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  1. Crown Flatter

    Bulls 20 Rams 18

    The gane had been 18 all for some time and I wondered if a draw had ensued after eighty minutes what the outcome might have been. Close to the end Bradfird were awarded a penalty and converted it and my thoughts didn’t matter, but like Coolie, I have not had sight of the fag packet detailing the “what iffs”.
  2. Crown Flatter

    Bulls 20 Rams 18

    I totally agree about the needless penalties we gave away, but can’t say I was much encouraged by our display. I wonder if the 27 substitutions we made (well it seemed like that number) contributed to the defeat? It took us the best part of half an hour to get going, but the two first half tries close to and on, half time showed we can play. Second half we were returned to the lack of finishing when near our opponents’ line and were generally disappointing on attack. Bradfird players and fans have not changed over the years; the team tends to get away with forward passes and their supporters never see anything wrong in whatever their players do. Sykes was booed, jeered and whistled at when he was sin binned, but kept very quiet when Flanagan committed the same foul for his ten minutes’ rest.
  3. Crown Flatter

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    If players are being rested after completing in the two previous matches I will select from: 1 Morton 2 Worrincy 3 Gabriel 4 Ryder 5 Halliday 6 Thomas 7 Brown 8 Sheriffe 9 Day 10 Nicholson 11 Richardson 12 Johnson 13 Mackay 14 Halmshaw 15 Rae 16 Garrett 17 Martin I would like to see Ryder and Halliday on the left as I think they could work well together, especially on a big pitch like Odsal.
  4. Crown Flatter

    Semi final

    If we are playing a “mixed bag” of players, then I think we will lose this match: Bradford 28-16 Dewsbury FTS: Thomas MoM: Day Att: 2033
  5. Crown Flatter

    Nice win rams

    Like you BSJ, I knew nothing of Nigel Halmshaw so I have just sought out some details about him. He played with West Bowling for years, became a fitness expert with gym and emigrated with his family to Australia. He has three sons, Danny, Louis and Archie, all playing the game.
  6. Crown Flatter

    Nice win rams

    Nick, our number 34 was Danny Halmshaw, presumably the deputy hooker with Day missing and he was good when he was on, both at acting half and when tackling. I know nothing more of him though. I enjoyed both matches and in the first game Hunslet Club Parkside acquitted themselves as much as some Ch1 clubs would have done. York, though, had the craft in their performance to get the win. Neither game was played as though a friendly to me and both showed things have still to be ironed out before the season begins. First half it seemed as though Dewsbury were eyeing up the opposition, ready to wear them out in the second. As it was, changes to both sides saw Fev take a near dominant rôle with Davies to the fore, yet we squeezed in at the end with fans’ favourite Tom Halliday touching down and surprising a Fev player hoping the ball would go dead. Some Bradford fans in front of us were delighted with the performance of their former player Andrade and he does show a lot of promise
  7. Crown Flatter

    Yorkshire Cup - not bothered?

    It’s the Yorkshire Cup no matter what you think. Demicracy dies not allow interference or being cajoled into voting a certain way.
  8. Crown Flatter

    New shirt

    Compliments from ovver t’other side, whatever next? Piggy’s Mate thought we were rubbish and that was before we’d even played a game, so I’ll accept your positive remark.
  9. Crown Flatter

    New shirt

    I think you can guess.
  10. Crown Flatter

    New shirt

    Seen the shirt in play. The red is too orange The amber is too yellow and The black is too much.
  11. Crown Flatter

    Today's game........... Observations

    If only Ryder had curbed his excitement we would have scored, without his double movement because he was up quickly, played the ball which was moved out and touched down. I thought it was a double movement; he did reach out as though to score, even though his reach was somewhat short of the line. I thought in the first half we showed little sign of attacking flair and feared Batley would run away with the game playing down hill in the second half, but to our credit, we stuck to it and nearly pulled off the draw. I too, felt Andrade played well, as did Jacob Thomas when he came on for Morton, and then moved to half back for Heckford, who, in my estimation, had a poor game, throwing wayward passes. I suppose both teams were a bit rusty, given that it was the first outing for both. To me it was a dour game and certainly not the touch and pass type seen previously, but it was great to watch some rugby again.
  12. Crown Flatter

    The Dewsbury Faithful sponsorship

    Just do it!
  13. Crown Flatter

    Garry Schofield predicts:

    My prediction: 1 Toronto 2 Toulouse 3 Widnes 4 Halifax 5 Leigh 6 Featherstone 7 Bradford 8 York 9 Sheffield 10 Batley 11 Dewsbury 12 Barrow 13 Swinton 14 Rochdale York, I understand, are keen to show they mean business and will be intent to finish in the top four (don't think they will). I am not sure about Leigh and Featherstone this time, but will probably be close. Dark horses for me are Sheffield (and with their acquisitions ought to do something) and Barrow. I think us I finishing 12th would be acceptable, but would feel happier a place above.
  14. Crown Flatter

    Players For 2019

    What's this I hear about a second Australian player joining us today?
  15. Crown Flatter

    Boxing Day

    We only have one team PM and as we have yet to see it perform, we don't know if it's rubbish or brilliant.