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  1. The Isley Brothers, Tell me it’s just a rumour baby
  2. My mate Graham lives next door to a similar couple, I called around in my van a few weeks ago to drop him off a chop saw. ”you’re parked in our place” shouts the woman ”I’m going to be 2 minutes” I respond giving her a smile then her husband comes out, mighty aggressive “that’s our ###### space, you better #### off now if you know what’s good for you” Luckily Graham and his two sons appear at that point and the aggressive couple beat a hasty retreat. Turns out they don’t have a car!!
  3. Just this while we’re on the subject of “traitors”
  4. I'm ready for a whataboutism fest here
  5. nice man, he not only wants to kill disabled children but he wants to do it with a guillotine
  6. Mortality

    Si I find it hard to read stuff like this, we played on the same team in Rotterdam, not for long I know but it still makes you an ex team mate. I really wish you well here, I’m not a religious man so I can’t say I’ll pray for you, but I’m sure I speak for all the HWD when I say we wish nothing but the best.
  7. Rant thread

    I dare say there’ll come a day when you can remind him as forcefully as you wish of his behaviour on that day, but moral high ground is a real thing too.
  8. Sandy Hook marked the end of the U.S. gun control debate. As soon as the GOP decided that the slaughter of 6-year-olds wasn't unbearable, it was over.
  9. And yet it only seems to be the states where these outrages happen so often
  10. So I've taken the plunge....

    Another tip if I may to add to the many you’ll receive? Dont set off too fast, you’ll feel fit and full of running, plus you’ll have an extra adrenaline burst but don’t let this “con” you into going at it like a bull in a china shop, nice and steady is the order of the day and will see you through.
  11. Aussies change it to two refs 48 hours before kick off. They don’t need to in all honesty but it’s belt and braces for them.
  12. Whilst I suppose ideologically I’m nearer to momentum than the “standard” Labour Party that’s just crass bad manners and must leave a genuine bad taste in the mouth.
  13. Rant thread

    went to Asda to get some essentials, forgot my wallet like the dork I am. So I went to customer services asked could they scan out my items while I called home so they could put through a cardholder not present transaction? No we can’t do that was the response. Really? I find that massively hard to believe.
  14. Gig tonight

    Yeah this is the flu, I’ve got it relatively light but I still can hardly function, Mrs Phil is worse bless her and because she normally enjoys robust good health she’s a nightmare patient.
  15. And I’ve never felt less like doing one, me and the wife both got a really nasty flu type bug. I hesitate to say it’s actually flu cos I had that once and at first was scared I was gonna die, then was scared that I wasn’t. Mrs Phil not been out of bed for two days which is NOT her style, I’m not as bad but anything slightly more than a “normal” breath leads to a fit of coughing lasting minutes. Tonight will be interesting 😔
  16. Gig tonight

    Did the gig on automatic pilot, the place was rammed and we went down really well, so I’m told. This is a really nasty bug guys and gals, one of my workmates has been off for a month with it, I now understand how.
  17. I try not to post much about Brexit, not just because it is such an all-pervading cliche subject now but because my personal views on it are so complex. But it’s the elephant in the room, and the latest Tory binfest about the customs union means the pachyderm’s bottom has got so far into my face I have to say something about it. It’s a bit of a read, sorry. Despite definitely feeling European rather than British, despite a track record of nearly a thousand gigs all over mainland Europe, and an absolute love of the Schengen agreement which makes it so much easier for musicians who tour Europe these days (I remember the 80s, instrument carnets and pointless strip searches) I started off Exit Left. Why? I hated the arrogant, bullying corporate scumbags who stitched up Greece. I know that leeches and profiteers will try and stop us renationalising the railways and utilities under a Labour government, but I object to Brussels cheering them on. And when the CEO of Goldman Sachs calls for a second referendum and patronises working class Leave voters I instinctively think - go and boil your bottom. I understood why whole swathes of the industrial North, ravaged by Thatcher’s ideological war on working class communities and ignored in New Labour’s desperate search for comfortable middle class votes,saw the EU referendum as a chance to roar their defiance. Despite knowing that it wasn’t the EU or 'immigrants' who are responsible for their situation but brutal Tory policies followed by their casual dismissal by New Labour electoral strategists as voters ‘with nowhere else to go’ I respected them for their stroppy, anti establishment stance. I think that defiance carried on into a vote for Corbyn at the last election. That’s why UKIP collapsed: give people under daily pressure a proper alternative vision of the future they can believe in, and most will go for solidarity and progress rather than bigotry and reaction. I ended up voting Remain, simply because the decent, coherent, anti globalisation Left argument for leaving the EU was swept aside by waves of xenophobia and lies, and I wasn’t going to go along with that. But whatever I think of the remote, corporate machinations of the EU I’m even less fond of opportunistic careerists like Johnson (NEVER call him Boris) Rees-Mogg and their ilk who care nothing for the future of ordinary people and everything for the chance to further their slimy, stinking careers, even if that means stoking up bigotry and division and causing the impoverishment of huge swathes of our society. I have nothing but contempt for May, who will say anything to stay in power. And I loathe the elderly pinched-faced suburban bigots in the South East who sit in their comfortable armchairs and parrot brainless xenophobic Brexit nonsense penned by worthless tabloid penpushers who in turn parrot the views of unelected right wing billionaires - in ‘newspapers’ not worthy of the name. Their cosmopolitan grandchildren despise their blinkered decision made about a future they won’t see, born out of complacent nostalgia for a 'British' past that never existed in the first place. They are right to do so. Isn’t it funny how, for years, the right wing media have said that the main reason to vote Tory is that a Labour government will cause economic chaos? Now they are quite happy to embrace economic chaos to accommodate their pathetic ideological fetish. What a mess. The confusion and division in my own mind (perhaps in yours too) reflects that in the country as a whole. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the issue It is LUDICROUS to present a 52-48% vote as ‘the will of the people’. I think Corbyn’s assessment of the situation may not be far from mine. If it is, I really hope he declares unequivocally for the customs union, and demands the resignation of this clueless and callous government. Then, under Labour, maybe, it would be time for a second referendum.
  18. Gig tonight

    Tried getting in touch with Norman Watt-Roy to see if he fancied it, but he never returns my calls these days
  19. Rant thread

    Exactly my point, it wasn’t about work, it wasn’t a discussion with anyone I work with, it was a remark someone disagreed with.
  20. Rant thread

    I’ve since deleted everyone I work with off Facebook
  21. Rant thread

    One of the clauses in EVERYBODY’S Job description at work is “open and honest communication” This has always been problematic for some people, but of late a rather nasty culture of backbiting and running to personnel with a “ John just said so and so” seems to have arisen. i was pulled up last week for a (really) very innocuous Facebook post that someone found “inappropriate” and there followed a long meeting with the union reps as to whether it contravened our social media policy, despite the fact that there’s not a single reference on my Facebook profile as to where I work. All just very, very disappointing.
  22. That’s £142.30 a week 😡