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  1. Stadium naming rights

    Tom, in the preparation to be relocated, the club was then a Members' Club still and the members voted for the new ground to be named 'Crown Flatt' and 'New' was never used as the title. Now with regard to your suggestion that the ground might have YBS in the title and change to that company's colours of blue and yellow, well Dewsbury County Borough Council's colours were blue and gold, as seen in the coat of arms. I don't care for the title alluding to the colliery name (and I realise it was only you putting forward an idea), but should we reflect on one of our other main industries, that of producing the finest blankets in the world ? I still think we should retain some of our heritage in the name and for our younger spectators I'm sure they would like to be able to remember our history.
  2. V The Giants

    The result was Huddersfield 32-22 Dewsbury. It turned out to be a better game than I thought it would. At half time, with the score at 22-6 to the Giants, I heard a confident Claret & Gold supporter fully satisfied with his team's score line and he suggested to his friend that a big score might result. He was completely wrong. It has to be accepted that this was a trial for both sides with each team having a mixture of regular first team players and those wishing to become such. The scoring started when Guzdek unexpectedly, for him, dropped a high ball and they scored from that. Our initial try came from a clever quick to the right with Potts being quick on the uptake to go over in the corner unopposed. Sykes converted. When the Giants had the ball they quickly made good ground and their speed allowed them to get tries with our defensive line-up stretched st times. In the second half Huddersfield soon increased their lead, but with players being swapped at regular intervals the game swung our way. Knowles was very good today I thought. In the first half he was acting half a few times and when Sykes went off the no┬░ 12 seemed to assume the captaincy ( is he our vice-captain?) as he lead our players well and managed a 40/20, from which we scored when Morton touched down his astute kick.Two further tries came within five minutes when Glover and Hallet went over. As we were leaving I heard a Dewsbury supporter suggesting that Huddersfield got two tries from forward passes; I certainly called one of them so. Our defence was much better than in the Batley game and so was our discipline, although we still commit too many indiscretions (some we got away with) and we even won the penalty count (7-6 in my count). All in all, a good encounter, but should we read anything into it?
  3. Griffin

    Is a 35/36 year old prop too old, or simply "experienced"? Jeff Grayshon springs to mind here. Would our coach want him? would he want to play for us? Is he the impact type of hard running prop we need?
  4. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    For what it's worth, I'll add my two penn'orth on clubs finishing where this year. 1 Leigh, simply because they will, with all the help they have received (or will receive). 2 Toronto, should be close to Leigh because of the money they can spend on players. 3 Featherstone, should be up there based on the past couple of seasons. 4 Toulouse, here because they will have ironed out any of last season's little problems. 5 London, losing Hendo will affect them somewhat, but the players they have will help them to stay close to the top. 6 Halifax, might be a toss-up between them and Batley for this position. 7 Batley, see above, but I think might be just the weaker of the two. 8 Dewsbury, SHOULD be good enough, but indiscipline and defensive errors need to be righted. 9 Barrow, might be the dark horses this season. 10 Sheffield, who knows with this outfit, but cannot see them being relegated. 11 Rochdale, not sure they will have enough strength in depth. 12 Swinton, seemingly most people's favourite for the drop and I think the same. Who is their stand out player to look to for progress?
  5. 2018 Squad confirmed

    I was going to offer something similar to that mentioned by Grumpy (except I've never been a supporter of Wakfield Trinity - nor any club but Dewsbury), but I will add that I cannot see how players from either Huddersfield or Wakefield will benefit Dewsbury; are they any better than those we have? Last season we had what turned out to be first team players of Trinity's In our side, but they simply did not earn their crust and we could have the same again. If Crowrher is as good as you reckon, then why is he not in your first team now? Finally, why do you think the Dewsbury club is unambitious and what are the ambitions of Wakefield - a club with no ground to call its own?
  6. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    Charming, but I guess that's Batley in a Saturday night.
  7. Season Ticket still not arrived

    I'm sorry to say Nick, that that is so and I cannot see any improvement on the horizon. I understand that letters were sent to members of the Squadbuilder informing them of the meeting prior to the shirt launch evening. I never received mine, but I just wonder why information of this meeting was not sent by email; now there again, unless there has been nothing to report, I have not received any recently.
  8. Season Ticket still not arrived

    Nobody has replaced Angela (definitely the wrong person to release), but I gather there was no intention to do so either.
  9. Crowd tomorrow.

    I feel sure the admission charge will be same as normal games. This weather might put some folk off, so my guess would be around 1200 attending with a final score of: Dewsbury 24 - 20 Batley FTS: Everett MoM: Hallett!
  10. Look who has gone to the Bulls

    I like the bit about him passing on his RL "experience". For how long has he played the game? I wish him all the best there. I liked him.
  11. Toronto Wolfpack

    If Hamilton is supposedly keen on joining us, wonder why Toronto Wolfpack didn't contact the group there, the two cities are only about 70 miles apart? Then again, perhaps their stadium is not yet ready.
  12. Toronto Wolfpack

    Probably so, as officers are perceived as being members of the upper classes, which see the rest of us as silly asses.
  13. 2018 Squad confirmed

    We also must welcome Jack Teanby, back after a stint with Sheffield, so says the 'Dewsbury Reporter'!
  14. Toronto Wolfpack

    I think you will find that our asses, donkeys, hinneys and mules had all been saved when you arrived here!
  15. Boxing Day - any hope?

    Come on Nick, don't be grumpy like er, GOR. Go and enjoy the fresh air, exercise your vocal chords ('course you may have done that the day previous shouting at the kids) and the game.