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#2982598 London Broncos in the New York Times

Posted by flyingking on 25 August 2014 - 05:39 PM

I took the time to register with the site and add the following comment at the bottom. When we find journalists who write/speak positively about the game then let them know that you appreciate their work. They are then more likely to write other stories giving the game more publicity. Conversely a failure to offer your opinion helps to keep the game marginalised.

Look at the comments section below sports stories and soccer, cricket and even rugby union attract far more people wishing to have their say. Jonathan Liew wrote a fine profile of Kevin Sinfield over the weekend http://www.telegraph...mbley-jinx.html and I was just one of two people to comment. The other commenter had nothing positive to say and the lack of further responses gives the answer to the question he posed.

Here is my comment for the New York Times
Very good article, which I greatly enjoyed. Sport is just as much about the strugglers as it is the champions. Rugby League is a fantastic spectator sport, featuring many huge collisions, elusive runners and slick passing moves. Football fans will find many similarities with their sport, the main differences being that the players wear no protection and that rugby league is a much faster spectacle.

The sport is also increasingly popular in America, this weekend saw the Philadelphia Fight beat the Jacksonville Axemen in the USA Rugby League National Championship Final. New York now boasts its own team, the recently founded Brooklyn Kings.

Internationally, USA is becoming increasingly competitive; last year they unexpectedly reached the quarter finals of the World Cup before bowing out to eventual winners Australia. The rivalry with Canada is growing every year, and the annual encounter in Toronto is always well supported with a tough game guaranteed.

#2982292 Aus v NZ

Posted by flyingking on 24 August 2014 - 07:35 PM

Interesting take by the Guardian on yesterday's match. http://www.theguardi...isloe-cup-rugby

"There were no big moments of match-defining brilliant plays; rather, it was victory forged on a superbly drilled team flawlessly executing the basics of rugby – catch, pass, kick, and hardness in the tackle and over the ball. As good as the All Blacks were (and to be clear, no team would have beaten them on Saturday), there’s a lingering question about the opposition – namely, where were they?"

The All Backs hammered Australia because they got the basics right. How can you be an international player and not be able to catch or pass a ball?!

#2974833 Commentator - Limerick 7's - "Miracle Pass"

Posted by flyingking on 10 August 2014 - 05:25 PM

Well passing must be quite a difficult concept to grasp, in a game that consists principally of a guy running forward two metres. he then takes half a minute to roll backwards in order to release the ball and repeat ad infinitum, till the referee gets bored of the whole process.

#2972428 Mexico 9s

Posted by flyingking on 06 August 2014 - 03:18 PM

Video of the event here!

#2962276 Should Marwen Koukash get his own section?

Posted by flyingking on 20 July 2014 - 05:06 PM

He probably would only post, if he gets a guarantee that he can write more words than anyone else; that of course would be the Marquee Sayer rule.

#2960209 RLWC2013 Financials...

Posted by flyingking on 16 July 2014 - 10:41 PM

It may be a problem if Mexico  have a stand-off. ;)

#2952456 Fev make bid for Huddersfield Big 3

Posted by flyingking on 30 June 2014 - 03:59 PM

In the space of a few months, the club has gone from Destination Superleague to All change please, to "we regret to inform you......."

#2945018 Sally Bolton OBE

Posted by flyingking on 15 June 2014 - 05:26 PM

Congratulations to Sally Bolton who has been awarded an OBE. In recognising her outstanding efforts with the World Cup, it is also thanking the fans who turned out in such numbers for the competition. Without her (and us!) we would not have had such a memorable experience last autumn. http://therfl.co.uk/...ally-bolton-obe

#2939824 And just as Zak was getting his act together

Posted by flyingking on 05 June 2014 - 03:22 PM

Perspective seems to be sadly lacking in some people. Acts of violence are no longer carried out against people for being illegitimate; there are unfortunately still an alarming number of attacks (verbal and physical) carried out by morons against people perceived to be different (race, disability, sexuality, gender) from them. One attack is far too many, as society we need to do everything we can to eliminate these assaults on people's self-worth and dignity. A professional sports person is a role model for many people and so needs to be extra careful in what he says. If what he says on the pitch encourages anyone with a warped mind to perpetrate acts of violence, then the highest punishment should be given to such a player. It is not trivial in the slightest, it is a question of what kind of society that we wish to live in. I for one wish to live in a society where people are treated equally and where they do not have to endure ANY abuse. Incidentally, I also hope that one day some of the posters here find themselves working in a care home and then see if they would wish to revise their opinions.

