Powell with plenty to learn

WIGAN WARRIORS’ Andy Powell hasn’t ruled out an appearance for Wales in the forthcoming Rugby League World Cup, but he admits that there’s a way to go before he can think about becoming a dual code international.
The 31-year old former Wales rugby union international is still yet to play a full game of professional Rugby League, despite making his first start when playing for Wigan’s dual-registration partners South Wales Scorpions on Sunday in their shock 36-30 loss at home to Gateshead Thunder.
He has played twice for the Warriors, coming off the bench on each occasion, but both he and Warriors coach Shaun Wane believed that a spell in South Wales would be good for him.
“I’d said to Shaun Wane that I needed some more time on the field and I had 40 minutes today,” Powell said following the game.
“I’m not playing for Wigan at the moment so it was vital that I came down to play for the Scorpions.
“For me this game was about not making mistakes and getting into the game-plan. It’s a bit different when you’re only meeting up with the rest of the team on the day. We could have come back and won it, but we gave ourselves far too much to do in the second half.
“Iestyn Harris and I have talked about the Wales side for the World Cup, but that’s a few months away yet. For me it’s about keeping playing and remaining injury free, and then I can be asking at the end of the season whether I’m good enough.”
Powell says that he is enjoying Rugby League and is finding it much tougher than union.
“It’s tough,” he said.
“It’s a totally different game and it’s been challenging. I’m really enjoying it.
“In union you can hide away and go on the wing for five minutes. But you can’t do that in League. The fitness levels are also totally different to what I was used to in rugby union and I considered myself a fit player in that sport.
“It’s like driving a car. A bit ropy first of all, but then you have a few lessons and start cutting out the mistakes. Every week I’m getting better, and it’s not going to come overnight. Rugby League is a challenging game and I’m enjoying it and things are starting to come together. I’ll keep going and keep learning, hopefully until I’m 36 or 37.”