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  1. All the best big John.
  2. And you have watched all of our games to enable you to form an opinion about our team.
  3. So you think that our coach tells his players to go out and be thugs every week. Only an idiot would think that. As we tend to be physically smaller than our opponents that would be a stupid tactic. Our problem is not being a dirty team its giving away to many soft penalties (not for dirty play by the way). And by the way the penalty count on the day was even.
  4. Its a game of rugby not touch and pass. The first incident was a very hard heavy tackle right under the refs nose who gave nothing. after 5 minutes ha wanders over and chats with the touch judge who says he saw something. Strange how he never came on waving the flag. The second one was caused by the player going into the tackle head on having the wrong body position. As a result he came off second best. Again right under the refs nose who gave nothing straight away. If we are going to start talking about dirty play Bishop was no angel. He was looking for it all the match. One hopes that the two injuries are not serious. Again we were our own worst enemies. Palfrey is contributing very little to the attack and his place kicking has totally gone off. We have been rumbled with our inability to defend the high ball on our line. but as the song goes things can only get better. FOR BISHOP READ BARLOW. My mistake
  5. That's correct. There were two very lengthy stopages due to two bad injuries to two Swinton players who were both stretchered off. No news on the players yet.
  6. We have Brent. I totally agree with a previous post. Why did we not take 2 points to go 8 up at the start of the game. with ball back we could and should have controlled the early game. But what do we do we ignore two points lose possession on the first tackle, they go the length of the field and score 6 points. Our final attacking move all afternoon was a high kick to the wing. Why not slide one or two on the floor. Swinton only have to play half decent on Monday to pull off a win. One final thing for those who are going to the game I believe that Swinton now play at Heywood Road the old home of Sale Rugby Union Club. I only found out by chance on Friday otherwise I was setting off for Sedgeley Park.
  7. Sad news today that Joe Thompson the Rochdale AFC player is again fighting cancer. All the best Joe from all fans and players at Rochdale Hornets and Rochdale Mayfield.
  8. I thought that the Oldham Winger was offside in the first half when he scored off the kick through. Watch the video and see what you think.
  9. It goes without saying that our completion rate was dire. Couple that with stupid mistakes, poor play decisions and Oldham milking penalties meant that we were on the back foot all the game. At the play the ball Oldham usually had a flat pass and were therefore going forward making very good yards. We passed deeper and by the time the receiver had got the ball Oldham's defence was on the Hornets player. One of the biggest problems at the moment is the referee's failure to police the play the ball situation. All teams are turning the player on his back and the holding down until they have gained their feet. It stops the quick play the ball that helps the attacking team. That coupled with the refs not getting the defence back is slowly killing the game. My most enjoyable thing in the match was Joe absolutely cleaning Tyson out. Tyson was having a dig all afternoon. As the say if you give it then expect to take it. Having said that he was in a great deal of pain and looked as though he was going to come off. But credit to him he courageously finished the game.
  10. A very big thank you to the steward at todays match who found my wallet and handed it into the Hornets Office. The girl in the office says that she will point the steward out to me at the next home match so I can thank and reward him. I had got all the way back to Rawtenstall before I discovered I had lost it. I drove back over to Rochdale thinking I had left it in the Tesco Express. When that proved not to be the case I went back to the ground. The were just ready to lock the office up as I arrived and made my day when they said it had been handed in. The wallet contained all my Bank cards, Driving Licence Trade cards etc plus £50 or so. I was one relived happy bunny. Many thanks again to the steward. I will meet up with you at the next game I hope.
  11. Won

    The natives have always been a bit restless every time I have been there. I could not make todays game but was continually looking at my phone for the score. we were winning loosing and drawing. Then when time would have been up they dropped a goal to lead 9 v 8. Well that's it I thought. even with that score they must have played well, Then ###### me we get a penalty and win by one point. Brilliant lads you have done Hornets proud. How many years since we have won away at Featherstone and Bradford. Bring on Owdham next week.
  12. Not the news I wanted to hear. I hope the lads injury is not to serious and he makes a full recovery. All the best from Rochdale Mayfield, It is an example of the dire situation that the NHS is in when it takes over an hour for an ambulance when the injury was a serious one.
  13. Match results showing match abandoned. Anyone know why ?
  14. Halifax's game management was far better than ours on the day their kicking game continually put us on the back foot. The Ref - well what can you say. The only thing i could say in his favour was that he was wearing a referees kit and had a whistle. As some have already said he was the worst they have seen in 50 and 60 years. The Halifax fans sat near me were laughing their socks off at the decisions that they were getting given them. How the Rochdale lads kept their feeling under control was amazing. Ah well on to Featherstone.
  15. As a Rochdale Mayfield supporter it sticks in the throat to say something nice about Siddal but their performance on Saturday was outstanding. Not one player took a backward step. That was shown to perfection by the way they battered Fui Fui Moi Moi. He did not like it one little bit. Siddal did the Conference League proud.