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  1. Ex-scrumhalf

    Guess the attendance versus West Wales

    Two girls mate. One 12 who is a good and keen golfer, plays for Lancashire Girls and comps tend to be on Sunday though I have taken her to the odd game and she did enjoy it. The other is 5 and has no interest at all except in Peppa Pig.
  2. Ex-scrumhalf

    Guess the attendance versus West Wales

    On the subject of attendances does anyone, like me, wish games would be played on Saturday again and if they were do you think it would help raise attendances? I passed by Boundary Park around 1. 00pm on Saturday and fans were turning up for the game. I felt envious of them and wished I could go to a rugby match on a Saturday. I was brought up on Saturday games, both watching and playing and it would be much easier for me to attend Saturday games than Sunday. I attend occasionally on a Sunday but I really believe that if they played Saturday I would be able to go to every home game at least and probably would. I used to go to a fair number of games on Sunday up until 2006 when my first grandchild was born and then family life changed for me and Sunday became a family day that I got to spend with my granddaughter. I now have two and love to spend time with them on Sunday so going to rugby is a difficult decision, for as much as I love my rugby and Oldham family come first but I am virtually free to do as I please on Saturday. Anyone else in the same boat? I still see Saturday as the traditional day for rugby and football and do believe that it would boost attendances if we went back to it.
  3. Ex-scrumhalf

    Danny Bridge - disciplinary

    Thanks for that information. I can only say that I am shocked and gutted. Whatever possessed him I don't know but he is certainly regretting it now I'm sure.
  4. Ex-scrumhalf

    Danny Bridge - disciplinary

    Can you please explain. Do you mean the ref deserves all he gets for being in the way? or Bridge deserves all he gets? In which case what did he do that was so wrong. I do not believe for one moment that a professional rugby league player would assault a referee
  5. Ex-scrumhalf

    Sunday, 01.07.2018

    I spoke with Dave Mcgealey who does the commentary and he said something was broken and they wouldn't fix it. Not sure if he meant Roughyeds wouldnt fix it or Oldham Community Radio wouldn't but I was told it was back on at the last home game by someone who said he had listened to it. Didn't hear it myself though, but then I didn't try to.
  6. Ex-scrumhalf

    History of Oldham Amateur District League

    Told you they would all come out now. I also remember Shawside and Werneth and I think Kevin Taylor played for Werneth before turning pro with Oldham
  7. Ex-scrumhalf

    History of Oldham Amateur District League

    Very good idea. I'm sure there are lots of old clubs we don't think about any longer. I remember Platt Bros had a team for a while. I even played a few games for them. And I think Ferrantis also had a team. I know in the 60s Saddleworth Rangers were the team to beat. I suspect that lots of people will now come up with long forgotten clubs and long forgotten stories. I hope so it will bring back a lot of memories.
  8. Ex-scrumhalf


    I will have to get into Gary Mellings head this week. He plays at Crompton and Royton golf club where I play. Good golfer, much better than me unfortunately.
  9. Ex-scrumhalf

    York City Knights

    Its a good point about the Hemel game and for me it harps back to last season and Dewsbury. Had that game not been postponed I think we wouldn't have been relegated. At that time Dewsbury were down and out and we would have beaten them at Stalybridge. Even a quickly rearranged game would have given us the win. Instead it was left to virtually the end of the season and a rejuvenated Dewsbury then came and beat us in a tight game to send us down. Am I right that those lost two points would have saved us? Hope Hemel don't come good by the time we play them, though I suspect we will good enough to get a place in the play offs anyway.
  10. Ex-scrumhalf

    Whitehaven Away

    Great win away from home but the blog makes it sound like there was a massive penalty count in our favour. Which makes a refreshing change.
  11. Ex-scrumhalf

    Gene Ormsby

    Don't remember this lad. What did he do wrong when he was with us?
  12. Ex-scrumhalf

    Watersheddings Memories (book)

    Well I'm still trying for you. I called into the library shop in the market hall yesterday but they didn't have it in. However the guy there took my name and phone number and promised to ring me if one of the five that Oldham Libraries have, ever comes in. My golf partner is a charity shop addict and has promised to keep a look out whenever he is in one. so we haven't given up yet.
  13. Ex-scrumhalf

    Sean Quinlan

    I have just read that Sean Quinlan has died at the age of 83 and I feel a true sense of loss, not least because he was a good player but one who suffered ill luck with a series of serious injuries. I also feel somewhat disloyal because as a young boy brought up on Dick Cracknell and John Etty on the wings it was always a disappointment to me when one or other was replaced by Sean, or anyone else for that matter. I long since realised that I was foolish in this regard for Sean was a really excellent player who, had he had any luck at all, may well have eclipsed one or even both of these players. Yet another link with our rugby past has left us and if his family read our forum then please accept my heartfelt condolences. I wish Sean could have realised his full potential with us.
  14. Ex-scrumhalf

    Watersheddings Memories (book)

    great a browse and a bag of chips
  15. Ex-scrumhalf

    Watersheddings Memories (book)

    I have been to Oldham Library today and they have five copies across the borough but none for sale. However they have just emailed me to tell me that the library service have a bookshop in the market hall that sells off old library books. I never knew that before and I go in there regularly. Unfortunately they don't keep records of books in there for sale electronically so they have advised me to call in and have a look. Next time I am up there I will call in.