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    RFL petition

    Numbers mounting nicely on this petition, 1051 at the moment so for those who have not signed get cracking, it's vital that you do.
  2. frank


    I wonder what Parksider will make of that.Will be interesting.
  3. frank

    RFL petition

    It would appear that this incompetence is the norm with RL.Look at the fiasco with the World cup in Aussie, in regard to ticket sales.We don't want a repeat in the coming one so the petition may result in a shake up.
  4. frank

    RFL petition

    What's more important, a supposedly spelling mistake or the future of the game?Here we have a guy trying to do something about it and all you can do is make a joke of it, can't even be bothered to sign the petition.Yet your the first to complain about the state of the game.
  5. frank

    Boxing Day

    Great to start the campaign with a win, although not sure what the final score was.
  6. frank

    Merry Christmas.

    To all at the Mount and their families,Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.Here's to a cracking season.
  7. They certainly won't be any worse off.Try being a bit more positive with your posts.
  8. frank

    David Argyle interview

    You guys need to get real.Some of your comments in regard to Toronto and the way forward are boring and negative.
  9. frank

    Louis Returns

    Great video! Really enjoyed it. Can't wait till the season gets going.
  10. frank


    I think you could say that all the Premier football teams are rich mans folly but you don't here the fans complain.Name any club in the RL that have added anything to the coffers.The Wolfpack have been a breath of fresh air and long may they continue.Personally I don't think you are a league supporter, if you are thank goodness there are only a handful with your views
  11. frank

    Shaun Johnson is now a free agent

    If your billed has a star player you need to turn it on regularly and this is something Johnson hasn't done for some time now.If he stayed at the Warriors I can't see things changing, so probably a good decision to let him go.
  12. I'm sure you will.Jamaica were nearly all semi pros so it was a big ask you.
  13. Canada were far too slow against a not too good Jamaican outfit.
  14. Really! Don't believe all you read in the Washington press.
  15. Or why the Japs had a Kiwi captain and a number of other Kiwis and Islanders in their recent game against the All Blacks.
  16. frank

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Thanks Michael.
  17. Hang on a minute, I wanted England to win the series but you have to admit what I said in my previous post the calls could have gone the other way.
  18. Lets not get too carried away,both games were won on dicey calls.
  19. frank

    Australia vs Tonga

    Considering the Tongans hadn't played for some weeks and without recognized halfbacks, plus no warm up game, they did all one could ask of them.
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  21. frank


    Grow up idiot,speaking the truth isn't racist.
  22. frank

    Reittie, Farrell and Tomlinson

    Congratulations to those guys.Add Chile to that group.
  23. Over 10.000 fans are expected at Ericson Stadium this afternoon to welcome Tonga.Let's hope the weather holds.
  24. frank

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    After the World Cup fiasco why would you want to play a game in Aussie? I wouldn't bet that they turn up for the next one.