Wakefield determined to play despite Covid-19 challenges

Wakefield CEO Michael Carter says the club will do everything in its power to ensure their game with Warrington takes place.

Trinity have been forced to stand down three players after three Catalans players tested positive for Covid-19.

The Wakefield trio were identified by the RFL’s track and trace system leaving them unable to play against the Wolves.

Salford were forced to call their game off the week following Hull FC’s outbreak, having played them the weekend before. However, Wakefield are doing their utmost to get the game on.

“It’s not ideal, I sit here as a CEO not having to play the game, I have a coach that has to sort out all the team implications, the players have some concerns, we’ve set up a Zoom call with some medical experts which will hopefully alate some of those fears. We’re testing them all again tomorrow but from our point of view Wakefield Trinity are bending backwards to make sure this game goes ahead and the game in total can overcome this crisis we’re currently trying to battle against.

“We’ve got to do whatever we can to get this game through this entire crisis.”