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  1. It has just been reported that over half of the country want the game to be replayed. They also voted to remain in the EU. Some people are just bad loosers.
  2. I think there was a picture of a Rugby League Official running round trying to find some Red White and Blue ribbons for the cup. Evidently they thought only one team could win. LoL.
  3. Mayfield fell just short today. The difference between the two teams being that mayfield failed to convert their tries and made more mistakes than Miners. Good luck to Miners next week at West Hull. I still fancy Siddal to come out victors though.
  4. Two cracking teams in Siddal and West Hull. With home advantage I would just favour Siddal. Just wish I could watch it but I will be at Leigh Miners to see if Mayfield can carry on where they left off last week. The match against Hunslett will have taken a lot out of them so I reluctantly think Miners will edge it with Siddal winning the final.
  5. rThose 6 teenagers were from this years under 18 team so it's looking good in the next few years. On the other hand we had Mat Calland at 45 years old and Chris Hough not far behind that.
  6. That is a very very good report of the game and the proceedings.
  7. Congratulations to Mayfield on a great victory. The match was spoiled I thought by a weak referee. Who should have stamped out the cheap shots. His biggest mistake was to send the young mayfield winger off. To give the Hunslett player a yellow card after he punched the mayfield lad then to issue a red to the mayfield lad was wrong. It's a pity that Hunslett are spoiled by their desire to kill everything and anyone in a Mayfield shirt. So far as the Hunslett fans are concerned the less said the better. They are a disgrace to the game of Rugby League.
  8. All the best against the frogs. I realy hope that you can stuff them and realy ###### the RFL off.
  9. If you took the time to look at the age range of the vast majority of supporters of teams in the championship and league 1 you would discover that the majority are over the hill or on the way out.
  10. Just watched the video. How important were Crooks conversions from the touch line.
  11. I woke up this morning and looked at the weekends rugby results and we beat Toulouse. So I have not been dreaming. Get in there.
  12. After reading the match report on Rochdale Online I am even more proud of the teams achievement. The overcome a hostile team, home fans and a referee who was giving them no protection within the laws of the game. To those few fans who were at the match I envy you. Everyone must have been so proud. I just hope that the town now gives the players and management team some form of recognition. God I wish that I had been there. Well done guys for putting your bodies on the line.
  13. What a fabulous result. Not surprised at the dirty tack ticks by the French. They did not like it when we played them at Rochdale and took the game to them. A great win also today for Mayfield at Wigan St Pats by 49 to 34 What a great game Rugby League is.
  14. In all the time I have watched Joe play I have never seen him use the shoulder or elbow. His tackles are robust and powerful. He goes in to hit the opponent with a legal takes that hurts. Nothing wrong with them after all we are playing rugby not netball. The problem is that he goes in with such force that refs get it totally wron an think that it's an illegal one. Carry on Joe.
  15. I was not aware that the fans forum was a test of ones English Grammar ability. If that was the case there would be very little posted.It might be worthwhile reading your two very very brief posts if we have to consider what it correct English. That said you do come from Yorkshire so as usual we have to make allowances.