, " she's ill apparently, no visitors no phone calls, I gave her a doctor to consult and she's consulted another one. I'm beginning to think she's very ill."
Piers thinks he is overreacting, " she can get her own doctor can't she without starting a congressional hearing? That butler seems to have thinks well in hand."
" He does indeed."
That afternoon Hugo calls at the house, Masters adamant that she receives no visitors, doctor's orders. Reluctantly Hugo leaves, but in the bedroom Laura hears Hugo's voice and weakly calls out. But Hugo can't hear, and Masters comes in and tells her that Hugo has just visited to say goodbye, he has been posted back to Washington DC. Laura cries out, she's totally alone now at Masters mercy.

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Laura so weak now, just has the strength to open a bedside table drawer and get a radio out. She turns it on, and hears Hugo on a radio news programme discussing Middle East affairs, his speciality, the programme is live! Laura knows she was lied to.
" Hugo, you haven't gone away."
She rings the bell for service, Lisa opens the door, Laura starts coughing and choking.
" quick I need water. "
Lisa runs off ,Laura runs out and picks up the landing phone and dials Hugo's number, Piers answers it, Laura just manages to say, " tell Hugo...." then the phone goes dead.
Masters has ended the call, " Madam this really isn't good enough, you must get back to bed."
Laura says she heard Hugo on a live radio show, Masters replies, " Madam probably imagined it, you're in a very weak state."
Piers tells his father of the strange call, and Hugo is determined to find out what is going on.

Later Hugo turns up at the house, pushing passed Masters, " I've had enough, I want to see her." He runs upstairs and unlocks the bedroom door, and stares in horror at Laura's state.
" Starving me ..poisoning...told me you had gone away.."
Hugo takes Laura by the hand and on the landing picks up the phone saying, " you need a doctor and we both need the police."
Suddenly blood comes out of his mouth, he turns grabs onto the smiling Masters ,a screwdriver sticking out of his back. Laura screams.
Lisa and Hugo carry Hugo's body out of the house that evening when it's dark, making sure no one is about, and puts it in the car boot.
Det Sgt Rainer tells Piers of his father's death, found stabbed in the boot of his car. Perhaps his Middle East views has made him enemies. Piers accepts this, but tells Rainer of Laura's abrupt phone call.
The next day Rainer turns up at Laura's house with a uniformed officer and talks to Masters to see if Mr Fane was here. Masters says yes, but he noticed nothing unusual in his behaviour and he left after being told Laura, his mistress has gone abroad for her health and he'll be joining her shortly.
Masters offers Rainer and the Officer a sherry.
Rainer, " thank you Sir, this is the life eh? Best food best houses, the life of a butler."
Rainer admires Masters uniform, particularly the silver colour buttons on the jacket, " look at those buttons almost regimental, still you are a servant Sir, like me , thank you Sir." Rainer leaves.


A very weak Laura in bed, Masters hands her a legal document to sign. She refuses to sign the document giving Masters power over her financial matters, " if I signed that I'd be signing my death warrant."
Masters leaves, tells Lisa , " no food today, hunger is a great spirit breaker, soon she'll sign her life away for a dog biscuit."
Masters tells her he has to go to Chevening Manor to tie things up there, the involvement of the police as made this job a bit dangerous, and they need to lie low, take a break and go abroad. He instructs her to avoid Laura however often she rings the bell, and he'll be back by this evening.
Meanwhile Betty the maid sacked is at the Fane house, she wants to see Hugo Fane, but is shocked when Piers tells her of his death, but Piers offers to help. Betty swears she didn't steal the ring, it must have been Masters doing, so she checked on his previous employer at Chevening. Talking to locals she discovered that a drunken doctor is at the house, and Masters still turns up occasionally, and the previous Lady of the Manor went away after illness. Piers is shocked , he runs out telling Betty to phone the police and get Sgt Rainer to the house.

At Chevening Dr. Ledworth is in a drunken stupor lounging in the drawing room, he is shaken awake by Masters who is furious.
" you're supposed to be keeping watch Ledworth AND I JUST WALK IN HERE!. Look at you, you had all the advantages of life , education, money, and you just frittered them away, and look at me, rich. Me and Lisa are going abroad, the French riviera perhaps , plenty of rich widows there wanting an English butler."
images (2).jpeg
Ledworth worried, " what about me, you need me."
Masters says, " need you? I'm sure the gutters of Europe are full of Ledworths. But I can't leave you here, you might go to pieces without me."
Suddenly Masters grabs Ledworth's neck and squeezes , then stops.
" Just my joke Ledworth I'll take you with me, I like looking at you Ledworth, you're the mirror of my success. So keep your eyes open and stay sober."

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Piers arrives at the house, Lisa let's him in after Piers flashes an ID card at her, he says he's police. Piers says he's here to pick up Sgt Rainer's notebook that he left here earlier in the day. Lisa goes to look for it, Piers runs upstairs, opens Laura's bedroom and is horrified at her appearance.
Masters has returned, Lisa says the police are here, but then sees the newspaper that Masters is holding, Piers Fane's picture on the front page, headlined " son of murdered diplomat speaks out".
Lisa alarmed, " that's him Roger, that's the man here."
Piers carries Laura in his arms to the bedroom door, and Masters is there,
" well well Piers Fane, I must say you and your father did have style. What a pity you're about to burn to death, fire is a great leveller, your body mistaken for mine, the gallant butler dying while trying to save his mistress."
Masters locks the door he is carrying a can of paraffin and starts pouring it on the landing carpet. After emptying it, he has another can that he pours down the stairs , he is well prepared, more cans of paraffin are in the hall, he pours more of it all over the floor, Lisa not too happy.
" Roger we can't!!"
" Shut up and wait in the car."
Finally Masters lights a candle and places it in the middle of the hallway. Lisa opens the front door, and Sgt Rainer walks in with a uniformed officer.
Rainer sounding sarcastically world weary,
" I despair of the public sometimes sir, how often do we have to tell them, don't leave the house with candles burning down into pools of paraffin, upstairs are they sir?"

The uniformed officer puts the candle out 

Piers and Laura are rescued and come down stairs, Piers carrying her. Rainer opens his hand and shows Masters a silver coloured button.
" Found in Hugo Fane's clothing, I remember admiring them when I was here last time. Funny you not noticing, you being the perfect butler sir."
Masters looks down at his jacket, a button is missing, from when Hugo grabbed him when he was stabbed.

