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France mid-season test back next year

23 November 2014 - 04:36 PM

Good news. According to this article:




France will play England in mid-season next year (before hosting the touring Kiwis), and then both home and away in 2016, when they will otherwise be kicking their heels after failing to hang on to their enormous lead in Galashiels.




Should be a more closer encounter with more French players at other clubs. Hopefully it will be played in France and not Leigh or Salford. Toulouse, Montpellier or maybe even somewhere in the North again, like Paris or even Le Mans, where there is a 25,000 stadium being unused at the moment. 

So, what next for Samoa?

09 November 2014 - 03:06 PM

I think we can all agree that Samoa have been a big success in the Four Nations and made it an actual four team tournament, rather than just having one team filling up the numbers. However the big problem regarding Samoa, would be whether they could keep a strong team to be enable them to continue to compete with "big three". So far we have seen Milford, Matagi and Taupau switch since 2013 and it's looking likely that they won't be the only ones. The latter two also can't be blamed on Origin, as they've chosen to play for New Zealand. 


Joey Leilua and Tim Lafai have already spoken about Origin for next year http://www.nrl.com/s...30/default.aspx while Josh McGuire was only playing for Samoa as he missed the Australian team http://www.nrl.com/m...22/default.aspx Meanwhile, worst of all, Samoa coach Matt Parish has openly told his players to use playing for Samoa as an 'Origin trial.' 


Now, as we saw with Italy at last year's World Cup, is this just going to be a one off in having a strong team full of NRL players that won't commit to the nation? What's the point in having a fourth strongest team that will be eventually split up and can't build for the future? What can be done to make sure Samoa's team remains as strong as it currently is?


I liked this quote from Nigel Wood http://www.stuff.co....ernational-game

''Everything is possible. What would be wrong is for people to come up with individual games, like let's play Samoa against New Zealand, just because at this point in time Samoa appear to have a really strong squad, and full credit to them, but what we need to do is put the framework in place so not just Samoa but Fiji and Tonga and PNG all know how often they will play over every four year cycle . . . that's the big prize for international rugby league."


A lot of people were calling for Samoa to be permanently included in the Four Nations, but I think that would be unfair and to block other teams from getting a chance wouldn't do much for the growth of IRL. However, if teams only play the top nations a couple of times in a World Cup cycle, how will they be able to compete?