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  1. 2018 home and away kits

    Replicas now on sale in the club shop
  2. Law cup week 😁

    I suspect a lot of people who would have gone on Sunday wont be able to make it Wednesday. With people working and it being a school night.
  3. Sheffield away Good Friday.

    Nothing has been built yet. Think they are using the tempory stand they had at the university ground from a few years back.
  4. Sheffield away Good Friday.
  5. Sheffield away Good Friday.

    Sheffield are back playing in Sheffield.
  6. 2018 Kits

    Rochdale Hornets home and away
  7. Season tickets

    Last day to get your season tickets at early bird prices. #BackTheTeamIn2018
  8. Season tickets

    Last few days to get your season ticket at early bird prices
  9. Happy Lancashire Day!!

    Lancashire Day is the county day of historic Lancashire in England. It is held on 27 November to commemorate the day in 1295 when Lancashire first sent representatives to Parliament, to attend the Model Parliament of King Edward I. Lancashire Day was first held in 1996.
  10. New CEO?

  11. Onwards to 2018

    Can just about understand playing Toronto on a Friday night but why London. Going to be very few come North on a Friday. Also not even asking members about their views.
  12. Remaining games

    Simple then we need one point from two matches. Then it dosnt effect us

    The abuse you say was bad enough for a RFL official to report it to the match commisioner. Are you or any other Batley supporter going to give the names of those adults shouting abuse, to your club so they can be banned or just going to ignore it and blame every one else.
  14. Ref for Sunday

    So you are happy for your supporters to boo a geniune injured player being treated by a physio and both home and away doctors?