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  1. Based on that we must finish 8th. Nothing less.
  2. They are a powerful outfit. I judge them to be better than Hull. So far as Super League is concerned They would struggle to make that big step up with their current team.
  3. A great performance from every player. They all stepped up to the mark and never took a backward step. The defence alone was worth the admission money. I lost count of how many times we had two and three sets to defend on our own line. Yates was given the man of the match for Hornets but he was run very close by Middlehurst I think. every other player was very close behind those two. The referee Straw was a complete waste of time for both teams and is a very long way from the finished article. The match was watched by a large crowd in sweltering heat. The first half lasting nearly 60 minutes with water breaks. This was a must win game and will give the lads the confidence for the remaining games. Once again a great performance in brutal conditions against a very strong physical Bradford team.
  4. Bradford have won a game more than us so we should not be assuming a win. We need to get back on a winning run and fast.
  5. A great game before a very large crowd. Siddal's powerful pack made the Mayfield defence work very hard all night. And just when it looked as though they had got the upper hand Mayfield made a late comeback to tie the scores. Zak Hartley converting the last two tries from off the touchline. Then with a minute or so to go Mayfield had the chances of a drop goal to win the game. But unfortunately Chris Hough pashed them both wide. On reflection a draw was just about a fair result. This was a good advert for the conference with two top class teams.
  6. A great game of rugby last night from two totally committed teams. Siddal's powerful pack put the Mayfield defence under enormous pressure through out the game. Just when they looked to be pulling away Mayfield found something from the depths to come back and force a draw. In fact two missed drop goal attempts in the last minutes could have won it for them. A draw was a fair result in my opinion on a night that rugby was the winner in front of a large crowd. As I have stated before Siddal are the stand out team in the conference and will be deserved winners of the league. Mayfield young team will only improve and hopefully one day it will be their turn at the top. Very proud of my team last night.
  7. Anyone who went to last years final will tell you that Hunslet lost that game because they tried to batter Mayfield. You thought that your pack could dominate them. good Football won in the end.
  8. The match report in the Rochdale4 Observer states; "The two sides battled for supremacy with Mayfield just edging the battle until a cynical foul on livewire Dec Sheridan caused Sean Watkins to see red as he rushed to protect him. An all-out battle ensued which saw the instigator dismissed along with a team mate and Watkins from Mayfield." Declan Sheridan is one of the smallest players in the Premier division and always the target for opponents. There have been disgusting acts of thuggery on him in games that I have watched. It looks as though on this occasion Mayfield are not the guilty party. Clearly you see no wrong doing by your player.
  9. The National conference web site says Mayfield started the incident. Says we are getting a bad reputation. I like to think that we would have been protecting our player who had been attacked. I was not at the match so can only go on what I have read. Certainly Declan would not have been the instigator. He is nearly always the victim given his size and try scoring threat.
  10. Apparently Mayfield's young Declan Sheridan head butted and elbowed on the ground. It ended up with two Thato Heath and one Mayfield player sent off.
  11. I did not see that result coming. Thato Heath 6 v 70 Mayfield. Mayfield have been fielding a very very young team over the last few weeks. Lots of players stepping up from last years under 18's. When we played them at Mayfield earlier in the season they were to strong for us. What went wrong on Saturday ? On Friday night we entertain Siddal who I think are the best side in the Conference. It should be well worth watching.
  12. The best that I have watched this season. A great all round team.
  13. And no player at your club has ever retaliated then have they. Every time someone throws a punch it is the result of the other player doing something. No one wants to see a player injured but events create the situation.
  14. Mayfield match report says Taala reacted to a shoulder charge on him by the Wath Brow player. What's that saying if you live by the sword you die by the sword. Looks like the Wath Brow player got his come upance.
  15. A great second half performance after a very average first half. We gifted Oldham two first half tries and could not kick a goal to save our lives We desperately need to sort out the conversions. At the start of the season Palfrey was kicking them from anywhere. What's gone wrong ?