Smith calls on referees to make on-field decisions

Tony Smith has called on Super League referees to make decisions on the field more often – after labelling his side’s win against St Helens as another “90-minute game”.

The video referees were called upon by James Child a staggering 11 times on Thursday night – including four decisions that all went against Kevin Penny, before he finally scored a try seconds before the end of their 32-16 win at Langtree Park.

And Smith wants the momentum of the sport improving by more decisions made by those refereeing out on the field, as opposed to those sat in a box with access to replays.

“It was another 90-minute game wasn’t it?” Smith said.

“It’s become a bug-bear, a lot of people are getting bored of it. It breaks the momentum of our game and it really is a blight when they look at it six or seven times and still get it wrong.

“I’d like to get back to the old days when the ref makes a decision and you get on with it.”