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  1. sheddingswasus

    Oldham prop Ben Davies sent off for...

    In my opinion after a woeful performance by the ref, I would think it was 2). It was after Oldham had their third try disallowed and a series of weak decisions by him. He was really poor for both teams, really not up to standard. I have never seen the touch judge so animated. He was constantly telling the ref what was was happening and calling off sides, forwards etc.
  2. sheddingswasus

    Crowds this season.

    After watching the match on Sky last night, as I was busy doing other stuff, I just left the TV on on the back ground. There was a documentary on regarding the Joshua boxing match last week, which was all the build up and brief bits of the mach and post match. No voice overs just effectively raw footage. The other was a world rugby (union) magazine programme, but was all about the developing the game in relatively new nations and was about some world under 20's second tier comp(?) Neither were really of great interest to me, but both promoted their sport well. The Union one had their development teams all over it. The real point of this is just how poor we are at promotion when you see this. We have a great product, we just don't promote it properly, rather just work on a shoe string. That is the real problem. Just to enthasise the point on a local front, one of the guys in the office has an interest in RL (his son plays) and takes in games all over. He said, "have Oldham a game this weekend" - when I said Bradford, he replied he didn't realise as he had seen nothing about the game anywhere! This isn't a dig as Dave N works miracles, but it just shows the extent of the problem
  3. sheddingswasus


    Does anyone know how many tickets have been sold? Both Oldham and Bradford
  4. sheddingswasus

    York away

    MR what do you think about that late decision from the ref when he have York the handover. I think he get it completely wrong
  5. sheddingswasus

    York away

    And would have won the game!
  6. sheddingswasus

    York away

    Why are we not taking these easy kicks. Should have six points on the board!
  7. sheddingswasus

    Lack of signings

    Like R34 says the club needs support. My support is for the club. I have made this point before. If all the people who previously came to the club to watch, and fr the time being forgot to owned the club, then all the extra money would reduce the debt and actually make it easier for any investors to come in and replace CH. With less debt, this club, due to its history and strength in the community game would be a great investment for someone. I firmly believe this.
  8. sheddingswasus

    Lack of signings

    Personally, reading his comments, I think he has already decided enough is enough. Ignoring the lack of plan B for the moment, the real issue is either the lack of ambition from the top and or the lack of fund to achieve any ambition the club may have. As R34 says it really is time for a top to bottom overall. Just a thought, I wonder if the lack of signings is really down to the incapacity of the chairman at the moment?
  9. sheddingswasus


    We need young blood, this is the future. I take up to 4 grand kids with me to the games. The eldest has been going since he was a tot of 2 and now 14, he rings me to make sure we are going. Catch them young and it gets in the blood. Just like us!
  10. sheddingswasus


    In Oldhams case, we don't have a tiny fan base, we actually have quite a large fan base. Problem we have is convincing them (and we have plenty of examples on these on the forum) is to put their anger, hatred, dislike (use whatever term you want here!) of the way the club is run and get back to watching the club. I have plenty of reasons to consider how badly the club is run, but keep going to matches. IF the club was to become successful again, there would then become more reason for an outside party to want to take up the mantle and run the club. Eroding any long terms debts the club has by getting more support would make the club more viable to interested parties. So unless people feel that by starving the club of any cash and killing it, in the hope of setting up a new entity, then supporting it us the best way to bring change. On the original topic, a merger will never work. Oldham fans support Oldham, we are very parochial. Heck, Waterhead fans generally only watch Waterhead, Saddleworth and St Annes the same. What chance of following "East Manchester Whatevers" - NONE! I enjoy watching the matches on TV, but I never think, "Oh I will go to Warrington tonight, seems a good game". Same would apply to the merged club!
  11. sheddingswasus

    Surviving on Two Quid an Hour

    What a great honest read. good luck to him
  12. sheddingswasus

    What is happening to MY beloved club?

    Just re-read my post. The point I was making was the size of the crowd was soul destroying. Even the expansion teams who are struggling are getting better crowds.
  13. sheddingswasus

    West Wales

    Yes, but as my 14 year old grandson said, this is probably the only time in HIS lifetime (let alone ours) that OUR club will score over 100 points
  14. sheddingswasus

    Workington Town

    Dave - started this on a new thread - I was going to but was replying to previous comments!
  15. sheddingswasus

    What is happening to MY beloved club?

    Sunday was absolutely soul destroying to me! What is happening to MY beloved club? Yes, MY CLUB, YOUR CLUB, OUR CLUB!! I watched my first game in 1959 as a 2 year old sat on the wall behind the sticks in the Watersheddings end held by my Dad. I watched the last game there in exactly the same spot again with my Dad. Sadly Dad at 91 can no longer get to the games but keeps in touch via OCR & me. He can't go, but it is still his club.I take my four grand children with me now. It is their club. Currently it may be CH's business, but he is only the custodian of the club. Long after him, hopefully the club will still be around. It is Oldham Rugby League Club. It has been Oldham FC, Oldham ORLFC and Oldham ORLFC (1997). But it is still Oldham Rugby. The owners / committee (as in the past) are just the custodians of the club. In years gone by the committees may not have owned it, but dug deep into their pockets when the need arose. Just like the current owner probably does now to keep the club running and make up the shortfall from other sources of income. It has always been the same. Remember the "Ginger Group" of the 1970s, Arthur Walker and co? They were just a group of business men putting money in, trying to do the best for the club. Would I like to see a change of ownership now - yes I would. Not because of what Chris Hamilton has done (my feelings regarding him and what he has done / not done, are irrelevant to this) but because the club NEEDS a change. CH is not a well man and has worked tirelessly to keep it going. Made a lot of enemies and lost a lot of friends along the way, but all part of business unfortunately! But sometimes you need to walk away and let the next custodian(s) take their turn. You never know, what people want is new owners and benefactors. A club with 247 fans isn't of any appeal. A club with 1247 fans at this level is and may just encourage someone to take the plunge as a worthwhile project? We have hit rock bottom. We need to get people back and quick. Lets stop the bickering and get the club back to where it should be.