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In Topic: The Ashes 2015

Today, 03:34 PM

Hopefully Steve Finn will tear into them again, and Clarkes lack of form will continue.2-1 up with 2 to play

has to be a very positive position for England.Wouldn't 4-1 be tasty.

In Topic: The Ashes 2015

Today, 06:40 AM

 I dont see Australia winning at Trent Bridge. Like Edgebaston the barmy army will be out in force.There is no atmosphere at Lords with the striped blazers and boaters.Home of cricket? too posh.

Lots of football style chanting is what is needed. And fancy dress, it inspires the players.

In Topic: The Ashes 2015

Yesterday, 03:08 PM

What a great crowd,!!!!

In Topic: Brave effort...

27 July 2015 - 03:32 PM

I always take a loss on the chin, Our players like others in the league try their best.I get a warm glow when we win,Its a good club none better.Our next big game is Crusaders at Spotland,bring it on.

In Topic: Brave effort...

27 July 2015 - 02:15 PM

This is a very competitive league.This is as good as it gets, only 2 going up. So 6 of the top 8 will be here next season with Donny and Hunslet probably.

Therefore it will be harder than ever to get up.What is your change of direction with 6 games left?


Maybe its time for me to recalibrate my aspirations as a Hornets fan I've seen the comments posted on here over the last few weeks and stood back trying to take in the general feeling of how this year has gone before posting, at the sake of getting shot to pieces, id just like to stick my two pence worth in.


To say I'm gutted about about how this season is panning out would be an understatement, in all honsety Im absolutley fed up with it all and have come to the conclusion that my ambitions as a fan must be way higher than some of our fans, board and coaching staff.

Yesterday was billed as 'must win' and a 'season defining game' yet we've again come up short and as a collective produced the same old excuses:

Loads of effort unlucky lads, some bad calls from the ref, poor dicipline, as a club we are doing the best we can, we go again next week etc etc etc.


Im fed up hearing it now, the amount of big games over the last 3 seasons we've just not performed in is shockingkly high (with only one or two exceptions) thankfully our home form papers over the cracks somewhat. At the start of this season the board did a brilliant job in assembling a really competitive looking squad, about as good as we've had for a good few years which filled me with hope we would really make a fist of it this time around and put a concerted effort together to get back to where (IMO) we should be in the Championship, as a very minimum be challenging at the top end of table insted of scratching around just above the 'development' teams.

I posted on here regarding the areas we needed to focus on: being creative, strong defence, not slumping during our block of away games and above all standing up to be counted away from home, all problems we've suffered with for 3 years now. In all honesty nothing has changed, yes we've had injuries, yes we have had some bad luck, surely we arent our own with these problems.

Yesterday was a perfect example of that, depite all the rhetoric in the local press, we conceeded another early try after just 4 minutes and dicipline again let us down and left us clawing a way back into the game, it's like groundhog day!


Im really fed up right now, credit to the board the clubs off the field activities are progressing very very well, but as a fan I want my team to be the best its can be, to be winners and not somewhere I go to watch at weekend comming away dissapointed and frustrated after watching the same type of robotic performance and ineptitude. Am I asking too much?

Effort cant be questioned, the players are certainly trying but something just isn't clicking, or the approach and coaching just is'nt getting the best from a fairly talented bunch of players who are equal and better than most in this division, sadly the league table doenst lie, at the moment we are nowhere near and its tough watching for me as a fan.


I know I might well get shot down here by most for speaking out, I really just want the best for the team and if what we have witnessed so far this season is about the best we can expect then its not for me anymore, I for one hoped for / expected more. I realise we still might make the end of season play-off yet, but lets all be honest the 1st time we come up against a 'decent' side we will blow out again with a million and one excuses to boot. We need a change of direction IMO.


Am I asking for too much, is this as good as it gets for Hornets, are my expectations unreasonable?