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  1. The table becomes even more interesting. Batley's demolition of York now gives them a better points difference than Halifax and they only have to beat them to go above them even if the Fax get a bonus point. Keighley's point makes them the first team to know their fate. With two games to go they are sixth and can't move up or down. Leigh could still leapfrog one, two or even three teams with their game in hand. Sheffield are now even mathematically out of the running for second place. Bring it on.
  2. Grand Final Pictures

    Good stuff Chris.
  5. Report writer needed

    I will be able to do the reports up to the final weekend of the regular season - Rovers v Keighley but will then miss the play offs and the final (if we get there). Anyone fancy putting 'pen to paper'. You can borrow my dictaphone and look a prat talking to yourself if you want. Thanks
  6. Scholarship games this Wednesday

    Featherstone Rovers U15s 16 Hull K.R. U15s 50 Featherstone Rovers 15. Jack Pemberton 5. James Ammon 14. Elton Gerxhaliu 3. Lee Alderson 23. Alex Brook 6. Dom Jones 21. Craig Moffatt 22. Ryan Bower 9. Ryan Westerman 16. Keiran Morris 8. Jack Donegan 12. Ian Crow 1. Brandon Pickup Subs 18. Jordan Wegg 20. Reece Arthur Tries Gerxhaliu, Westerman, Ammon Goals Moffett 2 Hull K R 1. Ben Holdstock 2. Macualey Kelsey 3. Julian Gladwin 4. Trevor Oloutch 5. Jamie Burrows 6. Liam Harris 7. Luke Whybron 8. Chris Smith 9. Will Jubb 10. Jordan Davis 11. Liam Wake 12. Isaac Simpson 13. Kieran Moran Subs 14. Jack Blanchard 15. Danny Banks 16. Joshua Hinchliffe 17. Ben Audsley 18. Ash Brooks Tries Harris, Moran 3, Wake, Holdstock 2, Oloutch, Audsley, Gladwin Goals Harris 4, Holdstock Half Time 6-28 Full Time 16-50 Not as one sided as it appears. They had an excellent loose forward and stand off who ruled the game. Rovers played some excellent rugby but missed too many one on one tackles (particularly on 13) Also missing players on St Wilfred's Australian tour. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Featherstone Rovers U16s 20 Hull K R U16s 50 Featherstone Rovers 1. Dave Williams 5. Jordan Walker 3. Lewis Johnson 12. Liam Dodman 24. Reece Howard 6. Jordan Ward 9. Liam Lowson 8. Dave Larkin 19. Charlie Ledger 17. Jordan Hart 13. Harry Bromwich 11. Connor McGill 7. Tom Mulhern Subs 22. Charlie Settle 20. Joe Fish 23. Callum Hutchinson 14 Tom Jordan 10. Rich Ashton Tries Walker, Dodman, Fish 2 Goals Hart 2 Hull K R U16s 1. Jack Collinson 2. Jack Sheperdson 3. Elliott Kerry 4. Macauley Hallett 5. James Buttery 13. Jordan Abdul 7. Marvin Lee 8. Adam Brankley 9. Macauley Duke 10. Joshua Hamilton 11. Harry Aldous 12. Aaron Batty 6. Aiden Armstrong Subs 14. Jordan Strymans 15. Steven Holker 16. Ben Bolton 17. Kieran Cassells 19. Liam Robinson Tries Duke, Collinson 2,Buttery, Hallett, Shepherdson 2, Holker, Kerry, Armstrong Goals Kerry 5 Half Time 0-30 Full Time 20-50 Much better second half (20-20)
  7. http://www.featherst...cle.php?id=8876 Disappointed Sidnee. Checked last week's Hunslet report before starting this one and found the Hunslet team list had Leigh Centurions at the top of it and the Rovers tries were listed under the opposition team. What the h*ll do I pay you for man. Oh hang on, I don't do I.
  8. Sorry, finished it when I got home yesterday but couldn't get on the forum.
  10. Featherstone Rovers U18s 14 St Helens U18s 44 Good value for a 10-12 half time score and then St Helens raised the pace in the second half. Rovers also forced four goal-line drop outs and were held up over the line three times during the game. A good performance against a top RFL funded outfit. Certainly not disgraced in a good game of RL played in excellent spirit by both teams. Only spoilt as an occasion by the stupid P.A. man forgetting to switch off his mike as his exhortation to pass the ball down the line boomed out down P.O.Road. Featherstone Rovers 1. Kyran Johnson 2. Jordan Potter 3. Matty Brook 4. Joe Turton 5. Joe Caulfield 6. Kyran Johnson 7. Jordan Myers 8. Luke Cooper 9. Jack Nicholson 10. Jack Byrnes 11. Alex Batty 12. Zak Lockhead 13. Ben Brailsford Subs 14. Dave Robinson 15. Sam Day 16. Jack Coventry 17. Jordan Gray Tries Day 2, Brook Goals Glover St Helens U18s 1. Ben Roberts 2. Ben Parry 3. Greg Wilde 4. Lewis Galbraith 5. Jamie Tracey 6. Jordan Heaton 7. Lewis Sheridan 8. Greg Richards 9. Lewis Foster 16. Adam Hesketh 11. Luke Thonpson 12. Lewis Charnock 13. Andre Savelio Subs 14. Matthew Fozzard 15. Tom Roughley 10. Matt Cooke 17. Brad Ashurst Tries Richards 3, Hesketh, Savelio, Fozzard, Thompson, Parry, Goals Charnock 6 Half Time 10-12 Full Time 14-44
  12. A Local Derby

    A local derby between two teams where the grounds are less that 7 miles apart. Obviously televison coverage might effect the crowd. How many would you expect in the crowd. Rovers managed 4,165 A local derby between two teams where the grounds are less that 7 miles apart. Obviously televison coverage might effect the crowd. How many would you expect in the crowd. Oh yes, the two teams are both SL teams and one of them claims to be the most successful team of the modern era. Widnes managed 3,069 Wich box does this tick?