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  1. The guide dog fairy Which great opponent of Cartesian dualism resists the reduction of psychological phenomena to a physical state and insists there is no point of contact between the extended and the unextended?
  2. The BBC‘s Victoria Derbyshire programme recently hosted a 15 minute slot in which a couple called Mark Lewis and Mandy Blumenthal were brought on to claim that Labour has produced such an atmosphere of threatening antisemitism in Britain that they are forced to leave for Israel. What the BBC forgot to mention is that they are leading members of Likud-Herut UK, a far-right Zionist organisation that idolises the murderous leader of the Zionist Irgun terror gang, Menachem Begin. Indeed, Mandy Blumenthal is the National Director of Likud-Herut UK, but was instead introduced as a 'property company director‘, while her partner was described merely as a 'lawyer‘! While Corbyn was lambasted for possibly having stood near to a grave of someone who knew someone who was involved in the Munich attacks, these people were given a free pass over their adulation of the man who oversaw the 1948 Deir Yassin massacre. Over 100 Palestinian villagers in Deir Yassin were brutally massacred by Begin’s Irgun during the ethnic cleansing of Palestine following the foundation of the State of Israel, during which 700,000 Arabs were driven out of their homeland. Moreover, Derbyshire never asked her guests if they made these bizarre claims of open antisemitism against Britain‘s most well-known antiracist because they are, in fact, devoted supporters of the State of Israel and the racist Likud party that currently runs it. Of course, that would be antisemitic. How could you possibly claim that people who describe themselves as 'proud Zionists‘ could have an ulterior motive for attacking Britain‘s most prominent pro-Palestinian figure...?
  3. A televised game from a new and exciting venture, in Toronto, one of the great cities of the world and you turned it off because you didn’t like some lines on the pitch. Really?
  4. Ah ok apologies, I missed the sarcasm 🤔
  5. I'm ready for a whataboutism fest here
  6. Someone on the match thread said they’d turned off the game because of the lines 😳 makes you wonder if some of the members of this forum actually like Rugby League
  7. Yeah, he’s terrible, he’s barely championship standard
  8. It’s a maxim that unions have (or had) far too much power, except of course the union the complainers are in, they’re just ######.
  9. In which case I trust you’ll be negotiating your own contract and terms and conditions with your employer?
  10. A magnificent piece from DAVID ROSENBURG a Jewish Member of the Labour Party concerning Margaret Hodge's disgraceful outburst about Nazi Germany... '' There is a very thin line of morality between those who cheapen, trivialise and abuse the memory of what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany and those sick enough to deny it altogether. Margeret Hodge is a disgrace. She told Sky News that the complaint that was made against her by a 3rd party witness after her foul-mouthed tirade against Jeremy Corbyn, made her think about the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. Her comments are sickening. The Jews of Nazi Germany were entirely innocent victims of an evil fascist regime that blamed them for every social, economic and political problem, stripped them of all their rights, humiliated them, dehumanised them, rounded them up, and then transported them to death camps where they were murdered by poison gas and burnt in ovens. A few weeks ago I wrote an article about her confrontation with Jeremy Corbyn in which I railed against her using her family's experience under the Nazis to claim a special right over other thinking members of the Labour Party to pronounce on the discussions the Labour Party was having on antisemitism. For daring to point this out I was the subjected to very negative reports in the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Sun and the Daily Express. What she has said today is an even more blatant abuse of the victims of Nazism. In case anyone is interested in the facts... a working party of the NEC including two prominent Jewish members recommended a new Labour Code of Conduct on antisemitism. Margaret Hodge disagreed with it. Instead of taking it up in a reasoned manner she went up to her Labour colleague, Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the party, and shouted at him that he was a "###### antisemite and a racist." Whatever Jeremy felt, he had enough human decency and self-control to reply to her calmly: "I'm sorry you feel like that." A witness (not Jeremy Corbyn) filed a complaint about Hodge's behaviour. There was of course a very strong case for suspending her immediately given her outrageous behaviour, but the Labour Party simply followed standard practice and informed her that a complaint had been made, and would be investigated. Instead of acknowledging that she was the perpetrator here she painted herself as the victim and got her posh lawyers to fire off letters threatening to take the party to court. The party has better things to spend its time on (like tackling homelessness, foodbank Britain, saving the health service) than getting embroiled in a quite ridiculous court case. She made an apology to the Chief Whip, which she and her lawyers now deny doing. And now she says the whole episode reminded her of Nazi Germany. She shoud be totally ashamed of herself, as should anyone who sticks up for her over this abuse of the most painful episode in Jewish history.'' David Rosenburg
  11. Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly remain in oh yeah!!! A referendum, still they’re only rebellious paddies and Scots aren’t they?
  12. But... it’s not earth shattering news
  13. Margaret Hodge likened receiving a letter from the Labour Party Disciplinary Committee to Nazi persecution, I burned my finger on the hob last night, now I know how Joan of Arc felt being burned alive.
  14. Aretha Franklin the queen of soul 76 😔
  15. Many of the senior ranking members of the post war Israeli govt's had previously been active members of the terrorist groups that targeted british forces. British parliamentarians later worked with them as leaders of Israel. And quite right too. You have to have dialogue. But not, apparently, if your jeremy corbyn ?
  16. When I was on the list Greg Mcallum reviewed the tapes and had a (usually) a one to one chat, particularly if it was a bad performance. Coaches were listened to and most of them were very fair with their comments
  17. So bad it was brilliant
  18. Read what I said, he needs to take a look at his performance, that’s all.
  19. I don’t bag refs and I don’t believe in conspiracy theories but Hewer needs to take a look at himself