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  1. Well my prediction wasn't that far off; we lost 34-12, but it should have been worse with four conversions missed and tries disallowed. Leigh, hit by injuries, with more today, were still much better than us, yet they weren’t brilliant in that victory. Unfortunately Dewsbury looked poor on attack and the defence out wide was left open, only for Leigh to mess things up on more than one occasion. It was odd really because sometimes our defence came together and saved tries too. We did let ourselves down, knocking-on at crucial times, especially Hooley dropping the ball three times near our line (and Gabriel too). All in all another poor performance, but at half time it looked as though we might do well come the second period, but it went to the opposition. I missed seeing Brown’s try and thought Trout had no chance of scoring, but he did well to touch down.
  2. You were away and we played at home. We can’t beat 12 or even 11 players, so how can we cope against thirteen?
  3. We’ve no chance. Leigh 54-0 Dewsbury Att: 3101
  4. Well played Batley; it hurts, but the best team won.
  5. My match summary: we were hopeless and Batley weren’t. With a penalty count in our favour to the order of 15-6 and playing against 12 players for most of the game, we should have played a touch better don’t you think?
  6. I reckon it will be close too. You have your Scot(t)Amanda playing, but we are without our Irishman, O Trout (back at Leeds I understand). Dewsbury 22-18 Batley.
  7. No Irishman O’Trout either! I too, think it will be close. Dewsbury 22-18 Batley FTS: Trout MoM: Day Att: 1220.
  8. On Radio Leeds, Adam Ryder said he would like to face his home town, Huddersfield.
  9. Let me get this right-you think Gabriel’s positional play is better? Certainly not so in the first half anyway. I thought we were poor in that first bit, but the Crusaders really improved as the half wore on and Goulding’s awareness and tactical kicking pointed out the lack of such awareness for defenders on our right. They had good players too, in Heyes from full back and Crehan at stand-off. Stark is a big unit and deserved his try. We really improved in the second period with some faster play and good tries. I thought Ward wasn't’ going to stop running for his effort. It was a sad sight to see Heyes and Leeming clash heads like that; I don’t recall a game previously being stopped for that length of time. I understand both were later sitting up and feeling a bit shaky! The further delay was for one of the doctors attending to a spectator who had been taken ill. It was a game played fairly and I reckon penalties were shared at 5-5. Spectators who used the facilities were impressed with the fayre on offer and I can see why the club has a good reputation.
  10. Here’s what I think the team might be: Gabriel Worrincy Walshaw Ryder Leeming Knowles Finn Sheriffe Day Andrade Kibula Field Igbinedion Ward Garratt Ruchardson King Whichever players are selected, the team ought to be good enough to beat what will be a strong Tatto Heath outfit (I understand that’s what it’s known as by the locals). I would liked to have seen a chance given to Halliday for this fixture. Thatto Heath 12-28 Dewsbury FTS: Ryder MoM: Finn Att: 586 Footnote: Morton, not selected for this game and had it been a league game, I think it would have been the same as I believe it was his inability to stop Dalton Grant twice at Bradford that brought about the defeat there.
  11. One was a former work colleague whose brother has a local competition and trophy named after him, but the other person is unknown to me.
  12. In the run up to Bradfird Northern folding in 1963, our game at Odsal was played in pouring rain throughout and most of the 300 odd supporters were watching under cover-except for two standing behind the posts st the Rooley Lane end. At half time the P.A. announcer offered them free accommodation in the stand to get out of the wet, but the two were so embarrassed having all eyes on them that they dared not move from their position!
  13. Much as I love my club, I think I will be boycotting this fixture as I can't thoil paying Bradford's extortionate admission charges. For once I'll watch it on t'telly, or what's near enough television. Another defeat ahead I fear. Bradford 26-12 Dewsbury FTS: Walshaw MoM: Finn Att: 3,548 (mostly, in fact, the great majority, home supporters).
  14. Crown Flatter

    Sam Day

    It is good news. Got the feeling Ned wasn’t too keen on him either.
  15. Thatto Heath is reputed to have the best facilities in the amateur game.
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