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In Topic: Ambrose hotel

13 February 2015 - 11:59 AM

Last season when Hornets played Barrow the ambrose made us very welcome with free food before and after the match. With the cost of travel these days I though it was a wonderful gesture.
As they say you can take the man out of Oldham but not Oldham out of the man.

In Topic: Sundays Game OFF

12 February 2015 - 08:59 PM

It looks as though we will get a game this weekend. No doubt it will ###### Lord Hill of Spotland off going on his sacred turf. I could not believe the comments he came out with in the Rochdale Observer on Wednesday.
He made the statement that if the Dale were not allowed to buy the Stadium then they would have to look at playing somewhere else. I read that to mean build their own ground. The man is deluded. They get 2500 or so watching. Have just sold a player for a undisclosed fee. They could never ever in their wildest dreams fund a completely new stadium somewhere else. It would cost Millions. Get real Mr Hill like we at Hornets have done. You are a small fish in a very big deep pond.

In Topic: Hull Dockers and Rochdale Mayfield

12 February 2015 - 07:16 PM

They both should not have cheated!!!

 I think that it was more a case of poor administration by the clubs. They had been provided with a list of the registered players. The player at mayfield was not a regular first team player so you could hardly claim that he was a major advantage. They made a mistake and will accept the punishment.


11 February 2015 - 04:46 PM

It's only against their under 21s. Oldham lost 11 v 10 last week against them. I would like to think that we should beat them comfortably.

In Topic: What do you think the chances are:

20 January 2015 - 03:54 PM

The forecast for the weekende is not looking good. The temerature is not expected to get above 3 ot 4. If the pitch is frozen now it might not thaw out for Saturday, But lets keep our fingers crossed. If it is not played on Saturday i wonder if a mid week game under the lights could be possible. Better than training.