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  1. Watersheddings Memories (book)

    Hi folks The Heritage trust still have copies of some of the books including the 'Kangaroos, Kiwis and ROUGHYEDS' and OLDHAM RLFC In the 1950s. MAGIC or MYTH etc. Sadly we haen't got Watersheddings Memories. There is still a chance we may do a version and out it in the Apple Bookshop later in the year, or similar. If you want to support the trust we would gladly supply the books direct - message me if you want details. ....................................................................................................................................................................................... Just a quick note on books - there is a superb book on the Oldham Players & Club from World War 1 coming out in September/October this year. We are hoping to run a patronage scheme on this - I will forward more details when the flyer is sorted. Thanks all for your support
  2. The Future of ORLFC

    The RL really seem interested only in SL. I read elsewhere today that there are two distinct games now in this country, Super League and Rugby League, and the RL only care about their precious SL. For what it is worth, all the "expansion plans" in my opinion were an attempt to get Sport England / Goverment funding as though we are a truly professional sport. With this plan failed, they are happy to drop these clubs, like Oxford & Gloucester.
  3. The Future of ORLFC

    One thing is for certain - the production of future young stars in the town is in good hands. The youth coaches are doing a fantastic job. I was fortunate to be a the youth finals yesterday at Saddleworth (and what a superb set-up it is there now) Firstly there was agreat crowd there - it just shows there is still interest in RL in the town. The talent on show was a joy to watch. The MOM for the first game was the son of a former England captain. Such silky skills! He was ably assisted by some other classy looking prospects (one another son of a former Roughyeds star). Add to that a very talented Waterhead team, who despite a top season, on the day were second best. The rest of the matches produced some equally exciting play. Sadly, I doubt that any of this talent will ever see an Oldham shirt, what a pity there was no one there from the club (as far as I know)
  4. Anthony Crolla Event

    What I still don't understand is the date for this event. It is in direct competition with the Ex Players dinner being held the same night. The date for this event is always the first week in November and was announced back at the start of the year. It has been virtually sold out since the start as it always is. To quote HOTTB is it "a bit crass and dumb" or do the club just not follow other events to do with RL in the town?
  5. It's in The Blood

    It was a great night. The stories were fascinating. There was a good mix of stories about both clubs. The ex hornets players who took part were superb. Malcolm Price, who was a top class player and international from both clubs was excellent, relating tales of his time at both clubs. Great story of his signing on for Oldham! Both Kevin & Terry Flanagan were there and again the re-enactment of the club trying to sign him with the negotiating skills of Bill his father (another ex player) was a classic. Tony Pratt from Hornets is 70 now. He looks like he could still play! There are some seats left yet for Friday - if you haven't been you need to get along.
  6. The End Of Dual Reg with Huddersfield?

    Personally I would much prefer it if to were go alone. Would be tonnes better for team spirit
  7. The End Of Dual Reg with Huddersfield?

    From the Total RL news page discussing the link up between Cas & Halifax “The Giants are currently partnered with Oldham, but sources suggest that Huddersfield may seek a new partner following the Roughyeds’ relegation to League 1.”
  8. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    Sorry, my mistake, Workington were just relegated. I thought there was another team, but may have been mistaken
  9. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    Actually, just to clarify, I would watch it on TV as I watch any matches shown. However I would not be a supporter of a "Manchester" merged team. If the league are desperate to have a Manchester branded team, then they really need to promote the development of Manchester Rangers which is coming along nicely under its current management. Everything there is in place.
  10. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    Personally, I hope Salford survive and in the Super League. With regards as merged Manchester club, I would not watch it as I am not from Manchester. I support the club where my roots and heart are. Going off the protest 20 years ago when we were trying to be merged with Salford, I know very few Oldham fans would support this.
  11. Salford. Trouble at mill.

    If Salford do go belly up, then they should start exactly the way Oldham & Workington had to. This was application to re-join the RFL and admission into the bottom tier. When the above two were readmitted they had no funding in year one, and in Oldham's case they were were barred from the Challenge Cup IIRC. I believe this should have happened with Bradford as well (although theirs was administration nit liquidation) The correct course of action IMHO would be Leigh in SL, Oldham in the Championship, and Salford in C1. That said I think the RFL would want Bradford not Oldham.
  12. Anthony Crolla Event

    Clifford, the RU club was nothing to do with Oldham FC. Going back to the roots, there were plenty of clubs around the town, such as Werneth. Oldham RU set up as a Rugby Union club, after Oldham FC joined the Northern Union in 1895 as a pro club.
  13. Anthony Crolla Event

    I agree with Whitworth Yed on this - the tickets will be £54 each! Way too expensive. Also, I have no interest in boxing, so why would I want to listen to this guy (no disrespect to him though). The club "Oldham Rugby" has a rich history and was formed back in 1876. The fact it has had new custodian(s) for the past 20 years is immaterial.
  14. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    The only person who can change things is CH. If he chooses to remain them as much as we all want change, there will be zero changes.
  15. Oldham Evening Chronicle

    This is so true. The Chronicle in years gone by was superb at getting to the bottom of stories, producing some great investigative stories. Take Roger's reporting as an example. He wouldn't just take the club's view point on a story, he would dig the dirt, find the truth ad get the story. We got some really good articles on the club. Wednesday night use to take up two pages with great articles and small print. Articles of interest. Over the past few years they have just taken the cubs daily press release and used that. Either lazy journalism or lack of staff to cover sport. The coverage of the club has been boring to be honest. I am sure in his days working for the Chron that CH would not have had such an easy ride with the management of the club. He would have ripped it apart. Take the reporting of the winding up orders and possible administrations - he would have been ruthless.