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In Topic: BBC again

Yesterday, 06:37 PM

The Cory Patterson headline was lead story today for all of 5 minutes, only to be replaced by the Widnes crowd trouble story. What are the odds that this stays as the lead story for an extended period?

What is just as interesting as the clear evidential bias of the Beeb and the Daily Avoid the Truths is :

People on here and other forums claiming this doesn't happen despite the constant proof to the contrary,

People accusing you of being a conspiracy nut for bringing it up,

People insisting that RL is a small sport and only deserves that amount of coverage!

Even if you state up front that you don't believe  in conspiracies it makes no difference but the relationship between the amount of coverage, the type of coverage (positive or negative) and it's ability to prosper are the fact of life between RL and other inferior products.


"Until this imbalance is addressed we will never become a National Sport.
I thought Brian Barwick was brought into Rugby League to help out with this situation. It's obviously working, Well done Brian!!" Scarlet Turkey yet again!


But to address that very imbalance you have to be able to mention the unmentionable so we're turned down the proverbial cul de sac yet again!

Or you could go to the cross code straight away, on your own, to discuss  things with the "entertainmently" challenged and the terminally addicted to image! Best of luck with that one!

In Topic: New Salford signing this evening

24 November 2014 - 09:03 PM

I'm less sure about Weller Hauraki, so I don't think it's out of the question that he'll be in the starting 17. Not at the expense of Jordan Walne, I hope.


As you say, though, it's all down to what happens on the pitch. I think performances under Iestyn towards the back end of last season should give us some cause for optimism, but that optimism is so often misplaced in Salford's case that I'm keeping mine firmly in check.

Yes, Red John, Salford and optimism in the same sentence mmmmm! Mind you the same could be said of Win, trophy, run of form, etc etc But I do like the scarlet turkey though! And Paul Cam unhappy as a tory in the EU! 


But who's going to play loose? And I do hope it turns out alright for SRD. Now a Grand Final SRD v The Dragons would be worth the price of a ticket for anyone who loves RL beyond the simple limits of the team they support!


And where's "salary cap, fed-non fed, MK is the spawn of Satan" brigade etc maybe its past their bedtime? ;)

In Topic: Wellington NRL bid launched!

24 November 2014 - 06:24 PM

NZ is less obsessed by RU than the UK is by football IMO. As I've said in other threads the general awareness of RL among the general population is high (The RFL would love it if the typical GB citizen "didn't care" about RL as much as the NZes). What RL in NZ needs is the flagship clubs for fans to attach themselves to - especially those under thirties who do have have the anti- RL attitudes that have been inculcated into older generations.

Personally I am disappointed that Christchurch/Canterbury has been left out of the bid. It is the second largest RL region in the country by a country mile - and has already been sidelined by the increasingly Auckland centric focus. If this bid is successful I could see it as effectively closing down RL as an open age sport in the South Island. Which is a shame as there is a huge latent support and interest for the code.

I totally get the point about small populations and the difficulty of attracting crowds - it does miss the main point. The success and income for the Warriors is to do with TV rights, sponsorship and merchandise. Travel around NZ is tough (home and away support is a foreign idea) if the new bid can secure big name sponsors, a fair share of TV money and sell even half the jerseys that the a Warriors gave managed this will be where the income is generated. I doubt any credible bid will be based on gate receipts alone.

What a cracking insightful post!  The whole kit and caboodle needs examining beforehand,  even the two NZ fixtures which mean less Aussie club travelling at some point and not so far for the Warriors an argument that might be handy for Toulouse as well!

But sensible arguments and RL are hardly common bedfellows.

In Topic: Super eight or relegate?

24 November 2014 - 05:39 PM

I think Cas this year did much to put this kind of stuff to bed. Although it's very hard to see past the big four (five) incumbents most teams have strengthened and there are less of them. (But more games, go figure?) That should mean that every minute does count, and I really hope it does because as much as the international scene is better for a Kiwi win so the Super League would be all the better for some one else being triumphant in the Grand Final! It would be great for everyone, except the incumbents of course!




“By its very nature , ……..we are becoming……………. There is no last word.”


”Much better not upset him it’s not worth while "   Harold Brighouse

In Topic: BBC again

24 November 2014 - 05:21 PM

Despite being a more recent story, Luke Robinson signing a contract extension has not displace the Ben Flower punching headline that has been the lead story all weekend... Funny that...


I appreciate there's a significant number of people who believe we should be happy with our lot that the BBC give us, but I'm not one of them.

You're "Totally" correct  and there is a need to discuss things like this on here but It's been mentioned so it should be off to the zone any moment! The Robinson story was more current but also more positive. Same as the story about collisions in a certain sport, (no mention of RL) being so powerful and athletic now and how they were like being in a traffic accident. Talk about stealing someone else's clothes and passport and getting away scot free, but you can only do that with help!


“There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and to shame the devil.”
Walter Lippmann


"No there is a much higher law and that is to favour one sport whilst ignoring another and see how much we can get away with!" The sports Editor of the BBC.

"Hear! Hear!" the editors of the dailies.


Post “It's a bit like staring at a mound of breeze blocks”
Reply “Be fair. The intricacies of scrum (hold, pause, touch, pause, engage, pause, push) followed by reset scrum, followed by reset scrum followed by penalty are a joy to behold.” 

And also,
“I'm someone who can enjoy the skill and execution of nearly any sport and enjoy it for what it is. Except ----- ----- , It's easily the most boring game on earth.”

the Scarlet Turkey. Well done Lads and lasses on that forum!