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  1. This is a situation that will be common across the lower leagues of all sports. The premier League and maybe the championship in football could consider playing behind closed doors and for SL it is a possibility too as there are TV deals in place. For lower league clubs in all sports where TV isn't dishing cash out, playing behind closed doors increases your cost base without increasing your income. Much as I want to see the game back, it would be financial recklessness to take it on before the turnstiles can open.
  2. I absolutely give up predicting what is going to happen with this as about six weeks ago I thought it would be little more than a storm in a teacup and even 2 weeks ago, I didn't foresee the restrictions put in place today so the exact timeline I am not guessing at but it doesn't appear this could possibly be sorted as quickly as the initial suspension so long term financial hardship seems inevitable. All sports are going to have to have a sit-down with satellite providers. Without their money, many UK sports clubs would be unviable but without uk sport, sky and bt subscriptions would be
  3. You're right and I think it was a fair shout. If you had a sport where under 500 was a typical attendance at the top end of it (can't think of one off top of my head) and you could limit it with tickets to ensure you didn't go above it, it would seem to be possible to go on. For clubs, a long shutdown will be disastrous but for RL I just think it is a matter of when the shutdown comes and how long for. It won't be pretty and lower league/non league football clubs, county cricket clubs etc etc are going to potentially be in a right mess too. None of that is as important as protecting peop
  4. Fair shout but if you keep L1 going but SL and the championship are indefinitely postponed, what is the point of L1? What would you be playing for? If no one is playing and so getting relegated from the league above, where are you going if you win it? I know sadly some clubs might not make it full stop but I don't think you could play on that basis.
  5. Seems trite to say anything other than to wish him the very best of luck and hope he can fight this as hard as he played.
  6. Bizarre about Clark. After the last 3 games, I thought he was more likely to start than miss the 17 entirely. Unless he's injured as some have said above, I can't understand it.
  7. Already got mine and the little un's for Elland Road. We laughed about buying tickets exactly a year in advance but it's good that things are organised and available. My ticket with my England membership was £15, hers £10. However you look at it, that is fantastic value
  8. Congratulations. My Mrs and I came up for the last Thunder game (she was 30 weeks pregnant, 38 weeks now so didn't risk today) and were made so welcome by club and fans. Good luck next year and we'll get to a game or two wherever you are
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