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  1. Challenge cup 2018

    If that is correct then once again the BBC have got it wrong. The BBC had Valley winning 30 v 0
  2. God its quite on here

    Not such a good start with a home defeat in the Challenge cup.
  3. Dale match off. Pitch waterlogged.

    No 10. Cockle picking at low tide. PS. I did not know you had a Mankini Brent. Don't for get to put it on the correct way round.
  4. Dale match off. Pitch waterlogged.

    I have Just done some digging and teams in the EFL are not allowed plastic pitches. They are in the process of discussing their use. It is a crazy situation that the three clubs at the top of the league fighting to get into the EFL all have plastic pitches. If they win promotion as the rules currently stand they would have to replace them with grass in order to be promoted. if they refused they would be relegated. Now how stupid is that. The cost of £300,000 to change from plastic to grass is a difficult cost for them to bear. It is also thought that league One and Two clubs would support their introduction.
  5. Dale match off. Pitch waterlogged.

    I don't know if the Dale would be allowed to install an artificial pitch but that might be the long term solution. Anyone know the rules and regulations ?
  6. A sad news week

    Its a very sad week as a result of the news of two of Hornets best supporters. First came the passing of Ray Myers (Mr Rochdale Hornets) and then the sad news of the death of the wife of Geoff Hurst (Christine) one of Hornets best supporters. I hope their passing is marked by the club.
  7. God its quite on here

    I think that you will make the play off's
  8. Beverley info?

    Hi Ken I will try to remember to save the programs that I get during the coming season for you. That's presuming that they are of any use to you. I would sooner you have them rather than throw them away. All the best for the New Year and keep up the good work.
  9. Money Trouble?

    Oh so you can afford a pot. I have to do with a hole in the ground.
  10. Money Trouble?

    I always thought that you were loaded Brent. Get your hand in your back pocket and peel a few million off for the sake of the team. I would match it if you did but I am awaiting my pension coming through
  11. God its quite on here

    Last season we had a large number of the previous seasons under 18's coming into the team. It was a large step up but they performed very well. Another year on and we might be a little stronger. I think that this season promises to be even better than last year with so many good teams. Siddal will always be strong. Thatto Heath were great last year. Watch out for Hunslet Parkside who powered their way to promotion. But as Davo5 has posted we are always the victims so If Mayfield don't win the league its because all the referees have conspired against us again. (Are you OK with that Davo5) I think Siddal will come back from last seasons disappointment and just take the crown. Anyone any other thoughts ?
  12. What has happen to this site. No one ever posts anything these days. What could we discus to get the ball rolling or arguing :- 1. Which club has the best ground / club house. Rochdale Mayfield 2. Who is going to win the leagues this coming season. Premier Division Rochdale Mayfield 3. Who are the dirtiest teams. Anyone who plays Rochdale Mayfield 4. Which club do you enjoy going to for away games. Siddal 5. Why is it that everyone loves Rochdale Mayfield Because they do 6. Who do you think are the best referee's Al those who referee Rochdale Mayfield winning 7. Should players be allowed to wear coloured boots. Players with coloured boots should be banned for 5 matches All of the above comments are total ######. But for gods sake lets get this Forum going again
  13. Money Trouble?

    If we are in a difficult financial position I don't think Rochdale AFC are to far behind us. With the gates that they get plus the large playing and backroom staff and no money spinning transfers out of the club they must also be finding it hard going. One day I will wake up and find that both clubs have been taken under the wing of a Saudi Oil Barron and spending money is not a problem. Ah well I can only dream.
  14. Sheffield away Good Friday.

    You could be right. I was going off the Sports complex web site. It showed an artist impression of the site with a stand on one touchline. If as you say they have no stand how the hell are they allowed in the league.
  15. Sheffield away Good Friday.

    I might be wrong but I think there is a small stand on one touchline.