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  1. Signed for Hornets
  2. Referee Touch judge 1 Touch judge 2
  3. Surridge based in Burnley
  4. Was at that game to Ellen Smiths coach down stopped at a pub were lunch was laid on then on to Fulham was a great victory that day. Hopefully Sunday will bring on another one.
  5. Small matter of facing London first. If you can get there and cheer our team to victory.
  6. Thank you thought it was all double yellows and residential. But will give it a go.
  7. Would it not be better for the supplier to take one of each size to a match early in the season even pre season for potential customers to try on.
  8. Will be coming over on Sunday for the cup game and was wondering best place to park. Last season we parked at the hospital and walked through. I think you had some agreement with them is this still the case or is there another carpark close by to use.
  9. Great position to be in with lots of competition for places. We will hit a point when injuries hit us so to be able to bring in quality replacements.
  10. I think he's available for the cup match. Be good to have him back. Get Cookson and Ratu back soon to.
  11. Why do we concentrate on who the ref is let's get on with supporting our team.
  12. Great news for crusaders fans. The way forward is for fans to form trusts and help their clubs succeed
  13. Wonder how it effects the RFL funding they get. Will they start with the lowest amount for championship and every club that finished below them move to the next funding package.
  14. Thanks Stevo
  15. My first visit to Trailfinder stadium this season. Bit of advice required,we will be travelling down via the train. Is there an underground station close by if not what's the quickest way from Euston.