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  1. They may be a bogey team for us, but let's be positive on this one. We are going well right now and I will be disappointed should we lose, but I will miss this one. Dewsbury 28-18 Sheffield. FTS: Squires MoM: Moore Att: 809
  2. Bastian I meant, but I reckon you knew that.
  3. Well I am surprised at that as I thought he had come from one of the local amateur clubs.
  4. There I was thinking you meant a certain Kenyan flyer who's name just escapes me. I'll be happy if our new winger is as fast as Greg Ashcroft, but doubt his hair style will be anything like the Welshman's when he played. The winger from Morley RU who Grumpy mentioned was probably Gary Pratt.
  5. Well I hope Rovers treat him well and not do the dirty on him as it seems the club might be prone so to do with coaches. Powell, Bateman and now Sharp spring to mind.
  6. Marshall Oxy? That's a new one for n me. Is he an Aussie from the Outback?
  7. An enjoyable game with some good tries scored and fine displays from Aaron Brown, Moore, Sheriffe and Adamson, BUT our right hand side was weak and something has to got to worked on quickly. Many blamed Alex Brown, but he had to decide which players to cover when his centre had moved inside. Swinton looked the quicker side on attack, yet their defence was weak, although it should be said a couple of our tries could not have been stopped because of their quality. It looked a good turn out at the ground today and I sincerely hope that the Swinton club get a positive reaction from the side events.
  8. My prediction is on the original 'Swinton' thread.
  9. Atkin or no Atkin, I think we all now how vital this game might be and victory will be very sweet for either club. Think it might be like the Oldham match, tough and not very entertaining. Swinton 12-18 Dewsbury FTS: Walshaw MoM: Aaron Brown Att: 886
  10. Note the Dewsbury connection folks. No, not Morrison - different fella.
  11. Dale Morton usually occupies the left wing position.
  12. I agree with you both, but circumstances can change selection and our coach might just want to tweak things a tad. We'll find out on Sunday.
  13. Don't think we need Grady now, good though he is.
  14. Like Coolie, I wouldn't change a winning team, but U think the cos h might - such as this: 1 Guzdek 2 Morton 3 Squires 4 Hallett 5 Brown 6 Sykes 7 Moore 8 Sheriffe 9 Ward 10 Teanby 11 Spicer 12 Walshaw 13 Brown 14 Day 15 Adamson 16 Ollett 17 Everett I just wonder if Batley, badly bitten last week, have the bite in them to take this one. I think they may want to give something to their fans and edge it, but we also need to show our mettle and keep up the good performances. Batley 20-18 Dewsbury FTS: Teanby MoM: Adamson Att: 1175
  15. That would have been Ken Bosworth WR, also a full back, but this is er, a different one!