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  1. Give it a go, you’ll be great
  2. I'm ready for a whataboutism fest here
  3. Phil

    Health update.

    Hoping you’re well on the road to recovery John
  4. Oil City will be bringing Rhythm and Blues to the people Saturday 28th January at The Wainhouse Tavern, Pye Nest, Halifax 8:30 till late. Enjoy yourself, its later than you think
  5. We’re back on the trail 30th June at the Beer Belly Cross hills near Keighley Rhythm and Blues, Rock n Roll served up with a garnish of punk Oil City bringing Rhythm and Blues back to the people
  6. Phil

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    Can’t believe people on here stating Edwards wasn’t a great player oh yeah I can, this is Rugby League, one of the things we’re good at is belittling our own game
  7. Maybe but there’s such a thing as winning gracefully
  8. Bloody hell hear Thorman whinge, what would he be like if they’d lost?
  9. Catalan are a real enigma, this is the team that put 30 points on Wigan in the first 40 and then forgot how to play in the second
  10. Casty as ever running his blood to water
  11. He was within 10 metres of the receiver
  12. Going for 2? Poor for me. Put some pressure on
  13. Phil

    Rant thread

    Thanks for the messages and good wishes everyone I’d be telling lies if I said I was ok, but I’m only down not out.
  14. Phil

    Rant thread

    Turns out her and my “friend” have been at it for the last 9 months and muggins here seems to be the only one who didn’t know. After everything we’ve been through. I don’t know how she could do this to me. I’ve got a room in a travel lodge ffs sat here on my own and just wondering what’s going to happen. Does it all really mean so little to her?
  15. Phil

    Rant thread

    Not really a rant but I don’t know where else to post this. The wife’s just said she “can’t do this anymore” and wants us to part, 28 years, I’m absolutely devastated, not a clue what to do or say
  16. Phil

    Disallowed conversion

    The touch judges need to sort it out. When I reffed I used to tell em “I don’t mind if the flags go up or down, but they’d bloody well better both go up or down”
  17. Most head shots are mistimed but they often get red, this should have I think