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    Ontario Rugby League have a plan to run a four team league this summer with a mid term goal of having Six clubs by 2020.
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    My word that's an hilarious effort, I saw a poster for Workington v Bradford an hour ago, I'm now questioning both clubs actually involvement in the game on Sunday as there's no real evidence.
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    Unfortunately you've chosen the road of providing evidence in support of your argument but you need far more than any silly absolute proof to combat ...... Forum Goggles! Now available on Ebay and all good Brexit Surplus Stores !
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    My Facebook feed has a few people, who I'm struggling to remember why I bother with, going on about how biased everyone is against poor Jeremy and how clearly Russia didn't do it. Their sole evidence is that they don't like Boris and the Tories and that that wicked Boris might have been his usual incompetent self in portraying what is actually a fairly solid case. There's a very good reason why the Opposition leader is a Privy Council member and is thoroughly briefed on these things, it's to stop them having to ask embarrassing questions in Parliament about issues of national security. A simple briefing to the extent that other national leaders received would have answered almost every question he asked of May and it'd have been a simple "the UK's official Opposition stands with the government on this assault on our soil". As soon as he had the answers, Labour's stance has been "Russia did it". I was very critical of Corbyn's response in Parliament until I saw the news that he hadn't been briefed then the questions he asked just made sense. It's the Opposition's duty to hold the government to account and if the government won't play nicely behind the scenes then the Opposition has to ask the tough questions publicly. Just because the government is handling it incompetently does not mean that there's any other credible answer than "Russia did it".
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    Yeah. You can imagine someone from the RFL jumping on a plane to go meet the NRL over this. Just another attempt to drag this out even further by the press down there. Even more pathetic that no one seems prepared to even mention players from Origin who have regularly backed up within a day or two being a much greater risk of injury. Heaven forbid the NRL ever takes a back seat to something like International football.
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    TBF John, while I'll never vote Corbyn and have no agenda that way, Johnson is the wrong man for the Foreign Office job and has done nothing but bring the role in to disrepute.
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    Let me explain in just one example of 59 words, why the international community is without meaningful exception as far as I can see, agrees with the UK position? If the govt. of France, with its institutional antipathy to the UK and with its predeliction for er....contrariness and its historic relationship with Russia can see its way to expelling four Russian "diplomats", then you can be pretty sure they are both convinced of Russian complicity and concerned for the safety of Russian expats now resident in France. Then there is this: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/apr/04/chemical-weapons-watchdog-meets-russian-spy-poisoning-salisbury-sergei-skripal How anyone can come to any other conclusion, or doubt that the British Govt position is wrong, or even think that any decisions taken by other governments be soley based on a few words from Boris ...well..."I CANT' SPAKE!!"
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    This fella must be dizzy.....played for us DR, signed for haven on loan, played against us, played for us on DR again n now gone on loan to Swinton.....and we're only a few games into the season! If that doesn't tell you there's something wrong in rugby league then nothing will ?
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    What about just switching it to make some money? Anywhere local will make us diddly squat. Not really a winnable game realistically, so cash is king in this instance.
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    It is a good point. But I thought the forum consensus was that Corbyn should just agree with the Government line on this subject regardless of any evidence, so why does the question of whether Corbyn has seen it matter? From what I have read it is good enough that the French have seen the evidence and appear to be convinced: demanding to see it yourself just makes you a peacenik pinko, even if you are the leader of the Opposition.
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    "The missive, sent to stakeholders, including the New Zealand Rugby League, questions whether financial considerations have been placed above player welfare, particularly due to the short turnaround times and the lack of consultation." ooh a scathing letter! The hypocritical ####ers Cameron Smith a chief member and spokesperson of the RLPA has been backing up 24-48 hours after State of Origin matches for over a decade! "The NRL and the RLPA are powerless to stop the international, as it does not fall under the governing body's jurisdiction." "While concerns have been raised, the game appears set to go ahead." Thank god the penny has finally dropped!
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    As a Haven fan good to see you back. I never saw you post anything offensive and was puzzled as to why you had been banned. If they are going to ban people for having an alternative or less popular view then we are getting to a bad state of affairs.
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    Testicles, big hairy ones.It's all testicles.
