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  1. jamescolin

    Man of Match Poll- Volunteer required

    Graph chart and paper records ready to go. Roll on the season UTR. As I said to Maureen, Friday 5pm is the latest voting time. Please vote early if you can. Just presentation items to sort out but we have time for that.
  2. jamescolin

    Injury updates

    The easy answer would be to have a group season ticket at a reduced cost. When producing their Season Ticket they get a discount as well on food and drinks. The kids ticket could be in a raffle every home game with various prizes offered. It is call marketing.
  3. jamescolin

    2019 Squad

    Hopefully some injured players back. In view of the signings and the trial games how do you see the line up for the bigger games coming along? Would you give the fullback who played in the Hunslet game a run out?
  4. jamescolin

    2019 Squad

    Looks good. There must be a prop with the same name. Sorry I got it wrong.
  5. jamescolin

    2019 Squad

    Thought he was a 19stone prop?
  6. jamescolin

    Man of Match Poll- Volunteer required

    Ok Maureen let's make it Friday then. Is that Ok for everybody? That will give me the weekend to collate the figures.
  7. jamescolin

    Man of Match Poll- Volunteer required

    Thanks for your reply Steve. I will sort the cup presentation out with you later. For the people who vote please note I will want your vote in by Wednesday following the match. Our first match is on Feb 3rd Bradford Away. So please have your votes in by Wednesday the 6th February latest. UTR
  8. jamescolin

    Jackie Fennell

    Sorry I will be on my way to a holiday down south. My condolences to the family. RIP Jack.
  9. jamescolin

    Man of Match Poll- Volunteer required

    Pressed wrong button should be Teteh of course.
  10. jamescolin

    Man of Match Poll- Volunteer required

    Very artistic of you. I can just picture you working it out.
  11. jamescolin

    Man of Match Poll- Volunteer required

    It is easy. When voting for Ase Boas you put Boas A. When voting for Watson Boas you put Boas W. Voting for Thompson Tetch you put TT.
  12. jamescolin

    Man of Match Poll- Volunteer required

    Then they would have to have come here by tube. And I am trying to simplify things.!
  13. Refresh my memory. When we play Leeds can we use DR even though they are their players? I was hoping they could to give the DR players a chance to fit in to the new grouping.
  14. jamescolin

    Ryan Carr, New Head Coach?

    Perhaps he should have come by Carr.
  15. jamescolin

    fevnut's musing 2019 #2

    If you ever watch the video it was Hankin's pass that created the winning try. I was there that day and the timing was perfect.