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  1. We won. We also played some very good rugby. Analyse and analyse but in the end we were the better team and seem to be improving week on seek. TT was mentioned as a player earlier in the week, was he excluded because he wasn't fully fit?
  2. Chisholm Hardcastle Davies Great all round performance.
  3. So in all aspects we are talking about class. We have some now so lets back it up and retain it. I joined the lottery let others follow to maintain our improvement.
  4. Ken Dodd was born in Knotty Ash so he was a Liverpool lad. We know RL players lose teeth Ken Dodd had his own he told the audience he had just finished paying for them.
  5. Rocky was unbeaten. Shows skill is paramount in any sport. You do need a bit of punch of course.
  6. I have watched every game so far. Really impressed with Huddersfield's effort. Grateful for the rain helps with the garden watering.
  7. Expenses for moving the new stand?
  8. With the names mentioned for positions it will be a fight to get a place. Enjoy your French trip Robin.
  9. Right I am now putting the lid on the York game. As you will all have realised Chisholm was the outstanding winner of the voting for this match. He scored over 60 points. Second was Holmes with 21 votes. Then a bit of a tussle but King and Golding got 13 votes each. So it reads Chisholm 3 points, Holmes 2 points and King and Golding one point each. Overall Chisholm is catching fast but King still leads by one vote. King 11, Chisholm 10, Cooper, Golding and Bussey 9, are the leaders. So on to the Bradford game.
  10. A very good point POR. Just hope that Davies is not totally left out in the cold.
  11. So really if Ferguson IS playing you reckon it is Harrison on the bench with Ferguson and Ormandroyd with one from Davies and Cooper missing out? So let's say that Harrison and Ferguson are subs for the second row on your estimation Davies misses out as Ormandroyd and Cooper would be the sub props . Having said that I think Davies deserves a place. Can't we drop Day or Walters?
  12. I reckon: Render, Carey, TT, Hardcastle, Briscoe, Chisholm, Holmes, Wheeldon, King, Makatoa, Harrison ,Walters, Lockwood. Subs: Ferguson, Ormandroyd, Davies and Cooper. Might be different , how do you see it?
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