Mata’utia reveals which position he’ll play in 2020

Peter Mata’utia has revealed he is set to play at centre this season.

The former Leigh star spent last season playing a variety of positions, despite Daryl Powell previously stating that he could be Castleford’s fullback for years to come.

But, following the impressive form of Jordan Rankin at the end of the season and Danny Richardson’s arrival in the halves, Mata’utia has confirmed that a switch to the centres is on the cards this season.

“Just after the season I wanted to know where I’d be playing for weight more than anything,” Mata’utia revealed.

“I’ve been training for the centres and hopefully I’ll get that spot.

“Fullback is my favourite position, but as long as I’m playing I’m happy. I want to help Castleford win something.”

Mata’utia hopes that sticking to one position will help improve his form.

“The hardest thing for me was that I never stuck to one position last year, which made it hard to find consistency.

“I was at fullback for the first five games and I thought they were my best games, but when we needed someone to step up into the halves I put my hands up. Look, I enjoy it and I can’t wait for the season to start; it’s gonna be a cracker and if I’m in the 17 I’m happy.”

Just over two years ago, Mata’utia almost gave up after falling out of love with Rugby League.

The decision to come to the UK has rejuvenated his desire for the game, which, in turn, put on hold his thoughts of becoming a firefighter.

Had he gone down that route, Mata’utia would have found himself fighting the bushfires that have ravaged his homeland.

“Seeing all the fires back home now, it’s just making it even worse and I feel like I should be back home. It’s sad.

“I feel helpless over here. It’s really close to my family, especially my mother-in-law. She’s here at the moment and the fires could get to her house at any time this month so fingers crossed they don’t. She doesn’t get affected like other people do, but I do hope for some rain because they really need it.”