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    A head injury picked up at Leeds last weekend means Niall Evalds is denied the opportunity to impress Warrington. Poor Niall. Wigan loanee Jake Shorrocks (who older readers may remember played 'Bubble' in Absolutely Fabulous) gets his first chance to take a step closer to his (thus far unstated) dream of playing for the Wire, but this likely means Rob Lui will have to try to catch Steve Price's eye from the unfamiliar full-back position.
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    Give him one of your kidneys, it'd be cheaper.
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    Either JF going full time and/or the club is something to be considered and I'm sure those running the club wouldn't go ahead without thinking it through. The comparison with Sheffield is difficult though - they've been a nomadic team for quite some time now, even at Don Valley they didn't seem rooted in the community, they've never looked like having the potential to draw big support and they can't rely on supporters from other clubs to increase attendances. With York, I think there is potential to bring in more who live in the area but who currently head to Leeds or Cas, plus we can rely on the support of Hull KR too. Likewise, seen a few Hull FC tops at BC. Not to mention the racecourse crowds is something to tap into. Whereas I can't imagine many Super League fans currently live in Sheffield who could be swayed to watch the Eagles, also both Sheffield football teams are big clubs and it would be near impossible to cut into that market. I've gone into more detail in the general forum (the York SL potential thread), but IMO the short term aim should be promotion in the near future, getting into the new stadium, and bringing crowds of 2,000+ in for every match whether it's Barrow or Bradford, Coventry or Catalans. Then things could be evaluated.
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    I do think we are a bit impatient at times. Bob8 has just linked to an article that was highlighted here just a couple of weeks back. These things take time, it'd be nice to get a weekly update, but tbh, I suspect it is quite boring detail that is being discussed at the moment.
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    I would agree - whether or not we have all the intelligence evidence in the world supporting that is was Russia behind the poisonings the Foreign Secretary is meant to be a diplomatic role not a propaganda role, the position needs someone who thinks before they open their mouth and I don't think there are many people in the country who could honestly say they think BoJo pauses to think before he spouts. he has a likable buffoon personality which plays to the masses and fits in with a role which requires you to empathise with people and appear to be "their friend" that is more suitable for education or health NOT the foreign office which is about looking serene whilst lots goes on behind the scenes - the only reason he has the job is May be very careful to keep her friends close and her enemies closer. It is the only job that tied his hands re what he could say regarding Brexit so he couldn't use the last year as a election platform for his obvious desire to become Tory leader
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    I've always felt he'd be better off making TWP a big success before moving on. It's difficult enough just making one transatlantic club a success. But who am i to tell him what to do. He seems like a smart guy.
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    Roughyed34 is logically correct in everything he says. It's a shame there aren't more people like him at the top table. Our game is on its last legs and will die unless something happens and quickly. I feel our game can't wait for the chosen few to decide how our game will look in the future because if we do there won't be a future. All clubs not in sooperdooper league need to have a voice and meet to decide how they want our game to be run. Ideas of how this could be done needs exploring. Do you remember the dual header finals at Old Trafford? What a fantastic day out. Just thinking was it the greed of sooperdooper league that stopped the other final being played because they wanted all of the revenue? Things don't change.
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    You want me to bottle the team bus?!?
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    Aussie Grade season kicked off in Canberra on thursday. Queanbeyan Blues v Yass Magpies is now available on Youtube if anyone enjoys following the BAR TV coverage. Decent standard.
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    Think its all about the coin if I'm right the DR team dont pay much but the loan teams pay more poor lads quality aswell must be getting dizzy wondering where he's off next
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    Why are the NRL and RLPA sending one letter? Aren't they independent of each other? The scumbags.
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    Just to put a point in here. According to the governments own white paper, written and accepted after the referendum, the UK never lost sovereignty to the EU. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/m.huffpost.com/uk/entry/uk_5893457fe4b0302a153d4b6e/amp Anyone arguing otherwise wise needs to show why their governments own white paper was wrong.
