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  1. Barrow win.

    Sheffield is away Toronto is nextat home
  2. Members Meeting Rescheduled

    The other dates were first Wednesday in June September December
  3. Members Meeting Rescheduled

    That was one of the reasons they set the dates so every one could plan it in. Hopefully that way more people could attend. But it seems to have fallen at the first hurdle.
  4. Members Meeting Rescheduled

    The dates for all this years members meeting were agreed at the AGM.
  5. Rochdale Hornets

    Its still going every little counts
  6. Rochdale Hornets

  7. Rochdale Hornets

    Need to keep this going.
  8. Rochdale Hornets

    Lets keep this going over the weekend. Every little counts
  9. Rochdale Hornets

    Every bit helps gets the supporter owned club through a difficult patch.
  10. Rochdale Hornets

    Every ones welcome including those from Oldham.
  11. Rochdale Hornets

    Thanks Griff
  12. Rochdale Hornets

    For any one who wants to become a member email and they can send you a membership form out. They can also be picked up from the office midweek 10-00/16-00 or on a match day from the office or club shop.
  13. Signed England Shirts

    Hornets are raffling two signed England RL shirts.One first prize and the other for the second prize.Tickets are £5.00 and can be bought from the club office during the week or club shop on match days.
  14. Rochdale Hornets

    £20 for a standard membership then there are four higher bands. For £20 you become a co-owner of the club, the opportunity to stand for election to the board and approx four members meetings per year including the AGM.
  15. Rochdale Hornets

    Thanks as they say every little helps