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  1. Whatever Batley's (well their supporters at least) woes might be, I still think they will want to put one over on us and they probably will. Dewsbury 16-24 Batley FTS: Ward MoM: Sykes Att: 867
  2. Same one I think Coolie. I believe he went from us to Fev (he was on loan to us (?)), another chasing big money...or was that Ben Hellewell?
  3. Now edited my post. Took me ages to get to sleep last night, knowing something was not quite right. Came to me this morning and then I noticed your post.
  4. Whilst all about us last night was awful, the entrance, the facilities, the game (second half collapse anyway), the dual registration system (Liam Senior was the only DR, for Coolie's benefit), and for some, the inconvenient conveniences, the playing surface was like an oasis in a desert.
  5. The pitch looked okay!
  6. From what I've heard, Briggs is keen on joining the free spending Bulls.
  7. If fit (Crookes isn't), I would put out the same team, which should be encouragement to all. Still think we'll lose though Sheffield 30-12 Dewsbury FTS: Brown Att: 638
  8. I disagree with you; I saw an improvement in the first half at Halifax and against Batley it can't been all Neil's work. Give them some credit.
  9. I think most of us before the game were certain of another hammering, but it was lovely to see we were wrong. The lads played like a team thst has been together for sometime and defended superbly. Our attack might still need some improvement, but even todsy we saw some and I liked the forty/twenty kicks which I think might have been forbidden by the previous incumbent as we saw so few of them. I thought Ned spoke well in the Royal Suite about the players and the fans coming together in the future. Went home very happy, but still worried thst we might come unstuck on Monday, though play as we did today and I will have no qualms.
  10. Too soon I think for Ned to have turned things around. Dewsbury 6-32 Batley Try scorer: Ward MioM: Ward Att: 1272
  11. Have yet to see any semblance of that PM.
  12. Back to the topic: I thought our defence was good in the first half, but we lacked ideas whilst attacking. We still tend to pass to a standing player; it's as though no player is allowed to move forward until the ball is in a player's hand and you have to say the try we scored was somewhat fortuitous with Speakman collecting the ball in the in-goal area off a rebound and did he touch the ball down back in the field of play? It was difficult to be certain with players crowding the area. Some uncertainty might be added to Saltonstall's try too. Second half, once Halifax took the lead, heads seemed to drop and the defence wobbled and was not helped by injuries to players, some having to remain, or return to the field.
  13. I can only see another trouncing in this fixture. Halifax 44-4 Dewsbury Try scorer: Morton MoM: Teanby Att: 1303
  14. Re-read your original posting on the subject and see how difficult it is to both read and understand it. I'm with Wilsden Ram on this.
  15. Not expecting a miracle against Fev after only a couple of training sessions with KO & JS, just wholehearted commitment. Dewsbury 12-28 Featherstone FTS: Brown (one or the other) MoM: Guzdek Att: 1162