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    At the very least having places like Teeside interested will force everwhere to up their game somewhat. Personally i think the RLIF and WC organizers need to have a big focus on the secondary events surrounding the WC. Logically most if not all games (certainly the big games) will be on the weekend and its important they dont allow the momentum around the comp dissipate during the week. Makes sure we tie it in with the womens world cup, perhaps an emerging nations world cup, a few nines games and/or legends games, cultural events (haka, sipi tau, siva tau) in city centres, so that there is tv content throughout the week to build anticipation and local events throughout the week to build profile. If Newcastle get a quarter final its just not NZ vPNG turning up on friday and playing saturday, its a Haka outside the train station at rush hour on Tuesday, A PNG cultural exhibition and reception at the town hall on Wednesday, a legends game at Kingston park on Thursday, Captains run through the city centre on Friday. Game on Saturday.
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    It proves that the system is broke especially when we are Salford's partners
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    The Mafia, back in the days when they were real gangsters and not “businessmen“ had two types of hit 1) was “the hit” where the victim was taken out quickly and relatively cleanly 2) was “the cowboy” where the more bullets sprayed around the better and if a few bystanders were taken down then fair enough. A cowboy was a message to all and sundry that the mob was feeling edgy and you’d better watch your step.
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    Featherstone have 97+ years of footy history. They play an open brand of football and I believe their promotion would be massive for the game. BTW I really like Toulouse, they bring plenty to the game and I hope they continue to do well. I just don't buy into one team doing well being "better for the game" than another, even though you may be prepared to say "team X's relegation/non-promotion would be massive for the game". It's sport.
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    I'd like the people involved in the Denver Test to say "Okay, fine, let's meet. We're free in early July, if that's okay".
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    In Barrow in the 5os we used to call Rugby League "rugger" and we called soccer "soccer". We knew nothing of Rugby Union. The all-time great Gus Risman certainly called Rugby League "rugger"
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    Do you mean real ones or those that live in my head Nick? (All of the rest of my friends are very sensible and already have season tickets, of course.)
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    Isn't he happy in Benidorm?
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    It was hotter than that mate. 36 degrees when we got the in the taxi back to the airport at 6:30pm. It was draining just standing watching it, which come to think of it was what most of the Widnes players did.
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    I've always been in favour of more French clubs in SL. Derbies and rivalries are the lifeblood of sport. Widnes have always been very generous and I've no doubt we would be again if Toulouse drew us in the cup.
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    There are too many Bob8 loving relationships going on at the moment... first JohnM, not RidingPie... it's sickening!
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    Now there's no need for that now is there?
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    Why, just why would they bother. Football deals in the 100s of millions. RL deals in 100s of thousands. All the effort for a heartbeat on the spread sheet. And to what end? Not a chance.
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    I've no idea what the best structure is. What I do know is that whatever opinion I eventually come up with will be so obviously right that the RFL will be incompetent clowns for not having implemented it yet.
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    I really am trying to keep clear of this stuff and nonsense, honestly, I really am. However, Mark S's post has crossed my very high response threshold. You really do have to wonder who's side the Corbynistas are on. Good grief man, get a grip.
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    The NRL players aren't protesting over money, they are protesting because a number of the LRLF member clubs have expressed their lack of confidence in the current administration and asked for the players to help them raise their concerns as the current board was refusing to stand down / allow an XGM to be called. What their exact gripes are, I'm not sure, overall it's a shame that it has gotten to this. From an outsider, it looked like the LRLF have been doing a great job.
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    Be a pity if we lost this guy.Not many like him in this game of ours.
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    Yeah one down 3 up for people who champion P&R 14 sides T O, TWP, London = History, expansion and the right thing to do ...what more could you ask?
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    Toulouse have 80 years of footy history. They play an open brand of football and I believe their promotion would be massive for the game.
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    You seem to give credit to the Tories here. The 2017 election campaign from them was atrocious. They could have done better by not bothering to campaign. They almost could not get worse and I doubt they ever will. It was WAY worse than Howard in 2005 and deserved electoral annihilation. If you think otherwise then you’re deluding yourself. That’s what he failed to beat.
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    I have an on site radio de walt, I told one of the lads if I put speech radio on it doesn't use the battery up as quick as the music stations due to all the instruments plugged in, oh don't worry theres some right dim wits on some of the jobs I go to.
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    For me, it's started to feel like fun again, watching the Bulls, rather than a gruelling obligation. But I think most of us Bulls fans will be hoping that whatever is going on in the shop window (on the field) that the bills are getting paid on time behind the scenes, and that whatever is in the process of being built by John Kear, that this time it is genuinely sustainable.
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