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  1. Don Fox, he thought out things so quickly and was a great player. My second would be Tuuta. Fitted in and executed things to a very high standard.
  2. Briggs

    Been away can't see any news on Briggs staying or leaving. Anybody know the latest? Any signings in the pipeline?
  3. Larne Patrick

    Not on the lawn on the carpet.
  4. Partnership wuth Wakefield college

    So it's funny. Only trying to help. Oh! Forgot to mention I coached the schoolkids to 3 firsts in the Pontefract Music Festival for a school that had never won anything before. Still just an old supporter. I will leave it now. Sorry to bother you. Forget I mentioned it.
  5. Partnership wuth Wakefield college

    If I can offer any help on the finance/banking/ literature side of things for travelling expenses only let me know. J.C. Smith BA(Hons) ACIB. Anything to help the Rovers. Available at the moment one day weekly from 10am to 5pm, apart from Tuesdays, Colin. Just finished 3 years at De Lacy Primary taking further reading, literature and understanding the meaning of words. Background: Featherstone born, active in rugby and athletics in youth, almost three years in the army in Egypt, experience as a miner, railway clerk, banker and soldier, 3 years at university, qualified banker, helped out in many different aspects of schools including governorship. Only downside is the age but brain still active. Here if needed. Colin.
  6. Scott Turner

    Turner would have been retained if I had the vote.
  7. 2018 Squad.

    I'd still like Briggs to give us another season,
  8. Season over ;Low and High points of 2017

    High: The efforts of everybody associated with the club. Low: The occasional lack of clear thinking.
  9. Saturdays Grand Final

    My definition of a true Fev fan is to follow them in every situation whatever it is through thick and thin. I have done this for almost 79 years. What other teams do is incidental to our fate and progress. If you really support your team do something definite to support them without there being anything in it for you. That's true support.
  10. Saturdays Grand Final

    Any team that has performed as Cas have this season deserves praise. It is nothing to do with being a true Fev supporter. I have followed Fev through thick and thin for many seasons and am just looking at the situation from a logical point of view. They have done extremely well and that is how I see it. If Leeds had accomplished the same feats then I would have said that they deserved it. The situation has nothing to do with being a true Fev fan. Having watched them from being a five year old and am now 83 I think I can claim to being a true Fev supporter. I have raised money for them, been and still am a volunteer and have served on the board. I also help lay the first terracing and gave a hand with the first floodlights. Sleepers from Acton Hall Colliery for terracing and floodlights from Hunslet . To admire another teams performance does not undermine my loyalty to Featherstone Rovers.
  11. Saturdays Grand Final

    Been a Fev supporter since 1939, during my working life I had to work in Leeds for quite a while. The attitude of the Leeds supporters was much the same as the attitude described about the Cas ones. You get it wherever you go. Had aggro in Hull in the past etc. Let's look at the situation without emotion. The exploits of the Castleford team this season have been superb. To win the final would be a good reward for their efforts. Our attitude then is a superior one of non aggression but polite applause. End of story. New season coming. UTR.
  12. 2018 Squad.

    Being purposely fabricated by the money men so we become one again with RU?
  13. Saturdays Grand Final

    I want Cas to win. A small, relatively speaking, town which has achieved great things. Gale has shown true grit and Powell deserves great praise. This success has at last gone from the big boys and is almost in Cas's grasp, they deserve to collect the trophy.
  14. Toronto

    Looking through the other end of the telescope the people making money out of this will not go down a path that loses them television viewers. Ok they are developing new outlets for more trade in other countries, but that would be a waste of time if they lose existing viewers. So I feel the present system will remain to ensure maximum income return. They are not interested in RL only in how much brass they can make. To that end they need as many viewers as possible. Hence a system that keeps viewers therefore promotion and relegation with money handed out on finishing position will continue. Maybe a few small changes but to main system will stay in existence.
  15. Toronto

    I thought a recent poll showed over 75% in favour of P & R? Surely the powers that be will look at that figure in their deliberations?