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  1. White Knight

    What if...

    It certainly did HK.😄 The way Toulouse are playing now they have got into their stride, they are going to take some beating. Could be a long season for the Bulldogs; one win in 8 now.
  2. White Knight

    What if...

    There’s another chance this weekend. What if Batley can pull off a big surprise on the infamous slope to pip Toulouse? Injury affected Toronto could well find it difficult at Fax. Then ‘all’ we need to do is beat the Eagles. Job’s a gud’n! 😉
  3. White Knight

    v Sheffield

    Come on everybody, another big one on Sunday. Could it be six on the bounce? Spread the word and let’s create another brilliant atmosphere at BC. Oh, and another chance to go top!
  4. White Knight

    Bookies corner

    Sheffield get 20 start with Sky Bet. Are the bookies finally smelling the coffee?
  5. White Knight

    Is there a pattern emerging, I wonder?

    A month on and what odds on a repeat of last season? A long way to go but it is now five on the bounce. We can but dream. But so far big wins against Barrow, Fax, and an impressive defeat of Leigh further undermines what a fortress BC has become for the Knights.
  6. White Knight

    Outstanding display today

    Someone was clearly in the toilet when I did the count! 🤔
  7. White Knight

    Outstanding display today

    Yes, i’d say around 2100.
  8. White Knight

    iFax at home, Sunday.

    I think there are gates to protect it, but might want to check.
  9. White Knight

    iFax at home, Sunday.

    You missed one thing SK; there’s lots of new merchandise in the club shop too. 😉👍
  10. White Knight

    Games like these.

    Totally agree FK. Hoping for another big crowd, big atmosphere and big result tomorrow🏉. Can we surpass the noise we created against Leigh? I really did not hear the hooter.
  11. White Knight

    Bookies corner

    Barrow get 40 start in a Toulouse. This game might be a good measure as to how good Toulouse really are. Toronto have quite an injury list, which will have impacted them when they played in the south of France. Not saying that’s an excuse for the thumping then got....😉
  12. White Knight

    Rochdale decision

    Yes, think the right decision if Knights compensated. If the footy club own the Dale Bar would seriously look at boycotting next time around. That is, unless they have a gesture of free beer for p###ing everyone around last Sunday, or free/discounted tickets from Hornets. Won’t hold my breath though.
  13. White Knight

    iFax at home, Sunday.

    They do
  14. White Knight

    iFax at home, Sunday.

  15. White Knight

    iFax at home, Sunday.

    That was a breeze.🌬 Knights by 16. Crowd 2,015