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    Foe the future they could of course be included in the Season Ticket price. If you want one then you have a Season Ticket that shows you have already paid for it. Spares could be assessed by demand. Market accordingly.

    Coukld be overcome by people ordering and paying for their programmes for the season now. Cut the ove3rall price and they will sell. We also have to remember that sponsors are advertising there so programmes are necessary.
  3. Hock

    I meant evidence that this had been pre prepared Robin.
  4. Missing the game due to illness. Can anybody tell me the line up and how the score is progressing> Cheers.
  5. Hock

    I can see where you are coming from but it is mainly speculation about the circumstances without any real evidence. If what you said is true then the sacked player would have to be part of the controversy. Unfortunate but which way would you have settled the problem? As in all societies there are people with bigger qualifications than other. What are yours? I have two degrees and forty years commercial experience. I can see both sides of the coin but feel that the Rovers have done their best in the situation they found themselves in. Your name seems to suggest 'Out of the woods or forest' are you considering going back there and not going to a game this season?
  6. Hock

    Were the rest of your clothes in Hock?
  7. 2018 Squad.

    If he has really signed most of us will say very welcome Gareth. We look forward to seeing you.
  8. Hock

    Cheers Mo. On the mend.
  9. Hock

    Thanks Mo. Not quite myself. A bit muddled with this bug I have. Haven't been out for a week and still coughing phlegm. I am sorry for this silly mistake. Just told the fake news by someone who was obviously taking the ?????. Have a good game tomorrow. Colin
  10. Hock

    Sorry again mixed names up. Not well at the moment as you can probably tell. Unfortunately missing game tomorrow much to my regret.
  11. Hock

    Sorry must have missed Glassells signing. See he is playing tomorrow.
  12. Hock

    Has he actually signed? Have we also signed a player named Glassell?
  13. Hock

    Lots of rumours about Williamson and Glassell. Can anybody put us in the picture?
  14. Hock

    Let's take him out of Hock and given another chance. Let's hope future charging is him going forward.