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  1. If my club ceased to exist (perish the thought) and after a time for mourning, I would probably watch the amateur games in the locality.
  2. To get to the game, we had the long journey in the fog that evening only to find it clear in Scarborough. We had those flashes of brilliance that evening, but we shouldn't forget another one from the same player at Elland Road against Hunslet.
  3. Dewsbury 28-22 Yowies FTS: Sykes MoM: Ward Att: 560
  4. I think most will agree it was an enjoyable match, competitive, rather simply a run out for the players. I think we could have won, probably should have, given Wakefield's use of mostly fringe and academy players, but we gave away two tries through poor play; one being a long pass out wide and easily intercepted and the other when Toby Adamson shot out of the defensive line. Wonder if that's why he was immediately substituted? We played some nice attacking football at times, but still need to pass the ball to a running player; one such pass almost resulted in a try, but the ball was knocked on. In the defensive side, our opponents still gain ground as we try and wrestle the opponent to the ground. Bring back tackling around the legs, or hit the player hard as Crookes did on one poor lad who had to be escorted from the field; nothing wrong with the tackle Inhadten to add. Good to see Hale back from injury, but what of Morton's? Sykes seemed comfortable at full back and Walshaw was once again prominent.
  5. As we have no second team we have no option to serve up the first team (minus injured players of course). If they offer a mixed bag I might suggest we shall win. Dewsbury 32-24 Wakefield FTS: James Glover MoM: Rob Spicer Att: 1245
  6. If new shirts have yet to arrive then we shall have to play in those worn against Batley - we've got no others. Good job they haven't been auctioned otherwise some rummaging and borrowing might have been needed. Where's Monkey Face (or whatever his/her name might be) with updated information. There again he/she would probably ask why we want to know.. i have to say the club website is currently a big let-down.
  7. Happy New Year to all including Michael Stephenson, MBE.
  8. In the first half we had much of the ball, but failed to do anything with it, except throw out useless passes from a standing player to an equally motionless teammate. On the positive side I think everyone enjoyed the hard work from debutant Robbie Ward and, as usual, Rob Spicer. Donald's late try was the best of the match. I think Lucas Walshaw, whether he was seen at centre or second row, tried to do too much on attack; I'm sure, when close to scoring, his pass to Morton took the latter by surprise and his pass went astray allowing Batley to score (and twice more rather quickly after that). So from being nearly 18-4 up we were suddenly 22-12 down. We still need to learn throw a pass from one moving player to another also running and certainly someone to make a break, rather like Ward did from acting half. than Kudingaranga's try,
  9. Saw KN strolling along cuddling his filled money bag before the game.
  10. I see no point in them, but ai think I might just remember the first 13 this time
  11. Great memories BSJ and thanks for bringing them back to life. Not sure of the deliberate mistake, but our old ground's name has had a letter 's' added (and not for the first time). Who was R Lowe? Okay, he was known as 'Dick', so perhaps someone thought his name was Richard and Kev Osborne should have had the 'e' added. Are there others? I have looked at my copy of the photograph recently, but not seen the autographs for ages.
  12. One candidate to purchase is having discussions with the RFL over the lease of the ground and the two parties will meet again today after mulling over certain issues overnight.
  13. Not forgetting Malcolm AGAR.
  14. As we seem unable think of another name beginning with 'Y', I will use the penultimate letter and go for John EASTWOOD Is that better?
  15. Now back in 1983 when we were a Members' Club we were asked then to save our beloved club and today I came across my certificate for my donation. I didn't get my bit of turf though when we sold the ground!