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  1. Fiji

    Go Fiji. I hope that you can get a win against the Ausies.
  2. Onwards to 2018

    Any reason to think that it might not be played ?
  3. Ncl final 2017

    I think the final is being played at Widnes this weekend, Correct me if I am wrong.
  4. Ncl final 2017

    If the game is anything as good as the game at Chevinedger two weeks ago it will be a blinder. The two most consistent clubs have got to the final so no complaints there. if I had to go to Ladbrooks my money would be on Siddal. Lets hope the best team can win on the day with no disputed winners.
  5. New Kit Vote

    I could not agree more Brent. All three are as you say S***e. Is it the company's choice or the clubs choice. I cannot stand anything that looks like a football strip. Lets get something that looks like a strip from years gone by say the 60's or 70's. I have no doubt that all the changes are designed to sell shirts season on season but its not for me. I would never dream of buying one.
  6. Onwards to 2018

    In some ways I like Tyson. If he could just keep it under control he his not a bad player. A very hard man I think. Good luck to him at Swinton. Its yet another player leaving our nearest and dearest. Bring on the Law Cup.
  7. Premier division play offs

    Thanks Ken
  8. Onwards to 2018

    The worry is that not many of the new signings have experience at Championship level. I might sound negative but it is a massive step up, particularly against the full time teams. Having said that though we needed some new blood.
  9. Premier division play offs

    Thanks Ken I will pass your comments on. Many thanks Doug
  10. Premier division play offs

    Hi Ken, I think that its something to do with a look back at the history of the club. I don't think that they would want to keep anything just display an original or photo copy. Anyway he will no doubt contact you if they want something. All the best Doug PS I have found the Siddal v Thato Heath program. I will let you have it.
  11. Premier division play offs

    Hi Ken, I could not make last nights game at Wath Brow but it would appear that we fell just short on the day. Good luck to Wath Brow against Thato. Any club having to travel a long distance mid week will be at a disadvantage but that's the way it goes. Having watched the Siddal v Thato Heath match last Saturday it is not easy to predict a result against Wath Brow. The Siddal v Thato match was a game of two halves. Thato won the first half easily and Siddal the second to take a comfortable victory. I have the program somewhere so I will send it on to you if I can find it. I have said all season that Siddal have been the best team and I think they will deservedly win the final. Its a club that I always enjoy visiting. Did anyone from Mayfield contact you regarding the old Mayfield programs that you have ?
  12. Premier division play offs

    Looking forward to watching you at Thato Heath on Saturday afternoon.
  13. Premier division play offs

    Wath Brow played Keighley on a pitch that was even worse. No problem that day then. Strange then how Mayfield wanted to play and you say Wath Brow were changed ready to play that the game did not go ahead.
  14. Premier division play offs

    The Following is a clip from the Keighley News back in March. Wath Brow Hornets 4 Keighley Cougars 10 COUGARS booked a home iPro Sport Cup quarter-final tie with Oxford following a hard-fought away victory against amateur outfit Wath Brow Hornets. After a morning pitch inspection, the game went ahead in cold, muddy and treacherous conditions – described by Keighley's veteran half-back Paul Handforth as the worst he’s ever played in during his lengthy career. The weather and the pitch proved to be a big leveller, with work to clear standing water going ahead up until five minutes before kick-off after heavy rainfall throughout the morning. Obviously not a problem when the home team want to play the match. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Premier division play offs

    A great game at Siddal where the home team turned in a performance of two halves. In the first half they were second best to Thato Heath. The second half was all theirs with a fabulous come back. The game at Wath Brow never took place. Mayfield had travelled up to Cumbria on the Friday and stayed overnight. Wath Brow claimed the pitch was unplayable and wanted the game called off. A local ref said the pitch was playable. THe National Conference were approached and said play the match at Kells. Wath Brow refused so no match was played. It sounds as though Wath Brow did not want to play the game for whatever reason. (Injuries ?). No doubt it will now mean a mid week match with Mayfield disadvantaged. I know that Cumbria have had plenty of rain last week but the pitch was playable and would have been the same for both teams. and every time I have been there it always rains anyway.