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  1. jamescolin

    Toronto and visa's

    Surely a short time visa is the answer with the particular player being supervised during the visit and game. The cost of supervision to be shared by the home and away clubs. All we need is a bit of common sense. The visa ends when the game is over and until visiting player returns home. If the player has to return for a second game the second visa is based on his standard of behaviour on the first. If ok then renew for the second game on same basis.
  2. It will; be very interesting to see the line up for the match. What would yours be?
  3. Hock is now an obvious target for teams to aggravate him and then get him sent off. Hope we have some scheme for success from the powers that be.
  4. So who from that lot is playing half back?
  5. jamescolin

    fevnut's blog: Fev v London

    Some talk o0f Paul March playing for us at half back. Just a bit of rubbish I reckon . He is 38.
  6. So what is our line up going to be? As a matter of interest where is Hall going?
  7. Seems all round to be geared to us losing.
  8. Regarding half backs is Dwyer not available? If not I would play Thackery at scrum half and Hardcastle at stand off. What would your selection be?
  9. jamescolin

    Well done Ian lad

    Oh for a Don Fox and a Paul Newlove, great memories and well done Ian.
  10. Perhaps they don't want us in the top 4 because if we are there is a strong possibility that we will be playing them as they are looking very likely to be in the bottom four of SL.
  11. jamescolin

    We could still qualify

    22 at fulltime. That still leaves us 39 points in front and we could boost that with a good win at Swinton. Looks like the London game will be the decider in the top 4.
  12. jamescolin

    We could still qualify

    Rochdale losing by 18 to Leigh, FA could still be important. Not that long to go.
  13. jamescolin

    Match Tread Swinton Away 15th July

    Didn't they lose to Rochdale who we put 80 points past? Surely the object will be to put 80 past them so we enhance our FA to keep us in front of Leigh who have an easy run in. It might very easily come down to FA in the end.
  14. jamescolin

    Briscoe to Leeds then

    Could he be remaining on DR and Leeds paying his wages thereby having first choice of his services ?