Salford Red Devils boss Paul Rowley “baffled” by Super League rule

SALFORD RED DEVILS head coach Paul Rowley has again outlined his opposition to a Super League rule that continues to be a point of contention.

The six again rule was brought in by the powers-that-be in a bid to speed up the game and stop players exploiting certain positions.

However, Rowley is certainly not a fan.

“I just don’t like it, I don’t care if I’m receiving it or giving it away,” Rowley said.

It’s an ambiguous rule. We gave a six again away in the first set (against Hull FC) in which we dominated every tackle and then we conceded a try off the back of the territory from it. I’m baffled by it.

“Then throw into the mix that referees want to set their stall out early and they want a quick ruck and might give an early six again but that six again can give a spell in bad territory. It’s like you’re guilty before you’re even tried.”

Rowley also believes that the six again rule makes a referee’s job harder.

“The rule doesn’t help referees as well, no referee is biased but you can’t help but be influenced by 10,000 people in a ground. Perhaps we should give referees earmuffs so they can’t hear the crowd!

“Watch a game with sound and without sound and there is a huge difference. It’s human nature that 10,000 fans could influence.”