Masters....Michael Jayston
Laura....Nyree Dawn Porter
Hugo.....Barry Nelson
Piers......Richard Oldfield
Lisa.....Janet Key
Ledworth.....Thorley Walters
Rainer.......Victor Winding
Betty......Clare Sutcliffe

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At night, a dark and lonely country road, a car is driven, a beautiful white Rolls Royce, registration 3KMH, the car stops , moments later a woman's scream is heard.
A little later the car stops a second time, at a deserted ruins of a house, the driver opens the boot, and removes the dead body of a woman dressed in an evening gown. As the body is dragged out a silver triangular shaped earring falls off the dead woman and lands in the boot. The body dragged away to the crumbling ruins.
Months later Helen Cook , American model, a blonde bombshell is in a car showroom admiring a white Rolls Royce, 3KMH, a one careful owner sign on the windscreen ,the salesman approaches.
Sm " magnificent isn't she?"
H " why are they always she ?"
Sm " pardon?"
H " cars why always she?"
Sm " don't know really, perhaps because they're so sensuous "
H " been haunting me all week. I live around the corner and I pass by every day, and I always stop"
Helen opens the car door,
H " may I?"
Sm " please do"
Helen sits behind the wheel,
H " how much is it?"
Sm " is this a serious enquiry?"
H " deadly, you could be dealing with my entire life savings "
Sm " it's priced up at 20,000 pounds, that's in dollars..er..."
H " I think I can make the equation. It's an awful lot of money "
Sm " it's an awful lot of motor car"
Helen opens the glove compartment and removes the handbook , and quickly skims through it.
H " I'll take it"

Back in her apartment Helen in a casual top and jeans combo is gyrating to pop music, while Peter her boyfriend and professional photographer is snapping away ten to the dozen. After a few minutes the music stops, Peter hands her a hairbrush, she gives her hair a good brushing and hands brush back to Peter.
P " okay Helen, just a few more, then we're done"
More music and dancing.
H " I really blew my mind today....and my bank balance ......bought a new car "
P " good"
H " actually it's an investment "
P " does it match this year's colour, the car"
H " it isn't new, it's only had one previous owner, looks like new"
Music and dancing stops, Helen rests.

P "did I tell you Hans Von whatever his name is, the German, he wants to meet you. He runs half the fashion mags in his country and the other half don't matter "
H " alright I'll meet him, I'll charm him"
P " it's not just for me, I get a commission, but guess who he wants for the model "
H " okay Peter set it up, now don't you want to see it?"
P " see what?"
H " my car, my new horseless carriage. I didn't even take a test, I knew it was for me"
They go down the stairs and into the garage.
tumblr_pauh5shK3A1ql2w65o3_250 (1).gif

In the garage Peter is lost for words as he stares at the car.
H " well, isn't it beautiful....Peter say something "
P " I don't believe it "
H " it's real and it's packed with labour saving devices."
Helen gets in and sits behind the wheel.
P " where did you get it "
H " it was outside with a note from an anonymous admirer. Where do you think I got it. The showroom around the corner "
P " Helen it's crazy, it's too big, too expensive, it's ridiculous "
H " it's my whim of the week "
P " whim !? Damn expensive one, how much did it cost you"
H " 20,000,actually sounds less in pounds. Managed to beat him down "
P " down ?"
H " are you jealous "
P " Helen don't be so damn foolish, why should I be jealous. Just thinking of your finances "
H " I can afford it.....just"
P " just, that's the crux of the matter. Let's be logical about this. You live in town, you take cabs almost everywhere. What do you want with a wagon like this. What an earth compelled you to buy it"
H ( exasperated) "compelled me? Peter it's a status symbol, it'll pay for itself in publicity "
P " you of all people, you just don't need a prop to boost you, just you yourself is enough "
H " it's my money "
P " and you shouldn't be trusted to handle it "
H " you sound like my financial adviser or agent or something "
P " well aren't I, almost, from the moment you arrived here, who set up almost all your assignments, who looked after you?"
H " you have Peter "
P " send it back"
H " send it back !!"
P" you just don't need a car like this "
H " how do you know what I need , it's mine I had to have it"
P " look if you send it back now, tell them you've had second thoughts they'll understand "
Helen presses button and the door window slides up, blotting out Peter's voice from her ears.
P " do you realise how much a car like this will cost to run......Helen....I'll come back when you've recovered your sanity "
Peter storms out.

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Helen is taking her first drive in the Rolls, a relaxed drive down a country road, suddenly she hears a woman's scream. Helen slams the brakes on, instinctively turns to the back seat where the scream came from.

Later back in her flat;
P " actually his name is Von Piernhaustkant I think what's his name is easier. Wants to meet you for lunch tomorrow. I suggested Perninos that new place , you wanted to go there haven't you?"
Helen isn't really listening to Peter,
H " a woman, guess it had to be a woman "
P " what are you talking about "
H " when I was driving, I was on a country lane, nobody about and all of a sudden I heard a scream "
P " probably someone noticing the way you drive "
H " no it was inside the car, right inside. It was terrible "
P " hey it's the car, had to be didn't it. Probably a brake seizing up, a screech of metal "
H " is that possible?"
P " well it happens, not often but it does. I told you get rid of that car"
H ( firmly)" Peter!!"
P " alright alright keep it if it pleases you so much. You'll be there won't you?"
H " where?"
P " tomorrow, Von what's his name"
H" yes okay, what time?"
P " about one o'clock. You can try your new status symbol on him. It's quite easy to park there"
H " is it"
P " Helen you don't even know where Perninos is do you. You go down Hamilton Terrace and turn right into Marlborough Place, you got that?"


The next day Helen is driving down Hamilton Terrace central London for the lunch date, she comes up to the junction with Marlborough Place and turns right, but the steering wheel turns back straight by itself! Helen wrestles with the wheel but the car drives straight on, she pushes down on the pedals, nothing !, the car speeds off out of the city, Helen gripping the wheel frightened as the car drives on .
In Perninos restaurant Peter and Von Piernhaustkant stare uneasily at each other across the table.
P " bound to be a little late, all women are aren't they "
Ph" not in my country "
P " of course not, ( trying not to sound sarcastic) in your country women are always early "
Helen is out in the country and on a minor road, eventually the car stops, she looks relieved as she gets out .
Meanwhile at the restaurant,
P " we could begin the discussions without her"
Ph" you are a photographer "
P " yes"
Ph" a good one"
P " well I try"
Ph " good photographers are ...what's the expression.. ten a .."
P ( crestfallen) " a penny "
Ph " exactly, now Miss Cook is different, personally not my taste at all, but at the moment her face, her body are in vogue, they are in demand "
P " I can assure you..."
Ph " no, you can assure me of nothing, your assurances are damaged. I wanted Miss Cook I will tolerate you, and what happens I get you and no Miss Cook "
The waiter interrupts much to Peter's relief.
Waiter " Mr Tower, phone call for you"
Peter takes phone from waiter;
P " yes....Helen.....Reigate!...that's 40 miles outside London, what are you doing there?"

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Back home;
H " I tried to turn the wheel and it wouldn't, it just kept going "
P " the power steering jammed, that's what you mean, why didn't you stop?"
H " I couldn't "
P " Helen it's just not good enough "
H " Peter the car wouldn't let me, before I knew what was happening I was in Reigate. Then I found myself on a little road to Hitherton "
P " Hitherton "
H " yes it's a little place "
P " I know where it is, or I think I do
H " I mean not being able to turn the wheel and that scream I heard yesterday" They embrace.


