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  1. Crown Flatter

    Players For 2019

    Jose Kenga won't be one them as he has joined Rochdale.
  2. Crown Flatter

    Keeping the faith

    Don't bank on it.
  3. Crown Flatter

    Steve Lingard - Passed Away

    I think we signed FIVE from Cas with money from the sale of Mick Stephenson and they were: Terry Biscombe Steve Brunyee Ben Fowler and two others I invite anyone to name as I cannot recall their names.
  4. Crown Flatter

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    Funny you should mention tea. At the Fans' Forum someone at the bar ordered his alcoholic beverages and a cup of tea. The barman said he'd no idea of the cost, offered it free of charge and said he'd never never been asked for tea before.
  5. Crown Flatter

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    Oh dear Kelsey, you must have Courage to drink John Smith's beer.
  6. Crown Flatter

    Interesting development at Sheffield

    The only Noble thing about Bradford is some former player.
  7. Crown Flatter

    Jack Teanby

    For evaluated read evaporated, exhausted, finished. Must try and remember to look at that productive tics thingy.
  8. Crown Flatter

    Jack Teanby

    Trout is currently on holiday so we cannot yet determine whether he will re-sign or not. Walshaw needs a secondary job as funding for his management of the 4G pitches has evaluated. Greenwood thinks Sykes will continue with Dewsbury. The new coach also knows Gareth Moore well, having played alongside him. No mention of Ansell in the fourteen players who have signed, so I assume he has been released. Rob Spicer has retired according to our Chairman.
  9. Crown Flatter

    Fans Forum

    Yes, GOR, everybody left the Royal Suite in positive mood. Lee Greenwood came across as approachable, joined in the banter and outlined his coaching ideas. Better not give too much to the opposition here, suffice to say he will not blame the referee if things go wrong; not fearing disciplinary measures by the RFL, but the referee getting back at us the next time he officiates at one of our matches.
  10. Crown Flatter

    Players For 2019

    Dom Speakman's business is thriving, I understand and time away through travelling from the St Helens area and training doesn't help. Widnes might suit him.
  11. Crown Flatter

    The Dale Morton show.

    Also irregular full back and occasional goal kicker.
  12. Crown Flatter

    Wish list

    Or Batley/Bali.
  13. Crown Flatter

    Wish list

    If the new coach is appointed next week then that's another pointer to it not being Pryce; he's of to Bali (no not Batley) after Sunday's match, to join his family.
  14. Crown Flatter

    Wish list

    Whoever the new coach might be I hope he selects a team of in-form individuals, not his favourites and that he coaches attacking rugby and a solid defence (the latter like London at the weekend).
  15. Crown Flatter

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    Hey Grumpy, from where I am currently ensconced, San Miguel is either €1.50 or €3 for 400ml (depending on whether it is the three hour 'happy hour' or not). How does that compare?