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  1. White Knight

    Bookies corner

    Just had a look. Showing Knights at 1/16 with Haven at 8/1. Haven get 24 start.
  2. White Knight

    Saturday updates

    Hull KR lost 34-23 at Toulouse. Will Oakes didn't make the final 17. Does making the 19 rule him out playing for us on Sunday? 😉 Oldham won 46-18 at Skolars. Oldham will finish 5th if Haven fail to win tomorrow. Hunslet lost 14-4 at Coventry Bears, who got the win after going so close to beating Whitehaven last weekend. Hunslet miss out on a top 5 finish. Both Whitehaven and the Knights need at least a draw, for different reasons.
  3. White Knight

    Where do you stand...

    Bit of a traditionalist - seating on the sides and standing behind the goals/posts. Football went through a very bad time in the 80’s what with Hilsborough and reacted accordingly. Stadia improved immeasurably, but I am genuinely convinced that there is now a safe alternative to seating and momentum seems to be gathering pace from all areas. Interesting the safe standing roadshow link - if our crowds continue to increase at the rate they have been doing it could pay for itself within a few years! 😄
  4. White Knight

    Team for Whiehaven

    Even more reason to be at BC in person tomorrow.
  5. White Knight

    What the papers say

    That’s a Big John quote if ever there was one. Trying to deflect blame away from himself and his team, and why, with the squad and budget available to them, they are sitting in a play-off position and not top of the table.
  6. White Knight


    ‘He was a pest when he played against us’. Should have come to see him at York Big John. 🤣 Well out of his depth that day.
  7. White Knight

    Bookies corner

    Where will you be after the game jayemm, assuming we win? I could put a free pint away! 😋🍺
  8. White Knight

    Forget omens nonsense...

  9. White Knight

    What the papers say

  10. White Knight

    Crowd v Whitehaven

    I think Bradford’s win today has put another 500 on the gate this Sunday!
  11. White Knight

    Looks like Kear has been giving a life line.

    True that League 1 clubs get three chances to go up this season: 1. By winning the league outright 2. By winning the playoffs. 3. As play off runner up beating the team finishing bottom of Championship. If that doesn’t happen then it will still be two, but no one will come down. Super Greed have got the one up one down they wanted to help protect themselves best they can. Not sure the impact this will all have on club funding for those outside the top flight. Worry this will weaken Championship One significantly. Imagine what it would have been like this year without the top theee teams. Attendances will really dip. And if that’s on top of reduced funding I think clubs will really struggle. But above all, it is just SO WRONG to move the goal posts so late in the day. The RFL need to learn from this and ensure that any future changes are thought through, but more importantly, are introduced well in advance. Clubs need to know where they stand.
  12. White Knight

    Crowd v Whitehaven

    Looks like the David Longhurst will need to be open.
  13. White Knight


    Think it would have to be Andy.
  14. White Knight

    Oldham at home

    Built on great defence. Keeping Oldham to six points was impressive. But credit to Oldham too.
  15. White Knight

    Crowd V Hemel

    Hope they get a big crowd - I know there’s a good following going from the Knights.