That evening Helen is again out driving, this time she has deliberately driven to Hitherton to the exact spot the car previously took her.
Helen gets out, and looks around, nothing to see except a country lane. The car's headlights suddenly turn off by themselves and Helen gets back in and drives back to London. She turns the radio on to hear classical music. The music stops and an announcer is heard.
" we're sorry to interrupt your program, here is a news flash, shots have been fired in the house of commons, a man has been arrested. There will be a full update at 10 o'clock, now we return to the Tchaikovsky concert "
Helen looks at the car clock on the dashboard, it's 10.25 !
download (1).jpeg

The next day Peter and Helen are in the garage.
P " it's ridiculous I don't believe a word of it"
H " then I must be lying "
P " I didn't say that, you imagined it "
H " Peter it happened that radio played a program that was three months old, more than three, I checked this morning. That shooting took place on April 2nd, that's not all Peter , there was a Tchaikovsky concert playing on April 2nd "
P " so what's your explanation "
H " I don't have one, except it's got something to do with this car"
P " I told you the car's jinxed "
H " not jinxed no.."
P " okay it's you"
H " me?"
P " perhaps April 2nd has a special significance for you, you were driving along daydreaming..."
H " I was not daydreaming "
P " that's the point about daydreaming, you don't always know that you're doing it "
H " April 2nd I remember, I was doing a series of ads for Kenny, you had to go out of town to meet people or something and Kenny took over. Now why would that be significant?"
P " I don't know "
H " that's not the answer I'm sure"
Helen notices a patch of liquid on the floor next to the car, it's red.
H " Peter, blood !"
Peter bends down to check.
P " brake fluid, they dye it that colour so it won't get mixed up. Shouldn't be leaking though. That explains the screech"
Helen at the back of the car;
H " I've never opened this, the trunk or boot or whatever you call it"
P " just spare wheel, tools "
H " open it Peter , I want to see inside "
P " okay, oh it's locked. Got the keys"
Helen gets the keys from the ignition, Peter opens it up.
P " take a look , tools and wheel , what were you expecting to find"
Helen searches the boot and finds a triangular shaped diamond earring.
P " treasure trove "
H " looks valuable "
P " no paste"
H " I don't think so, there's diamonds, it is valuable "
P " so it's valuable "
H " she lost it"
P " she ?" Yes I suppose unless the person was very avant garde it is safe to assume a woman did once own it"
H " it doesn't have a clip, it's for a woman with pierced ears "
P ( sarcastically) "and she's left handed, blonde and collects pottery "
H " look at the part that goes through the ear, it's bent out of shape "
P " someone trod on it"
H " or it was pulled off violently, maybe during a struggle "


Upstairs back in the flat;
H " I knew I was going to find something "
P " how could you possibly know "
H " the car told me "
P " what, in a breathless whisper "
H " don't laugh at me"
P " what do you expect me to do. For the last two days you've been acting like someone with a one way ticket to a booby hatch "
H " ever since I bought the car "
P " you must admit it has gone to your head "
H " that car is haunted or possessed by a psychic presence "
P " now I know you're crazy "
H " look at the facts "
P " what facts , ...your imagined screams, radio programmes "
H " I didn't imagine them, they happened Peter, and you can't explain them away"
P " I can, with one single fact of my own. Darling you're on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and it's probably my fault, pushing you too hard, driving my own ambition at the speed of light and not realising what's it's doing to you"
H " you're wrong Peter"
P " no I'm not"
H " I don't care what you think, I'm going to find out"
P " what are you going to do, have the car exorcised, call in the witch finder general. Darling I'm not going to let you make a fool of yourself "
H(grins)" of course, one careful owner, why didn't I think of that before. It's in the registration book for heaven's sake, the previous owner."
Helen opens a drawer and takes out the handbook and reads.
H " John Philip Jacey, The High Lodge Reigate.......Peter...Reigate!!"

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Helen arrives at the impressive mansion that is home to JP Jacey , she is shown into the drawing room by Hawkins the manservant.
Haw " I'll tell Mr Jacey you're here Miss Cook, it may be a few minutes, I don't like to disturb him when he's shooting "
H " shooting "
Haw " clay pigeons Miss, Mr Jacey is a very good shot Miss, if it moves he rarely misses"
Helen alone looks around the room, sees a rack of shotguns along a wall. A mahogany desk, and on it a photo, of a woman wearing a pair of diamond earrings. Helen opens her handbag and removes the earring she found, it matches perfectly.
A young man enters,
F " good morning "
H " Mr Jacey?"
F " afraid not, I'm just the hired help around here , Freddie Green. I'm Mr Jacey's secretary, aide - de-camp, you name it. I'm flattered you should think I'm him, he's very rich you see. I've no reason to be here, except Hawkins said there's an exceptionally pretty woman to see Mr Jacey. Hawkins tends to exaggerate, but not this time. Helen Cook isn't it? Can I get you a drink, Mr Jacey would want me to I promise ... a sherry?"
H " thank you , what does Mr Jacey do?"
F " it would be easier to list what he doesn't do, oil, building, publications, electronics, when somebody bakes a pie, he gets a finger into it. (looking out of window) My god"
H " what's wrong?"
F " that car outside I presume it's yours . It looks like the one we got rid of"
H " it is, that's why I'm here to see Mr Jacey "
F " the same one , home to roost"
H " not exactly roost, I'm not staying that long"
F " what a pity. You want him to buy it back or something?"
H " no it's silly really, had I known Mr Jacey was so busy and important I wouldn't have bothered him personally "
J.P. Jacey walks in, shotgun crooked over an arm, wearing ear protectors.
F " this is Miss Helen Cook sir"
J " what...( takes off ear protectors)...sorry, to preserve the hearing. I lip read the Miss Cook, (to Helen) Miss Cook we haven't met have we?"
H " no, I was just saying maybe I shouldn't have bothered you personally "
J " no bother, no bother "
F " it's about the car sir"
J " car?" ( looks out of window).
F " yes sir it's yours, Miss Cook is the proud new owner "
H " that's why I'm here"
J " I don't understand "
H " I bought the car as an investment. They do go up in value don't they?"
F " if kept long enough in the original condition "
H " that's just it, original condition. I can't find the handbook. I suppose I could get one from the manufacturer but that wouldn't be authentic "
J " Freddie, the handbook where would that be?"
F " if anywhere sir, in your desk, let's take a look shall we"
Freddie sits at the desk, Helen points to the photo on the desk.
H " your wife is very beautiful Mr Jacey"
J " I have no wife.( coldly)... not anymore. Miss Cook I'm sure Freddie can cope with this. Nice to have met you"
H " sorry if I said something wrong"
Jacey leaves with a withered look on his face.
F " it's not your fault, how could you know "
H " is that his wife?"
F " yes, that's her alright, Sheila "
H " what happened to her?"
F " fell in love, that was the conclusion anyway. Seen in town with a young man a couple of times. Then one day she was gone. He pretends she never existed, won't get rid of the photograph, that must mean something "
H " did he ever try to persuade her to come back?"
F " didn't know where to contact her even if he wanted to, but I doubt his pride would let him. I would never tell him this but he's better off without her "
H " what d'you mean?"
F " ah....a gentleman never tells, but he is better off. No you are out of luck Miss Cook"
H " what?"
F " the handbook, no sign of it, tell you what scribble your address down and if it turns up, I'll let you know "
H ( writing address) " when did it happen, his wife?"
F " not long ago "
H " exactly when"
F " three months ago"
H " on April 2nd?"
F " well yes , how did you know?"
H " thanks a lot, I've got to be going. Goodbye now"
Helen leaves, a few seconds later Hawkins enters.
F " you helped me check the car before we sold it didn't you"
Haw " yes that's right "
F " the handbook was in it wasn't it"
Haw " yes, the glove compartment I remember it distinctly "
F " yes so do I"
Haw " what did she want?"
F " not sure, kept asking about Mrs Jacey "
Haw " you tell her?"
F " tell her, what d'you mean "
Haw " well, you'd know more about Mrs Jacey than most"
Freddie looks uncomfortable at the insinuation.

