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  1. Winter Olympics 2018

    USA have not won a medal away from North America since Sapporro. They would've had a chance if the NHL players were playing, but as neither the NHL, or the IOC would pick up the insurance tab, the USA were always going to struggle
  2. Stadium's.

    Back to dirt hills. The glorious and sadly missed Station Rd had a cinder hill at the Pendlebury Road end Huyton only had one stand because they only had one fan. Alt Park was vandalised almost weekly when it was a RL ground, when they moved out and became a football ground it came to a stop overnight.
  3. 0-12 & counting, my teams worst ever Christmas, with worse to come. They spent so much in Compensation for our manager they can't sack him until its too late. Villa at Millwall next year it is then
  4. The TV Thread

    John Cleese's new programme 'Hold the Sunset' is the least funny comedy I have seen in years, the BBC should be ashamed.
  5. Sky will be, if only to stop another company from showing games, such as the Championship Deal
  6. Whisky

    Prefer Wray & Nephews overproof rum, at 63% abv
  7. Stadium's.

    Speaking of Newcastle, ours in the NE, are Newcastle not at Gateshead anymore? The old rusty stand at Whitehaven was so bad if a penalty was kicked onto the roof, everybody underneath got a rust shower
  8. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    My KFC is one of the ones that are shut because of lack of products
  9. Winter Olympics 2018

    I thought she was.
  10. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Thought it was spelled OLYMPICS? Or is that a WEST Midlands way of spelling IT?
  11. Football

    Probably the greatest game ever, I remember sitting watching this, and crying for Brazil.
  12. Winter Olympics 2018

    It's not just Loser Christie then....
  13. Winter Olympics 2018

    OK Southerners, or Southern based fans, when was the last lime you saw a Rugby League based sports report on a Local TV Station outside of the M62 (apart from Toronto).
  14. Winter Olympics 2018

    Only by choice do they divide. Local news, they are happy to separate up. National sporting stuff, the BBC only divides, when English funds are in danger, OOH, they want to keep the Scottish Curling, because the English, Irish and Welsh are more hopeless than a Scottish Snowboarder.
  15. Winter Olympics 2018

    They can be divided, see, 1830
  16. Or do you want Dixy's at the bottom of London Rd? Ugh?
  17. Gingeron, head up Bohemia Road, Joe-Joes is much better.
  18. OK, Our KFC has stolen (Er, apparently, no evidence yet) a truck load of (as usual) dodgy chicken.
  19. The World Series is a waste of time.

    The Worlds Series is a waste of time, a best of seven baseball game to declare the champions of the world, is like declaring the winners of the NRL masters of the Universe..... Oh. Oops! Sorry. One day Swinton will be allowed to argue. Soon.
  20. Winter Olympics 2018

    The BBC had channel 101, 115, 980, and the primary Internet channels covering the GB v Swi Curling at the same time, no other sport was being covered, despite it being possible even this morning. The BBC are idiots. Oh, and red buttons.
  21. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Manchester Storm at currently on a 9 game winning streak in the Elite League Hockeyns.
  22. Winter Olympics 2018

    Final run of the 2-Man Bobsleigh, and the BBC are not showing it, not even on-line, they prefer to show three channels of GB womens Curling, presumably because we won a medal in the last 40 years, not encouraging the Bobbers. This is typical BBC coverage of major games. Only covering what they think will win medals this week, not in the future. This is why they complained about the Yank coverage of the Atlanta games, when their bias only showed Septic Athletes. The BBC should be more open to other sports.