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In Topic: Salary cap of kick and clap

20 December 2014 - 09:06 PM

I have no interest in the SC of any sport that isn't RL and only care about what we're doing with ours!

But I thought if I turned up even though I've nothing to say deluded pom would be guaranteed his wish above!


Merry Xmas Deluded, luckily you weren't on the naughty list!  :santa:  :santablack:

Just click your heels together and say I wish I was in ..............

In Topic: Rugby League virtually ignored at SPOTY - moans here please

20 December 2014 - 09:00 PM

Eeee, when I were a lad I'd have given a lot to be virtually ignored by other folk.  Young folk these days don't know what it is to be ignored properly by the BBC, they even let rugby league players go on telly occasionally and allow them to do more than grunt a couple of syllables at a microphone in a bad Wigan accent.  We played proper rugby back then and the soft southerners ignored us completely, hoping we'd just go away and stop nicking their players.


Even then, we were spoiled, our grandfathers were properly ignored, to the BBC rugby league in those days was just a thing of folklore and legend played by funny northern folk and colonists that they used to scare their children:  "Watch just one game of rugby league and you'll wake up with a flat cap, unintelligible accent and a whippet then forced to work in t'pit".

Well done ckn  :santablack: verry funny!



"When people say call me John ......." The Beiderbeck Affair

In Topic: Salary cap of kick and clap

20 December 2014 - 08:56 PM

If marwan had 10% of the nous sarries display Salford would fill wembley once a year with an event game. He talks a lot......they actually do walk the walk

Further proof :O

In Topic: Pathetic, paranoid, pitiful - RL World's view on RL many fans

20 December 2014 - 08:46 PM

:rtfm:  :fie:  :angry:  :blackeye:  :help:  If you imagine exiled that what you wrote here is more balanced and sane than people being upset about SB going then you really need to take a break, it's all got too much for you, and this can happen! SB leaving is a fact of life that people have to deal with in their own way. My own reaction to anyone who leaves is simple, goodbye, see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!  :bye: People come and people go and no one, repeat no one, is indispensable!

In the meantime seasons greetings to you and yours :santablack: Oxford

In Topic: Rugby League virtually ignored at SPOTY - moans here please

20 December 2014 - 08:28 PM

1. 5.8 million watched 2013s spoty. They do tune in, unless you are saying barb figures arent to be believed.
2. You claim that the watching millions who tune in to watch union are being fooled and you have the audacity to question my sanity?
3. Its not fair? You ignore the data i posted about the scarce coverage and awards given to team sports but instead prefer to dance the dance of the conspiracy theorist. ......like a child sticking tnejr their fingers in their ears and pretending its not happening.
4. I am a rl fan who accepts that our game will continue to act like a victim as long as fans like you are indicative of our fanbase. You question my fanness because i do not agree with you........fascist at best.

Hello Rock happy Xmas,

I did answer the questions of the numbers which you quote so frequently.

I also pointed out that numbers don't equate to being correct.

I don't ignore data but neither do I have to agree with it nor the conclusions of those who treat it like scientific research.

I did not question your "fan-ness" but the relationship between that and the rubble you choose as evidence that  proves nothing at all. And the fact is history shows all of us that crowds tend to act in ways that can only be described as lunacy.

If our game acts like a victim perhaps this may be due, to some extent, that it has been victimised. This is just an historical truth, it is not arguable nor in the imagination of RL fans that a sport and it's friendly media was/is biased and employed every means it could to do the dirty on us, it actually happened! In the same way that Henry the Eighth died and and Charles the first was beheaded! The last vestige of that victimisation is the treatment of our sport in the media and that is not something we made up because we had nothing better to do or felt sorry for ourselves. "Child? Fascist? Conspiracy theories? Take it easy, Don't worry, Be Happy!

And further to this take care of yourself, have a nice Xmas and try to be careful with your blood pressure! :angry:

All the best , truly, :santa:  :kingxmas:  :santablack: