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  1. Big Doug

    Give them the heroes welcome

    Word on the street is that a number of Batley players are going there next season for £50 a game more. The game is all about money.
  2. Big Doug

    Now for the final tests

    Lets not start bitching. I for one said we would be going down. If the truth was known everyone else thought that was going to happen. But hey the lads have turned two fabulous performances in that have justified staying up. Today we competed for 80 minutes unlike previous games where we were in the match for 65 minutes but just run out of steam with 15 to go. I put that down to sheer will power today. We had lost two players to injury during the game. Joe was running on one leg but the spirit was we will not be beaten. To get that win against a team that has continually beaten us was a fitting end to the season. just one final comment. How on earth are Sheffield allowed to play in such ###### facilities. 4 port a loos and a stand that was liable to blow away in a strong breeze. It made White Bank look like Wembley. The only down point on the whole day is that next season we will not be playing our nearest and dearest. And before the Owdum supporters come on here I really mean that. A season not playing them has something missing.
  3. Big Doug


    I am so glad to have to eat my words. I really did not think that we could do it. How wrong I was. All 17 players put their bodies on the line and obtained a worthy victory. We had to take on both Sheffield and the referee who at best was terrible. I think that he managed to penalise us for every offence in the book and the came up with the best of all a team warning. Where the hell did he get that one from ? Looking back on the game they managed to score off nearly every penalty that he came up with. He was the worst that I have seen all season in both the Professional and Amateur game. Sorry to see Swinton end up bottom but hope that they can turn a performance in next week and survive as we have done today. Once again well played Hornets and thank you for proving me wrong.
  4. Big Doug


    I am not a fan of Morgan. I would go for someone like Gareth Walker from the League Express or Rugby League. When he has appeared on TV he has come across as a knowledgeable pundit. Also with a younger view on the game.
  5. Big Doug

    Dewsbury Rams

    Wow that was a heart stopper. Well played all 17. Just how many fit bodies there will be available for Sheffield next week remains to be seen. We lost players through injury as well as others managing to finish the game carrying injuries. A great performance when it was needed. lets hope that next Sunday they can go that extra mile again and get another victory.
  6. Big Doug

    Short list

    Even if we did manage to draw level with Swinton have you seen the points difference. The last time I looked we were around 90 points worse off. We have no chance. As a minimum we need a win and a draw.
  7. Big Doug

    Short list

    What is the point of a win on Sunday. We are already in the last place and cannot avoid the wooden spoon. would it not be better to save our powder for the play off.
  8. Big Doug

    Only bottom club relegated

    If you know something spill the beans. Why do we have to buy the RLE.
  9. Big Doug


    So the results of the new season end looks as though Hornets will play the looser of the division one play off final. Based on current league positions that looks like Bradford or Doncaster/Workington. I would assume that Bradford would win and get automatic promotion. So it would be Doncaster or Workington home or away based on the toss of a coin. Well done the RFL and well done Hornets. What a total dogs dinner.
  10. Big Doug


    As a members club the members should have had a say in which way their club voted. It would appear that most members would not have voted for it and kept unity with the other clubs. No wonder we are being criticised by everyone. A members meeting should be called to explain the decision as a minimum.
  11. Big Doug

    NCL record points

    As usual Ken your stats are fantastic. Keep up the great work. Doug
  12. Big Doug


    Hi Ken, Hope to see you at Normanton on Saturday. Fingers crossed that Mayfield can get a much needed win. Doug
  13. Big Doug

    NCL League Leaders Award

    Congratulations. Well deserved.
  14. Big Doug

    End of season positions

    Well I got those two results today completely wrong. Well done to Kells on the victory at Sidall. Next weeks game at Mayfield is going to be a massive game now as a result of Mayfield getting beaten by Wigan St Pats. St Pats wanted the win more than us today as we reverted to our poor early and middle season form. It is getting impossible to predict how results will go.
  15. Big Doug

    End of season positions

    When we (Mayfield) played you in the cup final the other season it was clear that if you kept that team and added to it you were going to be a force in the Premier division. To have gone undefeated is a massive performance. I said at the start of the season you would be there or there abouts. I just wish I had backed my judgement at the Bookies.