#2939144 Belgium v Spain

Posted by flyingking on 04 June 2014 - 10:09 AM


The first home international for Spain is this Saturday, 11:30 kickoff in the Valencian heat is not going to be a pleasant experience for the Belgian visitors.

#2938384 Latin Heat v Thailand

Posted by flyingking on 02 June 2014 - 08:20 PM

Latino-Thai Rumble Ends in Split Decision

June 2, 2014

A PENALTY kick which hit the posts, an unsuccessful field goal and two disallowed tries in the final 15 minutes were the talking points, as Latin America and Thailand drew 16-all in their rugby league Test at Windsor, Australia.

Despite pouring rain throughout much of the game, the international newcomers staged an entertaining battle that ended in a thrilling conclusion.

Latino duo Sebastian Delapaz (offside) and Jaden Laing (held up) were both denied tries in the shades of fulltime by the barest of margins, while teammate Jonathan Espinoza was left to rue a 74th minute penalty attempt.

Teenage debutant Daniel Navarro had earlier bounced a kick in off the crossbar from the sidelines to tie the game, when co-captain Espinoza struck the uprights flush with a kick from 20m out as the clock wound down.

The ball rebounded and, in a mad scramble, Thailand retrieved possession before again surrendering it to a thundering tackle from the infuriated kicker.

Hearts were again in mouths as the final seconds evaporated, with Thailand kicking a 40-20 and ending the duel agonisingly short of the line.

It was a clash where teenage quartet Navarro, Laing, Delapaz and Brandon Tobar shone brightly for the GYG Latin Heat, signalling promising things ahead.

Just as bright a prospect was the possibility of a return bout, with fans, sponsors and officials keen to schedule a rematch after a contest which was tight throughout.

The largest margin at any stage of the game was six points, with Thailand scoring a converted try first via an overlap to centre Micky Pannao in the 10th minute.

Latin America levelled just five minutes later, hooker Navarro diving across after a weaving scoot from dummy-half.

His effort was matched by Colombian-born teammate Sebastian Maya Jimenez moments later, posting his first try at any level of rugby league with a bullocking run for a 10-6 advantage.

The heavens opened and the ball became a bar of soap for much of the following half hour, with the only change in score being a try to Stars’ backrower Wiilie Savanh after a succession of handling errors.

Try as they might, no side could then alter a 12-10 lead to Thailand for what seemed an eternity as tension peaked in front of the passionately vocal Windsor Sports Complex crowd.

Instead injuries became the main focal point for the coaches; standout Thai fullback Tyler Chant limping off after a twisting tackle, while his opposite man Grantito Chacone popped two dislocated toes back in an eye-watering show of brevity.

Buoyed by a win against Japan earlier in the year, Thailand finally broke the stand-off when the referee took his time to award a Rhys Tucker try in the 56th minute, closely inspecting as defenders peeled off a stacks-on-the-mill effort to defend their line.

Having lost their way somewhat to trail 16-10, the Latinos roared back into the game over the final 20 minutes.

Searching for their first win in the 13-man format, the GYG Heat first drove upfield from another nippy Navarro run, slicing the Thais in half over 50m before being tackled just short of the line.

Peruvian Luis Guillermo Fhon was the beneficiary, using his strength to power across out wide in the following tackles for a 16-14 score.

For Fhon it was a dream return after suffering a bad ankle injury just minutes into a 114-0 thrashing to the Philippines in January.

The entire Heat team had that punishing defeat weighing in their back of the minds before the game, but experienced elation when Argentinian Navarro landed his conversion from the far left of the field.

Navarro’s accurate – but underweighted – kick flapped its way towards the black dot like a pigeon struggling in a monsoon, dropping out of the sky over the last metre before bouncing triumphantly in off the bar.

The Latinos’ blood was still pumping when Navarro chipped across for centre Delapaz barely 60 seconds later, the speedy Chilean reaching the ball first and toeing again, before regathering and sending the crowd into raptures.

But amongst the hugs and high fives, players and fans failed to recognise the officials had ruled Delapaz offside,keeping the game locked 16-all.

Still, the Latin Americans dominated possession down the stretch and had the perfect opportunity to seal the game when awarded a penalty six minutes from the final hooter.

With normal kicker Navarro taking a breather on the sideline, prop Espinoza lined up the short range attempt, but hooked it to his left and saw it ricochet back into the field of play.

