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  1. Theresa May has negotiated for us to have control of our borders, which ought to please most brexiters. The EU have insisted that we remain subject to their tax harmonisation laws which, coincidentally are being introduced next year (yeah...) These mean posh boys including senior brexiter Nigel Lawson, BHS asset stripper, entrepreneur and serial perve Philip Green and the billionaire owners of the Daily Mail won’t be able to pull the old “I live in France so I’m not paying tax in the uk” bs. If they want to dodge tax in future they’ll have to relocate out of the EU zone, maybe to Africa or the Middle East. Pakistan or Haiti might work too. Not very convenient (or safe) for those “patriots” who want to make money in the uk but not pay tax in the uk. Patriots, eh! 🤣 Strangely, patriot Jacob Rees mogg and his patriotic rich chums Boris and Nigel are not happy about this and are now trying to sack Theresa May, who actually dealt with the Eu after they promised the earth and patriotically Ran Away. 😂 seems these particular patriots would be happy for us to crash out of the Eu with a harmful “no deal” so long as they can carry on tax dodging. Gotta love those patriots. Kinda makes you wonder what Brexit was about, all along.
  2. I'm ready for a whataboutism fest here
  3. It won’t work, Yorkshire and Lancashire/ East and West don’t hate each other, whereas in Oz Queensland and NSW have a genuine antipathy. Get France back to the point where it’s a real arm wrestle with a bit of biff and we may have something to compare to origin.
  4. All spent on orange silk and bowler hats
  5. Strong and stable 😂😂😂😂😂
  6. While the vast majority of us are remembering the sacrifices of millions a few pathetic right wingers want to get upset over Corbyn’s ###### jacket. pathetic and shameful
  7. His attendance, his demeanour and his bearing were all respectful. what I choose to wear or not wear is none of your or anybody on the forum’s business
  8. It’s not supposed to be a fashion parade
  9. A series win against a very good kiwi side
  10. Phil


    Just seen Mrs Phil marching past on the telly, very proud
  11. Very much like editors on RL forums
  12. Phil

    St Jonny's soft drinks

    Kombucha is vile stuff, we sell shedloads of it 😳
  13. I’m neither bothered nor interested in her dwp appeal or whether she’s ever worked or not. You need to find out what “ad hominem” means
  14. Phil


    Fair enough, understood
  15. I tried to kill myself four times during my teens and early twenties because of the sexual abuse I was subjected to at school. My life was like a dark tunnel and because I loathed myself I couldn’t see that anyone could love me or would miss me. Luckily I received fantastic psychiatric help and came to terms with my situation. Little bit of politics, that help is now much harder to obtain for all the usual reasons under this government. if you break your leg you might have to wait on a trolley for a few hours but you’ll get fixed up, have a mental illness and it’s months before you’ll be seen, some people don’t make it through those months
  16. This wasn't some "blokes having a bit of fun" it was a premeditated act of racism. They took the time to build the model, to write "Grenfell" on it and to cut out and colour brown figures at the windows. Brown figures, not white, brown. So go figure, suppose, just suppose they'd mocked up a landslide and wrote "Aberfan" on it, outrageous enough? A hate crime? or a bit of "banter"
  17. Still no arrests over the real thing though
  18. In which case they weren’t “dicey”
  19. This could affect some members of my family