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  1. Big Doug

    NCL League Leaders Award

    Congratulations. Well deserved.
  2. Big Doug

    End of season positions

    Well I got those two results today completely wrong. Well done to Kells on the victory at Sidall. Next weeks game at Mayfield is going to be a massive game now as a result of Mayfield getting beaten by Wigan St Pats. St Pats wanted the win more than us today as we reverted to our poor early and middle season form. It is getting impossible to predict how results will go.
  3. Big Doug

    End of season positions

    When we (Mayfield) played you in the cup final the other season it was clear that if you kept that team and added to it you were going to be a force in the Premier division. To have gone undefeated is a massive performance. I said at the start of the season you would be there or there abouts. I just wish I had backed my judgement at the Bookies.
  4. Big Doug

    End of season positions

    Kells only game against a Cumbrian side is against Egremont away. So I do not agree with your reasoning. I don't think they will win any of there 5 matches and therefore will go down.
  5. Big Doug

    End of season positions

    Hunslet are out on their own. No one will catch them and we should all recognise that they have been the stand out side all season. We can congratulate them now. Well done. In the play off games nothing changes. No one has been able to hold them so Champions are Hunslet Going back to the relegation fight I think that Myton and Wigan are doomed already. Given their fixtures you can not realistically seeing them escape. My bet for the third spot has got to be Kells. Their remaining 5 fixtures are Sidall away, Mayfield away, Normanton home, Egremont away and West Hull home. I cannot see them winning any of those games. Rochdale Mayfield have Wigan away, Kells home, Wath Brow Away, Normanton away and Underbank home. I see them getting two maybe three wins out of those games. Normanton have West Hull home, Hunslet home, Kells away, Mayfield away and Wath Brow home. I see them winning one maybe two of those games. So given my predictions its Myton, Wigan and Kells going down. But that's just my opinion.
  6. Who are going to be the three teams going down from the Premier at the end of this season. I think that it will be Myton, Wigan St Pat's and Kells. I think that we (Mayfield) have the easier finish compared with Kells.
  7. I thought that would be the correct day. It would have been unfair to take those players out of the Saturday teams. That said it would not have surprised me for them to have done that. Good luck to all the lads going on Sunday.
  8. The National Conference Web site has announced that the England Lions squad of 28 will meet on Saturday 5th August at Hindley Rugby Club for a first training session. My calendar says Saturday is the 4th August. Is it just possible that someone has got something wrong. Then on Saturday the 19th August there is a second squad meeting. My calendar says Saturday is the 18th August. Anyone know what the correct day / date actual is ?
  9. Big Doug

    New Board Member ?

    So are you saying that they do not watch the match then. Of course they do and as such should occupy the directors box.
  10. Big Doug

    Leigh fixture

    And a wimbeldon tennis final at 3pm Sunday. I wonder if they will make a change should England be in the final.
  11. Big Doug

    Mont v Mayfield

    The Mayfield Number 7 was possibly Sam Butterworth who is one of the two coaches who I believe both played. Mayfield had to travel with just 15 players as a result of an early start due to the one o'clock kick off. So all in all the result was not that bad.
  12. Big Doug

    Leigh fixture

    The way we are playing, just give them the game.
  13. Big Doug

    War of the Roses?

    Yorkshire won the National Conference match by about 30 v 15 I think.
  14. Big Doug

    New Board Member ?

    That confirms what I have heard. Has he attended any matches ? When I go I sit just in front of the Directors Box but have never noticed him there.
  15. Big Doug

    New Board Member ?

    Has anyone heard a rumour about a director of the football club wanting to get involved with Hornets and go on the board ?