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  1. The only reason for the so called expansion is to get more TV viewers for the Murdoch regime. In the meantime clubs are just existing on meagre crowds. We need resurrection in the heartland before we venture forth., If clubs in other countries want to play then let them apply but we need attention to our original clubs as a priority.
  2. Yes Richard we know they are but they don't pay interest. I am talking about a new scheme to attract people to invest in the club..
  3. Let's go back to one league of 28 clubs. Like it was in the old days. We play all the Yorkshire clubs home and away and four Lancashire/Cumberland clubs of equal standing to us. End all the squabbling and would result in the required progress over a period without the distress that could happen on the present system. SL was introduced for income of the television people not for the good of the game.
  4. One league of 28 clubs. This minnows outside this arrangement keeping in their own league and developing. The Yorkshire clubs play each other home and away plus four Lancashire/Cumberland clubs of equal standing home and away. No promotion or relegation, more income as the present Championship clubs have previous SL club derby's. Top 8 play off. Top club get League Leaders Shield. Winner of top 8 play offs the Championship trophy. Income to be distributed more equably. Simple solution without heartbreak We would be going back to the past but it was so much better!
  5. Appeal to their Communist so called ideals. They are supposed to support the working classes, let's tell them about our start in the sporting world and tell them about our ideas. Having said that, if it is equal shares for everybody in their ideal world how the heck do they get multi millionaires? Think I will stick to the shares idea.. Like your original thinking BP.
  6. The club needs finance. Ok so they offer shares at a very competitive rate of 3% over a three years term. Interest payable gross after the three years. Each share is £100. So even if only 1000 people invest buying one share each we have £100,000. They have to pay out (if money not reinvested at gross amount) nine grand after three years, but the money taken if used wisely could bring a very much larger return. We have land and outlets that could be fully exploited. We should not only look for bigger crowds for income. Cater for rentals, children entertainment, advising people, helping older folks with their wills and estates, development of the land in a careful fashion etc. This would be good for the club and give the spectators something for their money. So that is the basic minimum the investment could bring much more. On the basis mentioned I would buy 5 shares ( £500 ). Just an idea folks. There could be many variations, but as BD says let's do something! We have the assets = make them work for us!
  7. R.I.P Ray. My sincere condolences to his family. Watched you all through the 1952 season including the cup run before I went for my National Service in Egypt. Great player and a great bloke.
  8. Instead of all that messing just buy shares in the club. Surely the club could make an offer to fans. With the assets we have it would be a good investment.
  9. Or to go back to one league. Yorkshire play all Yorkshire clubs and 4 Lancashire clubs of equal standing. Finance then will come from gate receipts. The League one small clubs stay as they are, developing.
  10. Start up a new company. We then invest in the fixed assets of the Rovers as shareholders. In the future we are going to see the development of the land we own and this should provide an income (make it leasehold please), the shareholders would then get an increasing value of their shares and dividends as well. That is a far better way of going forward. Ok I have been down this path before but to my mind this is the right route. Private limited company selling shares to its supporters. Investment in the Rovers and a way forward for the investors. £10 a share with a minimum purchase of 5 or 10 shares. Various other ways of looking at it but that is the outline of the way I would go. The rented property would bring in income and the assets would increase in value as time went on. I would definitely buy some shares on that basis.
  11. Missi, Thacks. Briggs. Welcome back Briggsy.
  12. One problem could be that if names are bandied about then they could be disciplined and then might not be available if needed in the team. Case of let sleeping dogs lie I would say.
  13. How about: Pulling together, Working together, that makes you strong, We'll get along, working and pulling together, that's how it starts , Fev;s strong hearts. Together, together , together,.
  14. The songs that are sung i.e 'OLD FAITHFUL and ARM AN ARM have both got the word 'together' in them meaning the club/team and supporters are together in spirit and support. On that basis I looked up the word 'Together' in songs and lyrics and I found this by 5th Dimension. With a very slight alteration it is appropriate to us. It goes as follows: LIVING TOGETHER, GROWING TOGETHER JUST BEING TOGETHER THATS HOW IT STARTS FEV'S LOVING HEARTS PULLING TOGETHER, WORKING TOGETHER JUST BUILDING TOGETHER THAT MAKES YOU STRONG WHEN THINGS GO WRONG WE'LL STILL GET ALONG LIVING AND GROWING TOGETHER., The bold bit is where I put Fev's name. Sounds good. and could be adapted to a short lyric. Just a thought by a long serving loyal supporter. What do you think?
  15. Lots of beautiful places around us. In the past fortnight I haver been to Brayton Woods, Fairburn Ings, Brocadale, and the river walk in York near the old chocolate factory. Been retired 23 years and still love this area. Beauty of Nature all around us. Next is the reopened beauty area in Allerton Bywater. You could also include New Miller Dam and Mary Pannel wood at Ledston.. UTR.