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In Topic: Breaking......Hornets - no change at top?

31 August 2015 - 09:42 AM

I thought that this was a fans forum not a members forum.

In Topic: Breaking......Hornets - no change at top?

29 August 2015 - 11:08 PM

i am voicing the opinions of the fans who I sit with who do not post on this site.
If you are happy with our coach so be it.
I and a others are far from happy. But as I have said before it would appear wrong that we dare to voice our opinions.
I would ask one question are you happy with our present league position and performances against to top teams this season.
It has been very obvious for the past two/ three seasons that we are not creative enough at half back. End of.
If everyone is happy to go along with a coach who is unable to give us more than 5 drives and a kick then so be it. I want Ito see better than what we are being served.
The best example of our lack of direction was in the game against Keighley were Hanforth was a virtual cripple on the wing or centre. What do we do. Play to the opposite side. And you are happy with that. A blind man could see the situation and what was required.
The fact that I no longer live in Rochdale means that a season ticket was not a viable option this season. As a pensioner I think that it is my right to decide how I spend my income. £1.50 tho watch Mayfield is more attractive than £12 to watch Hornets based on what is being served at Hornets. It serves little purpose to beat the clubs from south of Birmingham when we do nothing against the northern teams.
That's my opinion like it or lump it.

In Topic: Breaking......Hornets - no change at top?

29 August 2015 - 08:25 PM

i am so sorry that I had an opinion that did not agree with Tyrone. I totally forgot that I must toe the party line.
I will now have to toddle off and spend my time watching Mayfield where you are made welcome.
No wonder the support is going down and down.
At the start of this season it was a given that we would walk away with the league given the squad that we had. Well I for one did not buy into that. We had been well bellow par in the half back position for the previous two seasons.
We were playing the same boring rugby with little or no set moves evident. Flare play was outlawed. Just have 5 drives and then a kick.
However I forgot once again that our coach is God and we must never question that appointment or our tactics.
God it's so so hard to remember that I must toe the party line.

In Topic: Breaking......Hornets - no change at top?

25 August 2015 - 06:25 PM

It's not in fighting, it's just saying what a number of fans who I sit with are saying. It's true that we have not got the best 6 and 7 in the league. We have been bossed by a number of teams who have better players in those positions.
What I would give for a Handforth or Dalimore in our team.

In Topic: Breaking......Hornets - no change at top?

25 August 2015 - 06:39 AM

Beetle bum
I agre with everything you say. Everyone sat near me on Sunday could see that hand forth was out on the wing in defence due to his leg injury. A coach of any standing should have seen that and got his instruction through to attack that weakness. But no we did not do it.
In reply to my statement that Matt Calland would be a better coach. Mayfield are top of the division that is one below Hornets in division one. Oh and by the way what chance did he blow at Hornets. He was never the man in charge. We have had three years of the current coach and I we are still playing the same predictable ###### rugby. Time for a change me thinks. No doubt Tyrone Shoelace will not agree with me. What's new.