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  1. boro hornet

    'be the difference'

    Unfortunately, due to unforeseen reasons the supporters meeting has had to be moved to Tuesday 27th @ 7-15pm still at the Flying Horse #BeTheDifference
  2. boro hornet

    Bradford Bash?

    Leave it at Blackpool or scrap it. I've been to every one in one capacity or another and have all been enjoyable occasions every time. Blackpool is perfect for it. Be interesting when they play it to.
  3. boro hornet

    'be the difference'

    Whilst other clubs have directors/benefactors putting money in, as a fan owned club we are reliant on the generosity of our fans to find the money we need not just to make us competitive on the field, but competitive in the player market too. We floated the idea of 100 fans chipping in 100 quid as a way of raising some funds quickly and we'd like to move forward with that idea - starting with a meeting of interested Hornets fans at the flyer on 29/11 at 7.15. it has been mentioned at members meetings that not all fans are members and that maybe an independent fans' fundraising association like the ones that enable Swinton, Halifax and Batley to outbid us for players might be the way forward. The plan is to discuss this too. The most imminent fundraising requirement, though is for £2,500 for essential equipment required by the RFL, so 25 fans chipping in £100 would get us over that first line. When we first floated the idea, quite a few people said they were up for contributing. If you did, please get down to the Flying Horse - every penny we raise makes us more competitive.
  4. boro hornet

    Squad Builder raffle

    Last chance to get your squad builder tickets for £25 you can win a chance for your name to go on the Home and Away shirts. Closes 5-00pm Monday 19th November
  5. boro hornet

    Fund raising

    Great news! Amazon’s Black Friday sale has started TODAY! Rochdale Hornets Independent Squadbuilder Association gets FREE donations with EVERY Amazon purchase you make, so make sure we don’t miss out! Start shopping:
  6. boro hornet

    Fund raising

    If any of you are thinking of buying items on Black Friday please sign up to the easyfundraising page and buy through them most big stores and web merchants are on there.For every pound you spend the fund gets a % and that in turn will help our club.
  7. boro hornet

    Fund raising

    Thanks Colin did take the easy funding ides of your page. Some great ideas.
  8. boro hornet

    Fund raising

    We’ve registered with easyfundraising and we need your help! easyfundraising is a great website where you can help Rochdale Hornets Independent Squadbuilder Association raise funds simply by doing your everyday online shopping with over 3,300 big name retailers like Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, ASOS,, eBay, Boden, and M&S. Every time you shop, we receive a small donation to say ‘thank you’ and it’s completely free too! We want raise as much as possible so please sign up and help us at
  9. boro hornet

    Summer Bash New Venue?

    Any news from yesterdays meeting of championship/league 1clubs on summer bash.
  10. boro hornet

    Fund raising

    That is club membership and is down to members. We need to find otherways of raising funds for our club. This is about us as fans doing something to help. Any suggestions to how we can do this are welcome.
  11. boro hornet

    Fund raising

    Keep reading about other championship clubs making signings with the help of supporters groups. Maybe its time for RochdaleHornets fans to come together and begin to raise money for the good of the club whilst still having control over what its used for. Could be some sort of squad builder regular donations or £50 from 100 fans to start it of. We as fans need to start fund raising if we are to keep up with other clubs and help give us the best chance of success. Maybe a supporters group or association independent but working with the club. What do others think? Any ideas? Would people be up for it?
  12. boro hornet

    Summer Bash New Venue?

    Any of those and i would just go for our match. In Blackpool i would go for the weekend. No point to it if its just going to be played at a stadium already hosting a club. Especially a club in the championship.
  13. boro hornet

    Summer Bash New Venue?

    Just keep it at Blackpool.
  14. boro hornet

    2018 SD Rugby League Community Champion Award

    Some great volunteers at our club get nominating