Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow faces wait to see Beep Beep Burrow in action after horse pulls out of race

LEEDS RHINOS legend Rob Burrow has been faced with a wait to see the horse Beep Beep Burrow race, after the horse pulled out of his first competition this afternoon at Doncaster.

Burrow and his family were set to make the trip to Doncaster to see Beep Beep Burrow – named after the Leeds legend – in the 3.30pm event, but the horse has now been confirmed as a non-runner.

Despite that, Burrow and his family are still set to appear at Doncaster racecourse later on this afternoon.

Beep Beep Burrow’s trainer, Jed O’Keefe, revealed that a freak setback has kept the horse out of the race.

“It’s unbelievably unlucky. We found him this morning lame in his box and found a haematoma between his front legs,” O’Keefe told The Racing Post.

“We got the vet immediately and the vet found that he may have had a pin prick with a foreign body, or it might be as simple as an infected hair follicle. I don’t think I’ve ever had one of those ever, never mind on the morning of a race.

“I feel so sorry for all the people who have put in so much effort.”

Phil Hawthorne of The Good Racing Co, which runs the racing club behind Beep Beep Burrow, said: “We got a call from Jedd this morning but fortunately it’s something and nothing, we hope he could be out on January 28 at Doncaster.

“It’s unbelievably frustrating. ITV News were sending a crew, so were the BBC and Sky Sports. We were going to get a fair bit of PR from it.”