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  1. Well, as we approach the half way point of the season I thought i’d recap on what the bookies said before a ball was kicked/passed and see how things have worked out in reality. Think these odds were with Sky Bet: Toronto 5/4 favourites. Currently top +/- 0 places. Widnes 4/1 second favourites. Currently sat in 11th with a game in hand (with 12 point deduction) - 9 places, or without deduction, - 3 places. Toulouse 8/1 third favourites. Currently in second. + 1 place. Bradford 10/1 joint fourth favourites. Currently in sixth. - 2 places. Halifax 10/1 joint fourth favourites. Currently in eight. - 4 places. Leigh 10/1 joint fourth favourites. Currently in fifth. - 1 place. Featherstone 16/1 seventh favourites. Currently in seventh. +/- 0 places. York 20/1 eighth favourites. Currently sat in third. + 5 places. Barrow 100/1 joint ninth favourites. Currently sat in 13th. - 4 places. Batley 100/1 joint ninth favourites. Currently sat in 9th. +/- 0 places. Dewsbury 100/1 joint ninth favourites. Currently sat in 10th with a game in hand. - 1 place. Sheffield 100/1 joint ninth favourites. Currently sat in 4th with a game in hand. + 5 places. Rochdale 250/1 joint thirteenth favourites. Currently sat in 14th with a game in hand. - 1 place. Swinton. 250/1 joint thirteenth favourites. Currently sat in 12th. + 1 place. So, what is pretty clear is the the bookies were not far off at all. The biggest achievers to date are York and Sheffield, but in the case if the Knights the second half of the season looks tougher as we will start it with a long injury list and face a greater proportion of away games. Biggest under achievers to date are Halifax and Barrow.
  2. Colton Roach has joined the Bulls on a permanent deal until the end of the season.
  3. Can’t see anything else on this SK. Nothing on official site or Twitter or YEP. Not saying it’s not true but just looking for confirmation.
  4. Said in League Express that Harry Carter is approaching full fitness as well as Porter and Kelly, who both played yesterday.
  5. Oh, and Cain out too. I make that 9. Good to have a Joe Porter back.
  6. We were missing Robson, Cockayne, Horne, Scott, Dixon, Chilton, Carter, and ended up losing Baldwinson. Couldn’t make it today but seemed that Rochdale raised their game as James forecast they would. We seemed to struggle but just did enough to hang on. Oh for a fully fit squad!!!
  7. True, but times they are a changing. Craft beer is becoming more popular by the day. Choice for all I say.
  8. I suspect it will be keg. It keeps longer - real ale starts to deteriorate after 4-5 days. I loathe John Smiths - tasteless, metallic mass produced rubbish.It’s owned by Heineken UK and has been the highest selling bitter in the UK since the mid 90s. Much of that is smooth flow and Heineken has pretty much cornered the market due to its ability to last once its tapped. They also own Strongbow cider and Heineken lager too. You find it everywhere. I know Tadcaster is only a dozen miles down the road but this is YORK community stadium not the Heineken UK stadium. Brew York do some lovely keg beers and they would be my first choice.
  9. Well done to Coventry today in a fine 41-30 home win over Worky.
  10. I think the best team won. Results like this just show how strong the Championship is.
  11. Thanks to the club, thanks to Squad Builder, and thanks to Jordan for signing on the dotted line.
  12. Not sure. He was in the Saints 19 last weekend.
  13. Jordan would be a great signing.
  14. So, any thoughts as to what the news will be mid day? The tweet doesn’t specifically say new signing but mentions news!
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