Tigers more dangerous than last year

BEN Roberts has warned that Castleford Tigers are a more dangerous proposition than 12 months ago.

The Tigers star was part of last year’s side that had conquered all before them, but then suffered a serious bout of stage fright on the Old Trafford stage.

However, the 33-year-old insists lessons have been learnt from last year, and heading towards the play-offs, they are ready to make amends.

“We learnt a lot,” he said.

“We learnt how to get our timing right. We were the top team for a lot of last season but then we hit a wall.

“This year feels a lot different, players like myself and Galey are coming back and we’re building. We’re still a bit off with our attention to detail but we’re getting better.

“I think last year was down to experience, that and pressure. For some of the boys it was their worst game of the season. It was pretty heartbreaking, but it’s an experience we’ll all learn from and hopefully we’ll get the chance this year to make things right.

“There’s no pressure on us at the moment. We’ve gone about our business quietly.

“The desire is there and is probably there more than last year. We may have taken last year for granted given the position. If we had the chance to do it again I don’t think that would happen.”

Roberts’ hunger is built on his desire to pick up one of the major pieces of silverware before he hangs up his boots.

He insists, however, that day isn’t around the corner just yet.

“Me and my wife seem to talk about it a fair bit,” he admitted.

“I’m 33 now but I feel like I can go for at least another two years. For me I think it is the mental game, more than the physical side of it.

“My body is good, I’ve had niggles this year but we’ve got down to the root of the reason and it’s sorted. If I can get some game time the rest will take care of itself.”