Salford rejected offers to move locations, reveals Marwan Koukash

Salford owner Marwan Koukash has revealed that he fielded – and subsequently rejected – a number of offers to relocate the club before opting to stay in the area.

It was widely reported earlier this year that Koukash and Salford were considering a re-brand to try and boost the club’s profile, something Koukash has since said he will not be doing.

But the club will bring in a new logo as part of a new marketing strategy before Koukash admitted to PA that he was made financially lucrative offers to move the club – but says that will not be happening.

“I was presented with a number of alternatives, including financial incentives to move to other cities,” Koukash said.

“But I bought the club as Salford and I have no authority to change it.

“I am only the custodian of the club and the club will always belong to the fans and the community. I hope keeping the name Salford will bring back the people who have deserted us.

“The fans will definitely see a much better effort at marketing the club in future.”

Koukash has also revealed that the club cut losses from £1.8million in 2014 to just £300,000 this year – adding the club should break-even in 2018.

“The losses are 15 per cent of what they were in 2014 so we have come a long way from those dark days,” said Koukash.

“The new access road to the stadium will be open soon and there are sponsorship deals in the pipeline which will mean the club will not lose money next year as long as we can average crowds of around 4,500.

“If that happens, (head coach) Ian Watson will be able to spend the full salary cap and we will be able to build on this season’s progress.”