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Helen and Peter are hugging on the settee in her flat.
P " I suppose you're happy that it's solved now"
H " solved?"
P " established a link, it's totally inexplicable, you'll never know the whole truth"
H " that's exactly what I intend to do, find out the whole truth "
P " what else is there to know "
H " I heard a woman scream Mrs Jacey disappeared. Something happened to her, something dreadful"
P " now you're guessing, just embroidering it , to give it extra drama"
Helen holds up earring;
P " why didn't you give that back"
H " I'm not sure "
P " that's stealing by finding, that's valuable "
H " aha...now it's valuable, you said it was paste "
P" you told me Jacey's a rich man, stands to reason his wife's jewellery is real. I'll send it back "
H " no not yet".



That evening Freddie arrives at Helen's flat and rings the bell.
F " hello again "
H " er....hello"
F " you do remember me? It seems like only this morning we first met"
H " come in, can I repay your hospitality "
F " yes I'd love a drink, scotch. Actually this morning's booze belongs to Mr Jacey, he owns everything out there, sometimes even my soul I think. You live here alone?"
H " yes "
F " you have taste, in men as well I hope "
H " I knew it was a mistake giving you my address "
F " you have me all wrong, this is a business call, after all I promised "
H " what?"
F " this...(taking out of bag)...the handbook you wanted, found it in the back of the drawer "
Helen accepts it suspiciously, it's not hers.
Later in Perninos they sit having a meal.
H " tell me when she went out, did she take the car?"
F " Helen you've not stopped asking questions about Mrs Jacey since we got here. What's your interest?"
H " morbid curiosity, don't you know there isn't a woman alive who doesn't like scandal first hand. You never answered my question"
F " I thought she had taken the car at first, but next morning it was in the garage, so she couldn't have"
H " she might have"
F " and brought it back again, why?"
H " what did the police say?"
F " police?"
H " if she didn't leave a note Mr Jacey must have called them surely"
F " well yes he did, then it all came out , things I already knew about her, the life she was leading. There were lots of men, I caught a glimpse of one of them here uptown. Police made enquiries then came to the obvious conclusion, the bitter truth, she'd run off"
H " did he know about the life she led"
F " no, no, we've exhausted the topic I refuse to answer anymore questions "
Peter's voice " Helen.." he comes over.
H " Peter?"
P " so at long last you've got around to visiting Perninos "
H " Peter this is Freddie Green, Freddie, Peter Tower"
F " evening"
P " I tried calling you, I didn't know you had a date"
H " I didn't know either, Freddie was kind enough to bring me the handbook for the car, he works for Mr Jacey"
P " so, she's got you in on it too has she?"
Helen a bit flustered stands,
H "darling could you call me tomorrow, we were just leaving. Freddie has to get back to Reigate tonight"
F " eh ?...oh yes I have to really ......busy day tomorrow "
Helen and Peter kiss,
H " see you tomorrow"
Back in the flat,
H " just one nightcap Freddie"
F " sure you won't join me"
H " I've had enough "
Freddie pours himself a whisky.
F " you are a fraud Miss Cook, all that business about the handbook, just an excuse for.....well I don't know what...you're a fraud"
H " and you are a liar, this handbook isn't mine, because mine is downstairs in my car"
F " then I was right "
H " so was I "
F " I took that from our new car"
H " why?"
F " one, it was a good excuse to see you again, and two you're up to something. Something that affects Mr Jacey, and if it affects him, it affects me. He's been good to me, trusted me, I haven't always lived up to that trust. So what's it about?"
H " murder, I'm guessing but I think it's about murder"
F " murder!.....who?"
H " Mrs Jacey"

In his drawing room Jacey is cleaning his guns. Hawkins enters,
Haw " anything else sir?"
J " no thank you Hawkins. Pretty woman....that girl today, Helen something, attractive "
Jacey stares at his wife's photo on his desk.
J" reminds me of....."
Haw " sir....?"
J " that'll be all Hawkins, goodnight"
images (2).jpeg
Helen has told Freddie the whole story.
H " I can see you're just like Peter, you don't believe a word of it"
F " Peter?"
H " Peter Tower, you met him at the restaurant tonight. He thinks I'm due for a new set of brains too"
F " ah yes, Peter, sceptical was he?"
H " sceptical is the understatement of the year, and I can see you're just the same"
F " don't know what to make of it, it's a weird story, unreal"
H " not to me "
F " obviously not"
H " something happened in that car "
F ( smiles)" you can say that again, I used to borrow it occasionally, so what's the next move?"
H " intend to find out what happened. I'm going to let the car tell me. Now that radio broadcast was originally put out at 9.42, so why did I hear that and only that, because that's when it must have happened, around 9.42"
F " April 2nd three months ago"
H " somewhere in the Reigate area, on the Hitherton Road "
F " Hitherton?"
H " that's where the car took me, so tomorrow night I'm going to take it to that place at that time "
F " then what?"
H " I don't know, but what else is there?"
F " you can forget the whole thing "
H " yes that's what Peter says, but I can't forget it. Somehow it was all meant "
F " yes, why you, why not the car salesman, there must have been others who took a test run, why you?"
H " I guess because I actually own the car. I've not admitted this to anyone, but I really didn't want that car, but every time I passed the showroom, I couldn't help myself. But I didn't want it"
F " it wanted you"
H " that's how it seemed. I don't know maybe Peter's right, maybe I am heading for a breakdown "
F " you seem okay to me, more than okay, I should be getting back....er you haven't told anyone else have you, except Peter?"
H " no "
F " I wouldn't if I were you, invites mockery, and you're much too nice for that....tomorrow night you say.....hmmm bye"
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The next morning Helen in a posh frock and hat is posing for Peter ,lying across the bonnet of her Rolls while he snaps away.
P " can you get any lower darling, so I can get a low angle shot. It'll be a waste of time...tonight"
H " it's my time, "
Helen gets off the car,
H " not sure using this as a background was a good idea "
P" it cost a fortune, so far nothing but trouble, might as well make some money off of it "
H " no more Peter"

P " okay I have all I need, when are you going tonight?"
H " about eight"
P " I'll be here dead on then"
H " Peter you don't have to "
P " you didn't think I'd let you go on your own do you"
H " it may not work with you along"
P " it's not going to work anyway "
H " then why go along with it "
P " I don't believe in ghosts but I do believe in trouble, and it's a dark and lonely place you're going......and you're a pretty girl, see you later "

At Jacey's, Mr Jacey reading through papers at his desk, Freddie taking notes.