All was not lost when the ball was soon recovered, with several Heat players going within inches of scoring.

None was closer than towering lock Laing, held up in the 75th minute after what was another tireless and barnstorming display by the 18-year-old.

In the final roll of the dice, the Thais caught the Latinos napping with a sharp 40-20, but could not get the ball away cleanly for a field goal attempt in the dying seconds.

LATIN HEAT 16 (Daniel Navarro, Sebastian Maya Jimenez, Luis Guillermo Fhon tries; Marco Tulio Pereira, Daniel Navarro goals) drew THAILAND STARS 16 (Micky Pannao, Willie Savanh, Rhys Tucker tries; Tyler Chant 2 goals) at Windsor Sporting Complex, Windsor, NSW.

LATIN AMERICA: Grantito Chacone (Mexico), Ryan Kungl (Uruguay), Brandon Tobar (Chile), Sebastian Delapaz (Chile), Diego Vejerano (Colombia), Jye Sommers (Peru), Carlos Rojas (Chile), Josh Gadea-Hellyer (Uruguay), Marco Pereira (El Salvador), Jonathan Espinoza (Nicaragua/Chile), Juan David Espinal (Colombia), Josh Munoz (Chile), Jaden Laing (Chile). Interchange: Daniel Navarro (Argentina), Luis Guillermo Fhon (Peru), Sebastian Maya Jimenez (Colombia), Jeff Lopez (Ecuador), Eric Orellana (El Salvador), Rodney Garcia (Ecuador), William Climpson (Chile), Mayer Flamenco (Chile/Panama/El Salvador). Coach: Ernie Tobar (Chile).

THAILAND: Tyler Chant, Kit Chaiydee, Dangmo Chimpla, Micky Pannao, Adit Chularicharit, Rhys Tucker, Matt Colgrave, Dylan Baxter, Charlie Jones, Tim Grills, Bun Banlusin, Willie Savanh, Narong Khamluechai. Interchange: Curtis Baxter, Benji Heath, Vissut Domklang, Jackie Faengvanda, Chat Wongsa, Satawat Kinking, Jack Farrell, Joey Phanit. Coach: Andrew Charles.

#2935997 Latin American tag rugby tournament

Posted by flyingking on 28 May 2014 - 01:02 PM

Chile to Start Favourite for Rugby League Tournament


CHILE looks set to start a surprising favourite for the first all-Latino rugby league tournament, the Copa de Rugby XIII, to be held in Sydney on May 31.

Run by GYG Latin Heat Rugby League in conjunction with the Rugby League International Federation, the Copa de Rugby XIII will see opposing teams representing the nations of South and Central America.

It is to be held on the same week that the ‘Latin America Down Under’ conference is hosted in Sydney, a drawcard for Latino diplomats and commerce leaders.

The first staging of the Copa de Rugby XIII will be held under non-contact ‘tag’ laws to allow participation from all backgrounds of experience, age and gender.

And while Argentina dominates Latin America in rugby union – currently ranked ninth in the world – the talent spread in Rugby League is far more even.

Indeed Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and El Salvador all look to have potential squads to threaten traditional Latino powerhouses Argentina and Brazil for this inaugural competition.

The Chilean squad contains three of Latin America’s star teenagers in Jaden Laing, Brandon Tobar and Carlos Rojas, along with Queensland Universities representative Jonathan Espinoza.

Tobar was a recent winner of The Footy Show’s League of Their Own section for this try, while Espinoza has been earning growing fame for this trick shot.

GYG Latin Heat coach Ernie Tobar, who will steer a 17-man team in a full-blooded international versus Thailand at Windsor the following day, is also a chance of pulling on the strip of Chile.

Colombia has been a shock forerunner in the growth of Latino Rugby League and will feature a number of rugby union converts such as Medellin natives Juan David Espinal and Sebastian Maya Jimenez, along with Bogota’s Diego Vejerano.

Featured on SBS Radio and TV several times this year, charismatic winger Fernando Villegas will also be representing Colombia and doing his best to promote the game.

Though thinner on numbers, Uruguay has some undoubted talent with Group 6 forward Josh Gadea-Hellyer and Sydney University’s Andres Rossini at hand.

El Salvador could be the real surprise packet, with the tiny Central American country having great depth and experience.

Due to a civil war from 1979-1992, many Salvadorans sought refuge in Australia, giving them a solid upbringing in the sport of Rugby League.

