Naylor confident Oldham in better position to compete

Oldham head coach Scott Naylor believes the Roughyeds can rely on last year’s experiences to help better themselves this season.

In their first year back in the Championship, Naylor’s side consolidated their position in the division by avoiding relegation at the expense of Whitehaven and Workington.

As a result, Naylor admitted that things have been slightly easier in the build-up to this campaign, with recruitment just one area where the club has had less difficulty.

Although many believe Toulouse will be a force in the division next year, while Rochdale have also recruited well following promotion, Naylor is confident his side can avoid the relegation battle this year.

“Last year was a big unknown for the lads playing for us, and it was a big unknown for some people at the club as well,” he said.

“That’s the advantage of being in the division for the year, everybody is expectant of what is coming.

“In some sense, it’s a tiny bit easier. I think we’re looking forward to his season more than last because there was a lot of trepidation last time out about the quality we were going into.

“I think the fact that we’ve done a year in this division will give us an advantage because we won’t be as nervous, we’re certainly not as stressed as we were this time 12 months ago.”

Among Oldham’s new recruits are George Tyson, their former player who went full-time with Sheffield year. Following his return, Naylor revealed he believes Tyson has the makings of a Super League centre, while many of his other players hold similar potential.

“George can be whatever he wants to be,” Naylor said.

“But the same can be said about some of our other players. I see what they do in training, and if they were given the opportunity they could play at the top.”