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  1. Gary Jordan

    I am so sad that we are losing so many great ex players. RIP Gary.
  2. Major announcement

    You realise that when Mark said this that: Palmas Is Secretly Smirking don't you? Talking about Bogs I have heard our next signing is called MIRE.
  3. QLT

    Quit Left Toronto QLT. End of story.
  4. Major announcement

    Two new toilets so two chains to pull. That's if they can handle it.
  5. Major announcement

    They are waiting for the chain gang Robin
  6. Major announcement

    They are waiting for the chain gang Robin.
  7. Major announcement

    Thanks BP. I want us all to be together as a team. UTR.
  8. Major announcement

    I welcomed all the news. All I said was that we could have had a Fans Forum without it being called a Major Announcement. With regard to money I need no information regarding that, during my time as a supporter I have raised thousands along with colleagues for the clubs benefit in various capacities. The difference of money raised from an ordinary meeting and this one would have been minimal. People would have still turned up and had a pint or two. I was expecting with the heading Major Announcement that that's what it would be. I had no intention of upsetting anyone and having been a supporter since 1939 I feel I have done my bit. Before you ask I didn't attend because at nearly 84 I am restricted in driving in the dark after four eye operations. I welcome the news and wait to see if the club takes up my suggestion about the land generating income.
  9. Major announcement

    You were right. All good news but it could have been covered by just giving a press release.
  10. Major announcement

    Agreed. Nothing MAJOR, .
  11. Major announcement

    No to rear of railway end. Post Office Road is all built up.
  12. Major announcement

    So not to the rear of POR. For leasing only I hope.
  13. Major announcement

    Yes I know that it stands for Post Office Road, I am showing a question mark for where the land is that is going to be developed.
  14. Major announcement

    Hope we get a reserve team that is good thinking.
  15. Major announcement

    Back of POR?