Participation in the Copa de Rugby XIII at Norford Park, Sefton, is free and nominations can be made either in writing to Robert@sambatimes.com or on the Copa de Rugby XIII Facebook page.

A team for ‘Gringos’ – non-Latinos wishing to support the growth of the game in Latin America – will participate on the day but not be eligible for finals.

Travel and accommodation for out-of-town players is via private arrangement.

Teams representing the following heritages will participate (combined in some instances): Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The GYG Latin Heat wishes to thank naming rights sponsor Guzman y Gomez Mexican Taquerias, Crop del Monte Coffee Specialists, Rumba Latina Entertainment, Link Australia International Student Services, Fighting for Fitness Gym and Gringo Media.

#2934700 Belgium v Spain

Posted by flyingking on 25 May 2014 - 02:51 PM


España vence en su debut oficial en Bruselas.
El equipo que prepara Darren Fisher hizo un enorme esfuerzo defensivo ante un rival que no puso las cosas fáciles y que llegó a ponerse 10-2.

Valiente en el contacto el equipo nacional supo controlar la acometida inicial de los belgas y ponerse por delante 0-2 con la conversión de un golpe de castigo pasado por Iván Ordaz (19), primer jugador español en conseguir puntos en partido oficial.

España se ponía por delante pero tuvo que sufrir muchísimo ante los belgas. Poco después encajaba el primer ensayo local para poner el 4-2 al descanso.

Tras el receso el equipo español cometió uno de los pocos errores defensivos del partido que concluyó en el segundo ensayo belga. Los locales pasaban la patada y subían un inquietante 10-2.

España tenía que levantar un 10-2, en campo contrario y ante un equipo con más tablas en encuntros internacionales. Pero España tuvo personalidad para sacar sus cualidades y poco a poco el XIII de España se metía en la 20 contraria.

Tras varios errores en los metros finales, Gonzalo Morro (19), anotaba el histórico primer ensayo español. España se ponía 10-6 con diez minutos para el final.

El encuentro entró en una fase sucia de juego. Cada PTB se convertía en tangana. Los belgas no querían que España jugara pero el equipo español no cayó en el error e Iván Ordaz (19) anotaba el empate a falta de 3 minutos 10-10.
Daniel García (18) pasaba la patada para el 10-12 final.

Poco después el árbitro del encuentro pitaba la conclusión del partido.
España había hecho historia venciendo, en un sufrido partido, en su debut official.


Spain wins its official debut in Brussels.
The team prepared by national coach Darren Fisher made ​​a huge defensive effort against a team that does not make things easy and who were leading 10-2.

Brave in the collision, the national team was able to control the initial Belgian onslaught and take the lead 0-2 by converting a penalty with Ivan Ordaz ( 19 ), becoming the first Spanish player to score points in a competitive match .

Spain was ahead but the Belgians were dictating the game . Shortly after the home side scored to make it 4-2 at half time.

After the break the Spanish team made a rare defensive mistake that resulted in the second Belgian try . The home side missed the kick and but Spain were worryingly stil10-2 behind.

Spain had to pull back an 8 point deficit up against a team with more international experience . But Spain showed great character and gradually the XIII of Spain clawed themselves back into the game in the final 20 minutes.

After several mistakes close to the try line , Gonzalo Morro ( 19) , scored the historic first Spanish try . Spain was behind 10-6 with ten minutes remaining .

The game turned dirty . Each PTB became a brawl . The Belgians did not want to allow Spain to play but the Spanish team play were not distracted and Ivan Ordaz ( 19) scored the equalizer with three minutes remaining to make the score 10-10.
Daniel Garcia (18 ) was successful with the kick to make the final score 10-12.

Shortly after the referee whistled for the end of the match .
Spain had made ​​history by winning a match on their official debut to international rugby.

#2933020 It's official... going to Twickenham makes you miserable

Posted by flyingking on 21 May 2014 - 06:36 PM

A survey has found that Twickenham is the fifth most unhappy place in the UK to live. It is unclear whether this is due to the lack of sporting entertainment found in the town or because league fans are infiltrating and buying up all the properties. ;)




1. East London (1)

2. Ilford (4)

3. Croydon (2)

4. East Central London (3)

5. Twickenham (-)



#2930414 RU world cup progress report

Posted by flyingking on 16 May 2014 - 01:38 PM

Let's be fair to union for a change; they were not the ones to make the comparison with FIFA's World Cup. Reread the article and you will see it is the BBC journalist who brought it in to spice up a fairly dull story of everything progressing smoothly.