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  1. Minga

    Perhaps he's just Mingaling
  2. M.O.M. Rovers V York

  3. Why do RL clubs fold?

    The answer to all this is cash flow. Any business has to get its cash flow right. I always told my customers to have 3 months overheads in their banking account. Then if things go wrong they have 3 months to correct the situation. Overspending in expectation of results is wrong. The other answer is to diversify. Make money from other sources rather than just game receipts. When marketing your product you should sell what the customer wants to buy and adapt the product accordingly.
  4. M.O.M. Rovers V York

    Who scored the last try?
  5. Match thread versus York

    Hope to see you around.
  6. Match thread versus York

    Thanks to you and Blue Pike. Hope to be around for next game.
  7. Match thread versus York

    Cheers. Is the game on. If so what's the score
  8. Match thread versus York

    Still suffering from the bug that's going the rounds. Hope to be better next week. Over a fortnight now. Really missing my rugby. Hope to be of some help in some quarter this season.
  9. Percy’s big day out

    Here if needed
  10. Match thread versus York

    That's good news. Longo may it continue
  11. Match thread versus York

    Have we recently come into more money? The earnings were about same last year but we didn't go into the market like we are doing now.
  12. toront sack three

    Burton - tailor made.
  13. 2018 Squad.

    If so would it be coming from Hull?
  14. Team Photo 1988-89

    Great memories of John Newlove as well. His swerve round opposition players instead of a sidestep will always stay in my mind. One of the most under rated players of our history was to my mind was Steve Hankin. His performance at Wembley was top class. Newlove skipping through = yes- but lets have happy memories of Steve Evans also skipping through. Would have liked to see them play together.
  15. Team Photo 1988-89

    Thanks for the notional coconut Graham, I wont shy away from that. Funny thing about the plaudits for Fox the way the photo is taken he looks like he is wearing a crown but it is the fence behind him. Perhaps he was metaphorically awarded it on the day.