J " BJ chemicals start buying as soon as the market opens, and hold on to the exploratory oils, I'll be going over to the rigs personally, I'll make a better judgement then. Now these magazine accounts....."
F " Mr Jacey could the rest wait until tomorrow, I was rather hoping to get away by eight"
J " erm....let's see...yes nothing vital, okay you can go now "
F " thank you sir"
J " got a date Freddie?"
F " sort of"
J " well make sure she's someone you can trust "
F " I will sir"
Freddie leaves, Jacey has another wistful look at his wife's photo.
images (1).jpeg
At Helen's place the doorbell rings Helen opens it expecting Peter, but is surprised.
Ph " Miss Cook, I am Hans Von Piernhaustkant but I see you're about to go out , I can come back"
H " no come in , please. I am going out, I'm just about to put this blanket in my car, if you'd follow me"
Ph " of course go about your business I'll talk as you do so"
They go into the garage,
Ph " this is a way of a business call. As you know I'm involved in publishing magazines. I had hoped to contact you through Mr Tower, I understand he has some influence over your career. ( Notices car), but I can see I'm too late"
H " what?"
Ph " same colour same registration, what did he get in return? An exclusive contract for your services, over a long term no doubt"
H " what are you talking about "
Ph " come now Miss Cook I'm the wiliest of foxes. It is obvious to me , I know this car, I have ridden in it often with J.P. Jacey and his delicious but obvious wife"
H " Jacey?"
Ph " surely you know he and I are rivals in a friendly business sense, in that we both publish magazines. But he got to you first"
H " oh no no, hang on, I bought this car with my own hard earned money "
Ph " yes of course, some might believe that, but we Germans don't like to be beaten, the last war was enough. What's the value of this car, 15, 20 thousand, 25 would be outrageous, so that's what I'll pay, in return you will tear up any contract between you and Jacey and work exclusively for me. It is poor business but it will be compensation to outwit Jacey, besides this car has memories for me ....of J.P. Jacey ....(shaking head).....and his delicious but obvious wife "
He writes out cheque, Helen stares at it.
That evening she tells Peter;
P " 25,000 and a contract. Wow and I wasn't looking forward to tonight. Who said women have no business acumen. I love you!!"
They hug, but Peter senses something wrong, Helen isn't responding to his affection.
P " Helen...no...you turned him down"
H " I turned him down "
P " a solid profit, and a future, for a ghost?"
H " I have to see this through Peter "
P ( sighs) "I've brought a torch"
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A dark country Lane , a sign at a junction says, Hitherton one direction and Reigate the other. Freddie is there parked just off the road, waiting.
The Rolls Royce comes up to the junction and turns onto the Hitherton Road. Freddie slowly following.
P " Helen this is crazy "
H " I didn't ask you to come"
P " lets turn back before we make complete fools of ourselves "
At Jacey's, Hawkins enters as Jacey loads up a shotgun.
Haw " going out sir?"
J " saw signs of a fox by the chicken run, they hunt at night I thought I'd follow their example. There's nothing worse than a fox Hawkins. Destruction, wanton, ( staring at photo of wife) , they destroy everything they touch"
Jacey leaves fully armed.


Helen stops the car on the Hitherton Road.
P " now what?"
H " don't know I've never been any further than this"
P " there's nowhere else to go "
H" no just some dirt tracks. What time is it?"
P " about 9.40"
H " exactly "
P " 9.41"
Helen switches on the radio, only static on every station.
P (laughs)" 20 grand and the radio doesn't even work "
H " it's not quite time yet"
P " this has gone far enough. We came here, I played along with your little game , nothing has happened. So let's turn this damn thing around and....."
The radio starts up, classical music , then an announcement.
" we're sorry to interrupt your program, here is a news flash, shots have been fired in the house of commons, a man has been arrested..."
Peter turns it off looking a bit shaken.
P " let's get away from here Helen, now"
H " NO, I'm seeing this through"
P " but to where?"
H " the car will decide "
Helen starts car, and it slowly moves forward, she then takes her hands off the wheel.
P " HELEN NO..!!"
Peter tries to grab the wheel, Helen pushes him away.
H " leave it Peter "
Peter looks terrified as the car turns left by itself and onto a dirt track . A few moments later it stops. Helen tries to start it but can't.
P " it's stalled "
H " no, it's taken us as far as we need to go, it's the end of the line"
P " here?! There's nothing here"
Helen gets out and walks a little way and sees a derelict house.

H " there's something over there, and no road in, it couldn't take us any further. You coming?"
They walk up to house. Seconds later Freddie pulls up in his car and parks alongside Rolls, he gets out of car holding a large metal spanner.



Helen and Peter are in the house, what's left of it. Cobwebs everywhere, half the floorboards missing a virtual total wreck.
Peter shines the torch, nothing to see but debris.
H " I want to see everything Peter "
P " no one's been here in years."
H" help me here Peter "
Helen is moving planks of wood propped up blocking a doorway. Peter helps and they both enter another room. Suddenly a shot is heard.
H " that was a shot Peter "
P " probably a gamekeeper, has it occurred to you we're probably trespassing "

At Jacey's Hawkins is on the phone.
Haw " yes I'll tell him as soon as he gets back thank you"
Jacey enters with the remains of a fox in a sack.
J " destructive, wantonly destructive "
Haw " good shooting sir, I don't think you were the only one out tonight sir. Mrs Vincent at the lodge just phoned, she saw lights in the old house, someone sleeping rough I suppose sir"
J " I better check nevertheless "


Peter and Helen are still in the derelict house.
P " are you satisfied "
H " it brought us here for a reason, it meant us to be here"
P " and we've searched the whole place, can we go now?"
H "I don't understand "
P " nor do I, but I do know that tomorrow you're going to sell that car"
Helen grabs torch and shines it around, towards the remains of the stairs is a reflection, something shiny in the torchlight.
H " look Peter under the stairs, what is it"
She slowly walks closer, it's an earring, the other matching triangular diamond one, this is attached to an ear! A body.....in an evening dress.
H " it's her Peter, I knew she was here somewhere. All this time she was crying out to be found. I was right all along"
P " yes I know!"
Peter has a strange look, a tortured look on his face.
P " that's the pity of it, because I do love you, really love you"
H " Peter?"
P " she might have stayed hidden for years and years, perhaps forever, but now they'll be a hue and cry, and I can't afford that "
H " oh Peter why?!"
P " Jacey leads a group of magazines I wanted in, so I thought get to the wife, get to the man. But it went wrong, it became serious for her, she was even going to tell her husband. I couldn't have that. So I let her take me for a drive........and when it was all over I took the car back to the house.....that car, that damned car...why did you have to buy it "
H " she made me to get to you, I was the link"
P " I told you to get rid of it....I do love you.....but I must.....I have to...."
Peter advances towards Helen, suddenly his hands around her neck. Then he collapses in front of her. Freddie appears, spanner having done its job.
F " I recognized him at the restaurant, he was the one I saw with Mrs Jacey "
Peter staggers to his feet, pushes past them both and runs outside. A loud gunshot is heard, Peter is flung backwards into the house and crashes next to the body of Mrs Jacey, shot in the chest. Jacey appears at the door, stunned, as if he didn't mean to fire the gun, something made him do it. He sees the body of his wife and kneels down beside her.
J ( crying)" Sheila..."

In the car showroom the salesman proudly polishes the white Rolls Royce, 3 KMH is back, now the sign on it says ' Two Careful Owners '

Helen.......Donna Mills 
Peter.......Jeremy Brett 
Freddy......Robert Morris 
John Lacey.....Laurence Payne
Hans.....Eric Lander
Hawkins......Michael Beint 
Car Salesman......Anthony Dawes

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Detective Tom Patterson and Sergeant Frost are idling the time away in their local countryside police station, nothing to do, when in runs a woman, distressed, scared, confused, she wants to report a murder.
Tom takes her into the interview room, she confesses to killing a girl called Jill.
Tom asks her name, but she can't remember, all she can remember is bits and pieces of the killing.
It had to happen at midnight, Tom asks why then, the lady answers it isn't the time that's important, it's the clock. At the stroke of 12 the grandfather clock goes haywire, it makes a loud racket, noise enough to cover the breaking of the lock. Tom asks," why must you break a lock?"
She replies, " to make it look like a burglary, there's lots of valuable glass in the house, some of it priceless".
Other bits of the plot to murder Jill are revealed, but the lady is confused and telling this plot in sporadic outbursts in between crying. Apparently there's a phone call, that gives her accomplice an alibi to leave the house, an alley is involved somewhere, the phone wires are cut, Jill will be alone and helpless, also hollow voices.
Tom writing all this down, " hollow voices? What do you mean?"
She cries out " hollow voices, why won't they stop, I don't want to hear them."
Bartok the classical composer is mentioned.
Tom intrigued, " what about Bartok?"
" it's the loudest , has to be Bartok, it will drown out her screams. "
Tom now asks the big question, " how did you kill her, this Jill?"
" the poker from the fireplace of course."


