RFL still unsure on promotion and relegation

The matter of promotion and relegation has yet to be resolved as the RFL continues to consider the future of the league structure.

Despite cries for a resolution from several officials, the governing body is biding its time on making a decision with several key factors still to consider.

There is a general agreement, from the RFL, Super League and the clubs, that relegation from Super League is neither sensible nor financially viable. Although a decision hasn’t been finalised, it appears all but certain that no side will be relegated from Super League at the end of the season, whenever it might be completed and in whatever form it takes.

The matter of promotion isn’t as clear, however. But with clubs in the lower tiers increasingly coming round to the fact their seasons could be null and void, it may yet become an irrelevant conversation.

An RFL statement read: “The RFL Board have been discussing for some time the implications of the season suspension, which include the impact on promotion and relegation between the Betfred Super League, Championship and League 1 competitions, as these are Board decisions, to be taken in the best interests of the sport.

“The three key themes of competition integrity, club solvency and player welfare issues will run through each of the modelling options once the uncertainty surrounding possible restart dates and consequently the length of time available to conclude competitions is determined – which seems likely to be decided by the feasibility or otherwise of playing matches behind closed doors.

“Over recent weeks game-wide consultations have been carried out inviting submissions on the restart positions, within which there has been regular direct dialogue with the Championship and League 1 clubs as the modelling work has developed. All aspects of the options available will be discussed again at another meeting next week following imminent Government announcements.”