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  1. Crown Flatter

    Craig Miles

    He is, although now no longer a wingman.
  2. Crown Flatter

    Ch Shield: Featherstone v Dewsbury

    I thought I was quite complimentary about Fev in my opening comments, but my 'unbalanced' report was generally about the team I support and for our supporters. You can see by the penalty count that we are not saintly To balance things a bit then, I thought some of our ex-players now in your ranks stood out for me. I would not have awarded Ridyard MoM, but given it to Thackeray or Wildie. I thought they were controlling things nicely, yet the latter did nothing when he played for Dewsbury (must have been the coaching). In the forwards Davies and Lockwood were good.
  3. Crown Flatter

    Ch Shield: Featherstone v Dewsbury

    Thanks LTS. I think where I was standing my view of the ref was obstructed by others on the field. I can only recall one other 'on report' stoppage.
  4. Crown Flatter

    Ch Shield: Featherstone v Dewsbury

    Another defeat to Fev with their forwards paving the way down the middle, but I think we were our own worst enemy yesterday. From the resultant kick-off to four of our tries we committed the infamous error, allowing Featherstone the opportunity to attack within twenty metres of our line. On a positive aspect, Josh Guzdek was my MoM; safe under the high ball (as he usually is) and great on attack with his storming breaks, one of which led to James Glover's first try and, in the second half, his deft kick twenty metres out for Daniel Igbinedion to gleefully accept and dash over close to the posts. Glover's second try came from his extended arm signal for Sykes to kick and the centre was on hand to touch down from much the same position as with Guzdek's kick. I suppose the highlight of our tries came from Dale Morton's interception try of some ninety metres' length, from which Glover converted. In the first half Newman intercepted and scored for the Rovers, but did he knock down a pass and the scoop up the ball before racing away? Questions also must be asked about Taulapapa's try in front of the Dewsbury faithful. He overran a move and the ball went to his wingman, Whylie, who ran forward and turned the ball inside for what looked like a forward pass and his centre scored. The try was awarded, but if it was a forward pass, then Dewsbury should have had a penalty as Taulapapa was offside at the point of receiving the ball. No doubt some disgruntled Fev supporters will want to respond to my allegation! I have to say that until yesterday, our ref for the day, Nick Bennett, was one of my favoured officials, but for this match he and his colleagues missed head high tackles, forward passes and allowed Fev, especially, to lay on in the tackle. He also put two incidents on report, both of which confused most spectators and neither was mentioned in the Leagur Express report. That paper continues to disappoint with its lack of in depth match reports. All in all, an interesting game with only twelve points in it, but it could have been so much closer if only.....
  5. Crown Flatter

    Ch Shield: Featherstone v Dewsbury

    Seems the players are optimistic about beating our hosts come Sunday, but I cannot see it happening, even if we have improved lately. Fev 42-16 Dewsbury FTS: Ward MoM: Brown Att: Morton Att: 1498
  6. Crown Flatter

    1st September

    Do wake up Piggy. See above from BSJ: Richardson is a Dewsbury Moor lad.
  7. Crown Flatter

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    You don't want much do you?
  8. Crown Flatter

    Barrow predictions ;

    It was a disjointed game, punctuated by some needless penalties given away by both sides. I thought the referee officiated fairly (as he should of course) and can allow any errors he may have made. Disjointed it was, but Dewsbury never looked in danger and Barrow's two tries, I feel could have been repelled. I must agree that Worrincy's break and backing up by Delaney was first class and it's good to Ryder justifying his acquisition by the club. I reckon tries scored must be ahead of appearances made for him We must stop trying to score every time we have the ball; a little composure and a steadying hand would pay dividends. That's what's needed next week and a resolute defence if we are to get anywhere near Featherstone.
  9. Crown Flatter

    Barrow predictions ;

    I'm hoping the cue is nicely chalked and e play as a team both on attack and defence. Suffice to say I would be most disappointed with a defeat. Dewsbury 36-12 Barrow FTS: Teanby MoM: Speakman Att: 728
  10. Crown Flatter

    Sheffield away.

    Coolie's final 20 minutes' prediction looked to be taking shape. They got us a bit rattled, we looked tired and had consecutive drops-out, a try conceded, just two points in our favour and I had an idea we might then collapse. Against Batley, we had done so by that time, but in this game we rallied with Delaney scooting through to score and then Ward going low to touch down. No missed conversions by Sykes this time either. They scored at the very end, making the score look a bit tight. I think both teams played the game at an unnecessary frenetic pace, seemingly trying to score on every attack, when a little more composure may have worked better. Needless to say, we had a fair number of knocks-on. Speakman's one error didn't alter my thinking that he was our MoM; silly me was thinking he was aiming for a long kick and a chase, rather than fining touch! Also, Brad Delaney acquitted himself with a fine game.
  11. Crown Flatter

    New Structure

    Gerraway. Oh, but you have been.
  12. Crown Flatter

    Sheffield away.

    Don't think the players know about things like motivation. Sometimes I think they're not bothered whether they win or lose.
  13. Crown Flatter

    Sheffield away.

    Yes, I recall that game and it was our shocking defence, as at Batley.
  14. Crown Flatter

    Sheffield away.

    You know, I think you could be right about the last 20 minutes.
  15. Crown Flatter

    Sheffield away.

    No idea what our team will be, but I think with Sheffield being at home, they will win and by a greater margin than that hot Sunday lunchtime game in the nearly forgotten summer. Sheffield 30-16 Dewsbury FTS: Brown MoM: Sykes Att: 538