Dr Summers arrives, the police doctor, and takes over from Tom. The Superintendent of the station turns up ,Terson, and hears all about this murder. He is skeptical, " I don't believe a word of it."
Tom says," well she believes in it."
Terson replies ," doesn't mean I have to."
Doctor Summers joins them after carrying out an examination and confirms she is suffering from amnesia, possibly a result of a bump on the head and genuinely does not remember her name. A uniformed officer enters and reports a car has been found abandoned in a country lane , the only thing in it was a hardback book. Terson takes the book and then laughs out loud. On the back is a picture of the author George Drew and wife Betty, the mysterious lady, the book is titled Murder Her At Midnight.
Terson hands it to Tom and says, " I've read it Patterson, you wouldn't like the plot, it involves murdering a girl at midnight and you've heard all the plot elements already, bad luck lad."
Tom takes the book into the interview room, "Mrs Drew, Betty Drew, we know who you are, your husband is a famous author, is this what this was , just a plot from a book?"
Terson can't help but chuckle, Betty has a car accident, probably bangs her head, a bit of concussion, and then babbles about a plot in one of her husband's books and poor Tom believes it all.

George Drew turns up and is very apologetic at the trouble caused. He blames himself really, as a professional murder author he is always discussing plots from his books at home, even at the breakfast table, no wonder his wife with concussion was a bit confused. Terson admits being a fan and says he's having trouble getting a copy of his latest novel. Drew says he'll get his secretary to send him a signed copy, her name is Jill.
Tom intrigued but says nothing....so Jill does exist?

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The next day Tom goes to the Drew house, a isolated country house, ostensibly to check on Betty's welfare. George Drew thanks him and offers him a drink. Tom has made sure he is there just prior to noon. He takes an interest in the glassware in the sideboard, which George explains is valuable and insured. Tom asks if he is worried about burglaries, George says no, and admits a lot of his wealth lies in companies abroad, or in his wife's name, all perfectly legal. Tom lies and says his boss Terson wants to contact the secretary about the book Drew promised but doesn't know her surname. Drew tells him, it's Pembury. Tom goes to leave as the grandfather clock strikes 12 , on the 12th chime it does go haywire.
Drew laughs, " sorry for the racket, we mean to get that fixed."

Terson is livid when Tom tells him he saw the Drews without his permission, he orders him to drop the case, there is no case, no one has been murdered.
Tom protests, " the glassware, the clock , they exsist, I've seen them, they didn't come out of a book."
" How would you like to be back on the beat Patterson."
Tom says, " I'll risk it sir, and another thing , I checked on Jill Pembury, the girl that was murdered, she has a flat out of town, the caretaker says she hasn't been seen in two days. Also she had a hairdressers appointment that she didn't keep."
Terson despite his reticence can't help but be alarmed at this information.
" Are you sure?"
" I spoke with the caretaker myself Sir."
Terson turns to Sgt Frost," what do you think Frosty?"
" Well we have known stranger things Sir."

Back at the Drew residence George is pushing a large trunk across the hallway to a cupboard under the stairs, Betty on the landing looking down, " what's in there George?"
" Just some old books, storing them away."
Betty is troubled, not herself, " George I still can't remember anything of the last 24 hours"
" Well, that's amnesia darling, your memory will return I'm sure, but nothing exciting happened I can assure you."
Betty asks, " where's Jill?"
" I told you darling, she's out of town visiting her brother Ali, don't you remember me telling you?"

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Terson and Tom arrive at the Drew's wanting to see Jill, in fact demanding to see her. Drew is angered and confused, " what the hell is this all about."
Betty says, " it's no good George I've told them about Jill."
Betty goes to the cupboard under the stairs, the door is locked, " open it George."
George is enraged, " this has gone far enough, my wife hasn't been herself lately, you know that."
Terson says," are you saying that Jill Pembury is in there Mrs Drew?"
Betty nods, Terson insists the door is opened. George opens it and pulls out trunk.
Terson and Tom go through it, just layers of books, reference books. Terson says " I don't understand."
George perplexed, " what did you expect to find?"
At that point in walks Jill Pembury, "George, what's going on?"
Terson explains," we had reason to believe you were missing."
Jill puzzled, " missing? I stayed a few days with my brother in nearby Carlington that's all, and while I was there had my hair done."
Terson apologises, he is seething with Tom for putting him in this situation, " I'm sorry Mr Drew, if you wish to lodge a formal complaint."
" Just forget it."
Terson glares at Tom, " you may do Sir but I won't."


Doc Summers enters the police station, he has left his stethoscope in the interview room. He can't go in and get it,Terson and Tom are in there, Terson is shouting at poor Tom. Frosty advices Summers not to go in unless he has fireproof ears.
"I don't think he'll use your stethoscope on him Doc, if he wants to hit him he'll use his fists."

Tom is temporarily demoted back in uniform on the beat. After work Doctor Summers takes him into the pub to cheer him up. Tom still won't let it go " what did she mean, hollow voices."
Summers exasperated, " she didn't mean anything Tom, it was the concussion, you took her too literally."
" But why confess to a murder that didn't happen?"
" She's neurotic Tom, one of nature's born sufferers, always blaming themselves for everything, attention seeking."
Two weeks of pounding the beat for Tom before Terson confides to Frosty that he thinks Tom has learnt his lesson and he'll give him his promotion back.
Tom is spending another evening in the pub, this time alone. He is reading a George Drew book , on the back cover is a few quotations from Drew. "How I write my novels, easy write down all the unrelated elements, then piece them together like a jigsaw puzzle."
Tom closes book and says out loud to no one in particular, " hmm , well if it's good enough for George Drew it's good enough for me."
At the Drew's it's passed 9pm, Betty enters the living room, Jill is there listening to a tape recorder, on it is Drew dictating the latest chapter of his new book, Jill taking it all down.
"It's coming along great, I don't know how he does it Betty, he keeps churning them out. I heard you confessed to a murder after your accident. That's crazy, who did you think you murdered?"
Betty rather not say it was Jill, " don't know, I was a bit mixed up, I feel embarrassed now about it."
" Well no damage done the police obviously didn't take you seriously, I mean you're still at liberty."
George walks in and Betty says goodnight as George and Jill go into the study for more dictating.

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It is after 11pm and Tom is at the police station and asks Frosty for the Betty Drew file. Sgt Frost urges him to forget all about it, but Tom insists he is only doing a bit of research nothing more.
Tom sits in the interview room and tears out some pages from a notepad and on each page writes an element of the case that Betty Drew mentioned in her rambling interview. " Bartok " " clock" " glassware " "fire poker" phone call for alibi" " phone wires cut" and the mysterious " hollow voices"
Tom stares at the elements of this possible plot or make believe fantasy of Betty Drew, he slowly falls asleep. Frosty comes in about to wake him then changes his mind,
" no you sleep Tom , you've had a hard couple of weeks."
At the Drew's, Betty and George are in bed asleep when the phone rings George answers it. Apparently it is from his American publisher who is flying out to the States at 2am and needs to see George about signing the serialisation contract for his new book. He apologises for waking Betty but he has to leave. After kissing her goodnight, he leaves. Betty hears the front door shut and footsteps over the gravel drive, the car door closing and driving off.
But George hasn't gone anywhere, he is still in the hallway. The front door opens, Jill walks in, she drove the car off and returned, with shoes off.
They kiss , and then go into the living room and whisper earnestly.
Jill worried, " we can't go through with it, can't you get a divorce George?"
George is adamant, " it wouldn't solve anything, even if she agreed. Betty and I are financially intertwined, totally, this is the only way. It will work, remember I've been dealing with murder plots for a long time."
" Hold me George, say you love me."
" I love you."
Behind George and Jill is the fireplace, a metal flue takes smoke upwards to the chimney on the roof. In the bedroom upstairs Betty awakes , in the room is another fireplace, a metal flue goes into the wall, and connects to the flue from downstairs. George and Jill's voices drift up the pipe, echoing hollow, Betty hears the plot, as she has done previously and tried to block it out, forget it. But now she is wide awake listening.

