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  1. Great news for crusaders fans. The way forward is for fans to form trusts and help their clubs succeed
  2. Wonder how it effects the RFL funding they get. Will they start with the lowest amount for championship and every club that finished below them move to the next funding package.
  3. Thanks Stevo
  4. My first visit to Trailfinder stadium this season. Bit of advice required,we will be travelling down via the train. Is there an underground station close by if not what's the quickest way from Euston.
  5. You really do get upset when people have an alternative view. You are a true gent doing all that work for nothing. Good luck in all you do I really don't care.
  6. Rochdale Hornets use local company based in Burnley Surridge who have been great partners supplying quality kit and leisure wear.
  7. No Hornets just deal with a local company from Burnley who supply us with quality products. No third parties involved.
  8. Great response to the new kit this morning. To get yours call up during office hours during the week. RugbyShack will be open again before and after every game at Spotland. New leisure range will be launch February. #GetYourKitOn. Merry Christmas from us all at the RugbyShack.See you all in the new year. Follow us on twitter @ShackRugby
  9. Its not just about being competitive although that helps. Engagement with communities building participation.We need places for people to learn the game build up an interest in the game. Not sure what links Toronto have within Canada. If they are working with others to build the game in Canada good for them. If it's being done in isolation with no foundations I worry for them.
  10. Opps New Zealand had Rugby league already with clubs and participation. I am not against expansion. But we need an infrastructure behind it. Otherwise can one club exist in isolation. Only time will tell.
  11. Why are we not building up the leagues in these countries.Building the game up rather than one club. Engaging and getting participation in the game is better than one isolated club.
  12. Let's hope the fans through a supporter's trust can work with the new owners. Working together is the way forward,engagement with the community is a must.
  13. Kit launch Tuesday 13th December 19-30pm at the Flying horse. Members meeting 12-30 Spotland Stadium Sunday 11th December.