Pennine outlines postponement procedure

THE Pennine League has reminded member teams of the procedure required if pitches appear to be unfit for play.


Heavy rains over the last two or three days have put many of today’s fixtures under threat and, in an email to clubs, Pennine League Secretary Sue Taylor stressed: “The attached Postponement Form must be completed for games called off due to bad weather, as per Pennine Rule

Rule 27 (b).


“If for any reason a match is called off, a postponement form will be filled in by the home club and sent to the League Secretary no later than 72 hours after the scheduled kick-off time (excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays).


“Additional Forms can be found on the Pennine website.


“Clubs cannot just call off games – forms have to be completed by a match official/league official/School etc.


“The only time forms do not have to be completed is when local councils call off ALL GAMES.”

She concluded: “Clubs who fail to return completed forms will have points deducted.”