Tom wakes up, it's 15 minutes to midnight, he looks at pages on the desk , still not getting inspiration, then tears them all up. Suddenly a thought strikes him , he picks up the phone to call Doctor Summers.
" Doc, Tom Patterson here, sorry to call you so late, about the Drew case."
Summers in bed isn't happy, " Tom it's almost midnight."
" I know that's why it could be important. You said Betty Drew was a natural born sufferer , what would happen if a person like that overheard a murder being planned, a murder of someone close to her, what would she do?.....panic...well that fits.....then suppose she was in a car accident, it'll all get mixed up, only perhaps half remembering, she might even take the blame herself, assume the guilt.....thanks Doc."
George and Jill are still discussing the plot to kill Betty , George asks Jill, " what about Ali? Is he ready?"
" Yes, he'll say I was with him at his place tonight, he'll do it, I've got too much on brother Alan for him to back out."
George checks his watch, it's almost midnight, he holds a crowbar in his hand and goes to the back door. As the clock strikes 12 and goes haywire George forces open the lock. He then goes over to the sideboard and opens the glass door, Jill holding open a bag, George placing valuable pieces in the bag to simulate robbery. Upstairs Betty desperately picks up phone, the phone is dead, wires cut as she mentioned at the police station.

Everything was true except the victim, not Jill, but her.

Suddenly loud music is heard throughout the house, Betty backs away as the door opens George enters and moves to the fireplace and picks up the poker. Betty screams ,Bartok drowns out the screams, George raises his arm ready to strike. Suddenly his arm is gripped, It's Tom, he wrestles the poker off him, the two fight. The fight moves onto the landing, punches exchanged, George falls backwards and over the bannister, crashing to the hallway below.....dead. Tom comforts the crying Betty as they look down into hall, Jill kneeling by George's body crying. Betty buries her head into Tom's chest in tears.

George......Richard Johnson
Betty....Zena Walker
Tom.....Donald Gee
Jill......Christina Greatrex
Terson......Ronald Radd
Sgt Frost.....Anthony Boden
Summers.....Robert Dorning

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Kathy More and Jane Howard are American cousins touring England, both in their twenties, Kathy blonde, Jane brunette.
Kathy at the wheel of their hired car, as it turns into a driveway leading to Deringham castle, a gothic building recommended by their guidebook.
J " we'll get some great shots from the tower Kathy"
K " oh Jane, we're not climbing up to the top are we?"
J " I've not come all this way to get ground shots Kathy. Come on"
Jane gets out with her camera, Kathy reluctantly following.
K " whatever you say Jane"
They go through a door, up a flight of spiral staircase to the viewing tower. The castle itself is closed today, no one else around. At the top Jane snaps away with her camera, taking shots of the beautiful scenery. Kathy looks thoroughly bored.
Suddenly there's a scream, Kathy spins round, Jane's camera has gone over the parapet, Jane herself falling backwards over the parapet too.


Later that evening, after midnight all is quiet in the hotel run by Alice and Arthur Lewis, nearby, suddenly a scream is heard. Room number 6 door opens, out steps Paul Eastman in his pyjamas, in his thirties, out of room 5 steps Miss Pendy, a seventy something Scottish lady.
Miss P " did you hear that?"
Paul " yes , an animal perhaps"
Paul steers her back into her room, " goodnight Miss Pendy"
In room 4, Kathy More is lying awake, unable to sleep.
Jane falls backwards over the parapet, " KATHY HELP ME!"

Later in the night , someone holding an old fashioned cut-throat razor, is at the hotel reception, in the darkness this someone opens the register and runs the razor blade down the last page, and removes it.


The next morning Alice Lewis is at the reception looking through the mail, her husband Arthur joins her looking worse for wear, dishevelled and a bit scruffy.


Al " Arthur please, think of the guests"
Ar ' just looking at the newspaper"
Al " we have a standard to maintain. I didn't hear you come to bed last night"
Ar " I sat up for a while"
Al " I know I found the bottle"
Arthur ignores this remark and retreats into the office behind reception.
Kathy leaves her room, number 4, walks across the landing to room 7 and knocks on the door.
K " Jane....Jane..."
No answer, so she jauntily skips down the stairs, passing Alice Lewis at reception.
K " good morning"
Al " Miss More isn't it? You met my husband last night"
K " indeed we did"
Kathy enters the dining area, sees Jane isn't there and returns to Alice.
K " I see my cousin is up early, as usual, when she returns please tell her I'm having my breakfast"
Al " yes of course"
Kathy sits at a table, nearby Miss Pendy is eating.
Paul Eastman comes over to reception, dressed in waterproof gear, carrying fishing gear.
Al " Paul sorry, I forgot to get a packed lunch organized for you "
P " never mind, I won't be gone that long today. Er... did you and Arthur get into a fight last night?"
Al " no why?"
P " you didn't hear it then?"
Al " what?"
P " never mind" Paul leaves, touching her cheek lightly with his hand, affection apparent between them.
Alice goes into the inner office, Arthur is shaving.
Al " you said there was one arrival last night"
Ar " yes that's right"
Al " one arrival, two people, where did you put the other girl, Miss More's cousin, room 7?"
Ar " there was only one girl, Kathy More from LA "
Al " come on Arthur don't be silly. Where is she?"
Ar " just one girl , check the register"
Al " I got the impression her cousin was already here"
Ar " you got the wrong impression then"
Al " or were you too drunk to remember?"

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Alice goes back to Kathy in the dining room,
Al " Miss More, what time are you expecting your cousin?"
K " well the river is not that far is it?"
Al " the river?"
K " yes, she said she wanted to see it, unless she's changed her mind and gone for a walk into the town"
Al " you speak as though your cousin was already here"
K " well yes she is, oh I see, there's been a misunderstanding, I'm sure your husband will sort it out"
Al " excuse me "
Alice returns to Arthur in the office.
Al " she is insistent her cousin is here Arthur. You had been drinking"
Ar " yes but I wasn't drunk. I knew what I was doing"
They both leave and head back to the dinner area.
K " I hope you've sorted it out with your wife, she seemed a bit confused"
Ar " I checked you in Miss More, just you, there was no one else"
K ( laughing) " is this some quaint English custom? Did Jane put you up to this?"
Ar " Miss More, there was no Jane, just you"
Al "are you out to cause trouble"
K ( anxious)" no, Jane was with me, last night about 9, there was a lady watching tv when we checked in, the one who was just at breakfast"
Al."Miss Pendy"
Ar " ask her, go on"
In the dining area;
K " do you recognise me?"
MsP "ah yes dear, you were just at breakfast"
K ' no I mean last night, do you remember me checking in at about 9?"
MsP " yes, yes"
K " and my cousin, the girl who was with me?"
MsP " yes indeed"
K " there, you see she remembers"
MsP " well I suppose I must have, if you say so. But between you and me, my eyes are not that good these days, now what did you say your friend looked like"
Ar "satisfied!"
Kathy looks worried, even disturbed,
K " am I going mad?"
Ar " that was my first thought "
Jane falls backwards over the parapet, " KATHY HELP ME"

