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    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Now we are aware of the S*** that Brexit involves, we should have another referendum, because if the cabinet can't sort out this, then they should p*55 off & have an election, rather than sitting on their hands doing nothing.
  2. Bleep1673

    Rant thread

    PTSD. Why does the community only think it affects the armed forces. I have seen more blood and guts in trauma than any who have been in the force, and have I ever been shown any compassion? Have I been offered any counselling in the 30 years I have watched people die while I have worked in Operating Theatres in the NHS/Private Sector? No. I have seen children who have been brutally battered, I have seen RTA's die in front of me while their children have been cared for, I have seen young & elderly have treatment that is scaring, but necessary for their survival. When was I ever given an option of psychological counselling? Never. I was in charge of theatres at St Mary's, Paddington on 07.07.05 when the bombs were going off on the tubes in London. We had 5 casualties. all of which survived the Edgware Rd Bomb. That upset a lot of us, but were we offered help? No. PTSD is a major cause of depression in post conflict forces, but nobody looks at NHS PTSD affliction, and how we treat the symptoms of PTSD in the NHS. A&E staff must be amongst the front line of people who are being ignored for depression, what we see is beyond what forces see, but they are not helped, ignored. Within Alcoholics Anonymous there are Prison and Armed forces liaison officers, but there are never any NHS officers. Office staff in HR do not realise the mental trauma that most of us go through day by day.
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    Food and drink thread

    I am a useless pastry chef, I always buy ready made when I am doing pastry, although thanks to a nurse in Hull, I have a pasta machine, and whenever I need spaghetti/tagliatelle/lasagne etc, I make my own
  4. Bleep1673

    Food and drink thread

    Crab claw cakes last night, very nice.
  5. Bleep1673

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Nice to see someone paying attention, it doesn't look like anyone else is as the country goes down the toilet in March. Before anyone asks..... I'm a remainer
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    Dear Diary

    DWP have paid me £580 Universal Credit this month, £550 of which is rent, leaving me £30 for Electric, phone, Internet, & Council tax
  7. Bleep1673

    The all-new-ish Brexit Thread

    Nigel "One trick pony" Farage has had his way, we had a referendum on being in the EU or not, now we are going to have to stand by it. We are screwed because a majority of the minority who bothered to vote were brainwashed by UKIP's ideas of what Kent thought was good for the rest of the UK. There has not been a convincing argument put forward that suggests leaving the eu is a good idea. We should remain in a united EU and assimilate the rules and regs the supply, we are not the Great Empire that we once were, and should employ our national and international trade as such. March 29 2019 will see such a rapid decline in our trade & Businesses that will see an urgent decrease in trade that will form a closure of shops & trade like we haven't seen since the 1930's.
  8. Bleep1673

    9s World Championship

    OK, lets stick to SL sides, Toronto, Toulouse (if they can be assed), Cumbrian XIII, and a Trans-Atlantic XIII to include USA, Canada & Jamaica one year, and a Euro select XIII other years?
  9. Bleep1673

    The Photography Thread

    Florida 2015 267 by David Hesketh, on Flickr Oh the big ship sails up the alley alley oh the alley alley oh oh the big ship sail up the alley alley oh on the first day of september
  10. Bleep1673

    Justice v The Law

    They look too smug, almost as if they didn't give a toss about the kid they'd killed. Send them to a Saudi embassy for fight training.
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    Modern era: Whenever the local shopping arena replaced local shops
  12. Bleep1673

    9s World Championship

    OK, maybe a bit too far, maybe a national side from one of the developing nations then?
  13. Bleep1673

    9s World Championship

    Maybe even a Union team?
  14. Bleep1673

    Dear Diary

    I stopped betting on horses after my last bet came in 3rd, in the race after.
  15. Bleep1673

    9s World Championship

    I have said it before, and I will say it again, make the Magic weekend a 9's tournament/shield/bowl event, and you could include Championship clubs in there as well, and some invitational teams too.
  16. I can't see the RFL giving the Championship an International Weekend (Which is what I was meaning) for those nations to have Internationals.
  17. Yeah, because a lot of Championship players are going to be involved in an England set-up, aren't they? Dur
  18. Or Huddersfield, where our great game started in 1895?
  19. Bleep1673

    Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    I'm at home. I have no intention of going out in that weather.
  20. 0-12 & counting, my teams worst ever Christmas, with worse to come. They spent so much in Compensation for our manager they can't sack him until its too late. Villa at Millwall next year it is then
  21. As I am 1/8 Welsh, on my Mothers side, I am very pleased about this.
  22. Bleep1673


    Tom Daley would be proud of these.......