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  1. This is totally wrong. Have we not learned from our previous mistakes. It just destroys moral. I want to see lads who are committed to Oldham, not Leigh squad players who can't get a game. Totally wrong!
  2. Really looking forward to this one. If Bowman plays behind Bridge & Langtree, that will be an immense back three.
  3. Kids are looking forward to this. I have not seen anything recently, other than the original announcement. Can anyone confirm the meeting is definitely still on?
  4. Oops I got the date wrong. It is in two weeks
  5. The grandkids are really looking forward to the first club meeting next Saturday. Lets hope there is a great turnout to maintain the momentum of this great initiative !
  6. Looks like he played again today. Well deserved. Our great loss though!
  7. Good win. Well done lads. I think that is West Wales heaviest defeat this season.
  8. I have grave misgivings about the RFL not looking at local expansion. National and international is fine, but you must grow and promote the game in the heartlands. Saturate an area and slowly spread from there. Ensure the game is strong from schools up. The RFL are chasing dreams with the Northern America experiment (and likely to have some good trios there as a result) but if you ignore the heartland s then the backbone and spirit of the sport will die Manchester should he part of heartlands expansion and if not the RFL should hang their heads in shame!
  9. I agree with this. The marketing/promotion is still not good.
  10. Should be a great day out, especially with the good weather forecast
  11. Really looking forward to Friday. Kids can't wait to see Langers playing.
  12. Great news. We will now have a great pack with Danny & Bridgey back
  13. What does it matter? It is a private business so how they fund/ finance it is irrelevant. It is just like say a theatre. It is privately owned with support from the arts council. You wouldn’t expect the patrons to be demanding to know the running costs.
  14. Hi Baron - did Michael mention that Malcolm Price was a surprise visitor to the signing on Saturday - he is a cracking bloke! He finished up autographing some books for other fans and did an impromptu photo shot with some of them!
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