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  1. Please vote for your Rovers M.O.M after the game versus Dewsbury at home. First three choices please.
  2. jamescolin

    M.O.M Swinton v Featherstone Rovers

    Because of the variation of the vote although they have not scored recently D Smith is still in front on 7, King and Watson have 6, and Newman has 4. We have 4 on three, three on two and three on one.
  3. jamescolin

    M.O.M Swinton v Featherstone Rovers

    Ok no vote since Wednesday so I am closing it down at 5pm. At the moment Hardcastle is just in front of Goulding with Briscoe just edging Reynolds. We seem to have new winners every week. The end result is going to be very interesting.
  4. jamescolin

    Ase Boas Mutually Released

    Is there a restriction on them being brought over if he has?
  5. jamescolin


    Unless you know the terms of his contract which of course will have restrictions and clauses in it then you cannot pass judgement. Further his actual actions have been not very hard on his opponents. When a bloke gets one match more for actually head butting someone then you might believe he is being maligned by the authorities. I am speaking from memory but didn't a player get sent off and only got two matches?
  6. jamescolin

    Renewal of Loans

    Doesn't Ma Ma now give us some cover?
  7. jamescolin


    When a player has served his banned time that should be the end of the matter. Each game should start afresh. Referees should not have him as a marked man. It is totally ridiculous to earmark a bloke before a game has started. If what has been said is true then the refs should be banned not him.
  8. jamescolin

    M.O.M Swinton v Featherstone Rovers

    Is that ooooo what a referee? Did he lose his pea? Or is it a rhyme May33 thinks the team are all at sea? Or all they all noughts and you have nought to say? I am trying desperately hard to place your vote. However it is doubly difficult as I looked at the RL Express and found that Briscoe was playing on both wings. I bet he was tired. Can anybody tell me who was on the other wing or is it going to be ooooooooooo I don't know.
  9. jamescolin

    Pitch inspection at Swinton

    Can't we play it a Fev and then reverse our home game.?
  10. jamescolin

    Renewal of Loans

    My favourite subjects Mo are people and words. But they were both important to money. I used to listen intently to people and their words and then amended my sales to conform to what they wanted to buy not what I had initially had to sell. That is the way to advance and make lasting profits. LISTEN to what people WANT and act accordingly.
  11. jamescolin

    Pitch inspection at Swinton

    Are they changing the name to Swimton.
  12. jamescolin

    M.O.M. Featherstone Rovers versus Sheffield

    I aim to please. Your comment Squidward is gratefully received. Hope to tie up the loose ends at the end of the season.
  13. jamescolin

    Swinton challenge cup game

    The crowd wont be an indicator in my opinion. Swinton not a great attraction and there wont be many of their supporters there. 1pm is fine by me as I cannot get to night matches. 3pm would also have been ok.
  14. Please vote for your MOM for the game Swinton v Featherstone. First three choices please.