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  1. Surely a lot of the first choice 17 are either suspended or injured? Some may be back for the Halifax game so this is the best way forward. With whose available what would your team for the Sheffield match be without DR?
  2. BUT if we win this one we can have a SL team at home and there will be a bigger gate for the last eight so lets be positive.
  3. Been away on holiday. Has Thacks just one more game to miss? Agree about the props. Suddenly DR looks welcoming.
  4. Turner 1. Cooper 2. Aston 3 Magnificent play. Well done.
  5. I'd be interested to know if Lee was part of the Westerman family that lived in Purston in the new houses(then). I did say welcome but had a laugh as well.
  6. Was a cheap packet anyway. Only two or three goes in a rubber
  7. Westerman is a Featherstone name going way back welcome Lee. How about for the traditionalists : LD Nutrition brings a New Tradition? Or with the right Leeway this could be the DAWN of a new era?
  8. Surely Blue Pike if Durex had come up with an offer there would have been a pregnant pause in the proceedings?
  9. We had a game recently against Rochdale and kept on tapping instead of taking 5 kickable penalties. The taps got us nowhere but we would have won as the penalties were all kickable. Somehow I feel we did the right thing against you as they kept us in the game. Surely the crux of the matter was the interception tries? If we had watch our line out these wouldn't have happened. It is easy to be wise after the event.
  10. 'All round' being the operative words then I agree. I would like to see Briggs if needed because of injuries or suspensions at centre or loose forward or even as a back up at fullback. I would like to see him remain as a Featherstone player.
  11. Any notice of the results of the charges yet.
  12. !. Briscoe 2.Davis 3. Bostock
  13. I think you were offside with that reply Mo.
  14. So how do you think we will line up?
  15. The team shown does not include him. Was it published before the news of his visa. What is the team for Sunday?