Kathy is getting hysterical,
K " no , she was with me, you took our luggage upstairs, you put me in room 4 and Jane in room 7"
She runs upstairs,
K " Jane....Jane.."
She runs into room 7, Arthur and Alice in pursuit. The room is empty of luggage.
Ar " I brought her luggage up did I?"
K " Jane Howard, about my age, brunette, you even made a joke about it, you said, gentleman prefer blondes but I'm no gentleman"
Ar ( to Alice) " the woman is a nut. I'm getting a doctor"
Arthur leaves,
K ( to Alice) " why is he lying?"
Al " he's not lying, why would he, perhaps you need to lie down Miss More"
Kathy runs out of the room and down the stairs.
K ' what have you done to Jane!?"
She runs into the office crying,
K " Jane Jane"
Arthur grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her,
Ar " STOP IT..YOU'RE HYSTERICAL, now you are going to get in your car and leave. They'll be no charge, we don't want any trouble"
K " I'm not leaving without Jane"
Ar " there was no Jane understand!"
K." I'll let the police handle this"
She goes to reception and picks up the phone, Arthur snatches it away from her.
K " look, I can just as easily phone from elsewhere "
Arthur relents and walks into the inner office followed by Alice.
Ar " I swear Alice, I was in control, I'd been drinking but her cousin was never here"

Two plain clothed police officers enter the hotel, Kathy walks up to them.
Dexter " my name is Dexter this is Michael Reeves. You must be Miss More?"
K " yes"
Alice and Arthur are at the reception desk.
D " right, I'd like to talk to Miss More in private, anywhere private we can go?"
Al " the bar is closed, you can use that "
Dexter ,Reeves and Kathy enter the bar,
D " right Miss More,you gave us the bare bones on the phone can we have more details please"
In the office Arthur opens a drawer and gets out a bottle of whiskey, before he can open it Alice snatches it out of his hand.
Al " don't you ever learn"
Kathy is telling her story to Dexter,
K " we've been travelling around Europe for two months now, two days ago we hired a car in Bristol and drove to this part of the country. Last night we came here, HERE!, Jane and me. I told you we are cousins? "
D " yes you told us"
K " we always look out for each other. We're close. And we came here"
She has a far away look in her eyes.
Jane falls backwards over the parapet "KATHY HELP ME"

Dexter leaves her with Reeves and goes to Arthur and Alice,
D " when did she drop this bombshell on you?"
Al " at breakfast "
D " an odd one, a very odd one"
Ar " a nutcase"
D " convincing though. But you can never tell with women , you can never tell. Come with me"
Arthur and Alice follow Dexter into the bar.
image-w1280 (1).jpg
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Dexter,Alice and Arthur enter the bar, Kathy points at Arthur.
K " why is he here?"
D " we have to get the man's side of the story. We do that even in a rape case"
Al " nobody has been raped"
D " ah ha! noBODY , that's just it. Miss More says her cousin was here , your husband says she wasn't"
K " he's lying"
D " okay lets have a mature adult discussion, clear the air eh?"
Ar " I want to say that this girl is a nut. She arrived alone"
D " yes well we'll discuss it ,yes. Now Mr Lewis, Miss More has convinced me, so now it's your turn, you convince me"
Ar " she arrived here alone, I put her in room 4, just her, there was no one else"
D " Miss More, last night you stayed here , the previous night you stayed where?"
K " in a motel, outside Bristol"
D " any proof?"
K " er...yes, ( rummaging through handbag), I've been keeping these as we go, a friend at home collects them"
Kathy hands Dexter a strip of matches, attached to a card, issued by THE LODGE MOTEL, a picture of the motel on the card. Dexter hands it to Reeves,
D " check Michael"
Reeves leaves to use the phone in the reception.
Al " I could do with a drink, Arthur..."
Ar " I'll join you. Inspector?"
D " not for me thanks, bit early for me"
Al " what about you Miss More, a drink may make you see sense"
K " no"
Reeves returns,
R " your name is in the register at the Lodge Motel Miss More but not Jane Howard"
Arthur looks relieved.
K " er.. yes, I registered for both of us. The staff there must remember us"
D " anonymous places motels, drive in, check in, don't have to see anyone if you don't want to. That's why they're so popular with some people. Never mind, we'll just have to check further back, Michael check with immigration, they'll know when Jane Howard entered the country,.....or if"
K " she did"
D " ah yes, you're sure, but I have to be. And Michael ask superintendent Davies to come over"
R ( puzzled) " Superintendent Davies?"
D " run along Michael"


Paul Eastman returns to the hotel, after his fishing, just as a policeman enters, this is Davies. Dexter takes him into the bar, introduces him to Kathy and leaves the two of them alone.
Dexter to Alice,
" Mrs Lewis, we'll need to check rooms 4 and 7"
Al." Okay, they're not locked"
Dexter and Reeves go upstairs. Paul puts his fishing gear away in a cupboard in the hall.
P " not biting today Alice, the fish anyway. See you later"
He goes into room 6 and starts getting out of his angling clothes.
In the bar Davies is with Kathy.
Dav " so you've been travelling with Jane for two months now, on a stenographer's pay? They must pay you well"
K " well not really, Jane wanted to come to Europe and didn't want to come alone so she financed both of us"
Dav " so this Jane is quite wealthy?"
K "well she comes from the luckier side of the family I suppose"
Dav " and what about your father?"
K " I've not seen him in years, not since he divorced my mother"
Dav " but you see her though?"
K " not since she remarried, we sort of drifted"
Dav " so you're an emotional orphan"
K " well, I don't see myself as an orphan, I think of orphans as children, you know"
Dav " would you describe yourself as a lonely girl?"
K " I'm not particularly gregarious if that's what you mean, ( angrily) look why all these questions , what kind of policeman are you anyway?"
Dav " I'm not a policeman Miss More, I'm a psychiatrist"
Upstairs Dexter after looking through room 4 where Kathy stayed joins Reeves in 7.
D " anything?"
R " nothing"
D " nothing Sir, I like you to call me sir occasionally Michael "
R " nothing sir."
Dexter looks carefully at the washbasin plughole.

D " no hairs, there usually is with women. So she was lying, making it up"
R " or she's mental....sir"
Dexter and Reeves come down the stairs, Davies joins them.
D " well?"
Dav " I don't know"
D " that's why I got you here, to know Davies"
Dav " you should have told her who I was"
D " oh come now Davies, is she mad or isn't she"
Dav " definitely not, upset, distraught, comes from a background of rejection, her father no longer a force in her life"
D " save all that for the jury Davies, is she mentally disturbed?"
Dav " possibly"
D " would she invent this Jane Howard?"
Dav " no I'm sure Jane Howard exists or existed"
In the office, Arthur is boozing again. Alice removes the glass from his hand and pours the remainder away.
Ar " how long will they go on checking Alice?"
Al " what does it matter, they'll find nothing, won't they Arthur?"
Ar " your guess is as good as mine!"


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